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Safana Aug 19
Ring the Bell
Ring it, well
Ring the Bell
can see, a skell
from dry well
They sight it well
A wealthy kvell
spell it and yell,
Ring the Bell
And paupers
           yawningly mispell
           They can see not well
They said:
           Blood well instead farewell

Ring the Bell
Everyone is unwell
The tears is upwell
No tasty, they smell
All sadness are swell
And hungry is quell

Ring the Bell
          Difficulties swell
          No one to dwell
          For a bit on snell
          Uphill is upswell

Ring the bell
Ring it well!
Be alert and alert everyone to help those needy ones everywhere in this world.
Anais Vionet Jul 4
college bound
smart as a whip
eager to please
always on time
100% truthful
some observed boyfriend qualities in a humorous bell curve shape
n Apr 14
sylvia plath watched all her figs rot
because she couldnt decide
which to eat

im watching my figs
and i dont want any of them.
not right now.

i know i need to eat.
i still want to eat.

i just don't feel hungry.
Listen to me now and heed my voice;
I am a madman, alone, screaming in the wilderness,
but listen now.

Listen to me now, and if I say
that black is black, and white is white, and in between lies gray,
I have no choice.

Does a madman choose his words? They come to him,
the moon’s illuminations, intimations of the wind,
and he must speak.

But listen to me now, and if you hear
the tolling of the judgment bell, and if its tone is clear,
then do not tarry,

but listen, or cut off your ears, for I Am weary.


Published by Penny Dreadful, The HyperTexts, the Anthologise Committee and Nonsuch High School for Girls (Surrey, England)

Also published by Michael R. Burch writing as Immanuel A. Michael and Kim Cherub

Keywords/Tags: Listen, heed, prophet, crying, wilderness, voice, prophecy, black, white, gray, moon, wind, speak, speaking, speech, instruction, teaching, warning, omen, illuminations, intimations, ears, hear, judgment, bell, toll, tolling, peal, pealing, tone, I, Am

Note: The poet as a “madman, alone, screaming in the wilderness” is likened to John the Baptist, foretelling a momentous “second coming”: his own, with no other Messiah in sight.
Abby M Jan 31
I often wander past her gallows
And feel a sympathetic twinge
At glints of sun on growing rifts
I long to hear her sing

My fingers itch to hold the mallet
Molded to her brazen form
A tongue, once ripped from quiet lips
It rests, with ears, unworn

If treasured glance is counted higher
Than the purest ringing note
Then may she hang still, gagged in silence
“To Liberty!”, I quote
James Daniel Nov 2019
Always by side
You’ve guarded my heart
For so long

I remember going busking
With you
Outside the supermarket
And I dropped you at my feet
And the homeless guy
Smiling at me

And when
I went to that place
The made bed
And Red light
The smiling girls
And I sang Valerie
And walked out
Passed the guard
Following me out
Cigarette in the street

We were all unmade
And I still am

You’ve guarded my heart
I believe

You said I’m worth a chance

The gates open and close behind me

Now I’m moving
It’s time to use my feet
Each other we’ll still see
I’m going out into the world
Make believe
Enas Sep 2019
She is but stardust

written across the skies

of haze and wanderlust

with wayfarer soul eyes.

Like ultraviolet rays,

she cannot be seen,

she reaches in waves

shinning in dark scenes.

Wish upon her,

this shooting star;

gaze upon her,

a celestial bell jar.
Jay M Sep 2019
All are dancing slowly
This masquerade
A gala
All is in great discord
Among the orchestra
One is out of tune
None seem to care
To hear the broken melody
See the chip in the stone

Cover it up
With a little paint
None shall tell
Besides the meek little pup
Soon it shall faint
One shall yell
While the rest
Ring, ring, ring the bell
Dancing in discord
To the broken melody

Pulling out a flask
‘Neath the rows
Folk chatter and ask,
“Isn’t something off?”
While the other throws,
“Neigh!” then one does quaff

Shine a light
Alone the floor
Hold one tight
For one shall sing no more
Grasp it
So one may not fall
That she would not permit
Not a’tall

Sing, sober dream
Whisper your whims
Through a beam
On a limb
The lullaby
Child doth cry
Sing, sober dream
Sing, sing,
For ‘tall must end
One day.

- Jay M
September 12th, 2019
Laokos Jul 2019
ring the
crystal chime

ring the
my mind is
a stallion

ring the
to all the people
that at least tried to
love me

ring the
break like the ocean
against the cliff

ring the
and watch every
crown melt

ring the
and bless your

ring the
and fade away

ring the
you are no

ring the
you never were

ring the bell
    your time
     was here
     was now
     was yours

did you drink it deeply

did you try

every moment
was treasure
every moment
was fleeting
every moment
was hiding
every moment
was yours
every moment
was beautiful

like first

like a crying

like a

like sleep

ring the bell then and

your smile
was here

and it had
more power
than all
the gods
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