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Alizay Sep 2019
Black, dark, bright, colorful, changes, clouds, grey, thunder, lightening, storms, constellations, stars, moons, suns, planets, land, ocean, grass, water, light, seeds, dirt, plant, animals, humans, repeat, this is the circle of life, events and occurrences.
I've been so busy with school work my minds been blocked but here's one weird poem don't know if it'll make sense unless you carefully read it. Also add some more stuff that relate to parts of life.
Alizay Aug 2019
Quiet laughter, loud heartbreaks, deep within my soul.
Love is outrageous, full of thorns.
Your soul weeping, your mind screaming, but no one knows.
I'm smiling on the outside, but my hearts aching over and over again.
As if my emotions don't exist I stay quiet. I've been a robot, obeying your every word. But this is my life and I'm about to burst. I can't take it anymore but I stay quiet as if my emotions don't exist.
Alizay Jul 2019
I'm no beauty queen, I know I act differently among others, my body isn't perfect, I've got scars deep within my soul, I get anxious around people I've never met, I've never felt the need to cover up my flaws by artificial products, to me none of this matters, I may like to overthink on tiny things, people may find me obnoxious, but their opinion never matters, what matters is how I choose to act. To be honest, being myself has brought me places I never thought I could reach. As a child, I was bullied, I never did anything about it because when I did the response I received was that they have "issues." I had barely a couple of close friends; however now if I look back I see someone who came out of a dark box into the light I've stuck with my two greatest friends and gained many more who care about me and about my opinions. Working for what you want really helps. Don't give a crap about what others think and move on if they don't respect you. Being perfect is an understatement. You are perfect the way you are.
Still working on more poems so I thought I'd just write a message instead.
Alizay Jul 2019
"Life could be dreamy" you say but tell me this how can it be "dreamy" if I've never dreamt before or perhaps someones shattered all that I once dreamt of, tell me how can it be "dreamy" when I don't understand why my heart cries even when I don't, tell me how can it be "dreamy" when everyone sees a clear blue sky when I see thunder and storms, they see a pretty garden filled with roses and bunch of flowers when all I see are thorns, I try to make you smile but how can I when I lost my ages ago. And you say "life could be dreamy" in which way?
I'm working on more poems, I really hope you like this one. And I'd really appreciate the feedback. Thank you!
Alizay Jul 2019
What is this feeling?
The feeling of butterflies tingling in my stomach
The feeling of being nervous, unable to unscramble my words
Why is it that I feel this way in front this blurred figure
Who is he to me, who am I to him
He looks at me in a funny way and smiles, I turn away
What is this feeling I say
He’s just a shadow in my dreams and I may just be a shadow in his
What is this feeling
Why can’t I stop dreaming about him
Does he care?
Do I?
What is this feeling why can’t I get him out of my head
I see him in my dreams again, he’s more visible
I call out to him “Who are you?” I say
He doesn’t reply but comes close enough to disappear inside me showing me who I really am. Now I've found my voice
What is this feeling, this is a feeling of many.
I hope you like this poem, and if you can, gimme ideas in which ways I can improve.
Alizay Jul 2019
Admirable, Blissful, Bewildered, Curious, Capable, Compassionate, Determined, Daring, Delighted, Dazzling, Eagar, Edgy, Enlightening Enthusiastic, Elegant, Fabulous, Fantastic, Forgiving, Fictitious, Fancy, Feminist, Glamourous, Gorgeous, Glowing, Guarded, Greatful, Generous, Gloomy, Happy, Honest, Hopeful, Humourous, Humble, Humane, Heartiest, Heavenly, Imaginative, Interesting, Inspiring, Intellegent, Incredible, Impressive, Important, Indecisive, Invisible, Jinxed, Joyous, Judicious, Justified, Jobless, Jiggish, Jimp, Jittery, Jazzy, Jaunty, Kindhearted, Keen, Knowledgable, Kiddish, Knavish, Knockout, Kempt, Kween, Kin, Kittens, Kinder, Lazy, Luxurious, Lively, Loyal, Limit, Laminated, Lawless, Lightning, Lushious, Luminous, Lovesick, Logical, Modest, Marvelous, Motivated, Music, Momentous, Mindful, Magical, Memories, Merciful, Mellow, Mesmerizing, Malicious, Mannered, Noble, Nervous, Night, Naive, Noted, Natural, Nifty, Nurturing, Never-ending, Noteworthy, Neglected, Narnia, Native, Number 1, ***, Openhearted, O Canada, Obviously, Obidient, Obsessions, Open-minded, Oriented, O.K., Observing, OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD, Omnicient, Outshining, Obliged, Obsticles, Passionate, Personally, Poetry, Picture-Perfect, Positivity, Pulse, Painful, Physic, Power, Protagnist, People-Person, Pros, and Cons, Purity, Purpose, Pleasant, Pieces, Quiet, Quality, Quick, Quoted, Queen, Quirky, Quintessentially, Quest, Quick-Minded, Questionable, Quarter, Quiver, Quiddity, Quiescent, Qui vive, Quip, Quantity, Ravishing, Rapport, Reliving, Reassuring, Rebal, Rainbows, Reckless, Relaxing, Respect, Remedy, Regrets, Right, Relatable, Reliable, Rad, Ready, Responsible, Rainy days, Sagacious, Salutary, Sassy, Secure, Self-assured, Self-reliant, Self-confident, Self-disciplined, Selfless, Sensational, Sensitive, Stars, Shawn Mendes, Sénorita, Sentimental, Set, Serene, Seamless, Significant, Sightly, Trustworthy, Talented, Tender-hearted, Thriving, Thankful, Titanic, Touché, Touchy, Transparent, True, True-blue, Traveller, Transpicuous, Titillating, Timeless,Tidy, Teasing, Tender, Terrific, Thorough, Thrilling, Unarguable, Ultimate, Undefining, Under-the-weather, Unalloyed, Unassuming, Uncommon, Understandable, Undivided, Unique, Unlimited, Unstoppable, Uplifting, Upbeat, Uber, Unconvensional, Uhuh, Unbelieveable, Under control, Unquestionable, Utter amazment, Valiant, Valuable, Valid, Veridical, Valiant, Vibrant, Vigorous, Vigilant, Victorious, Visions, Vivid, Voluptuous, Vulnerary, Vulnerable, Venust, Veracious, Vestal, Violen, Vroom Vroom, Victory, Vows, Wake me up, Wise, Welsome, Well-behaved, Welcoming, Well-grounded, Woke, Whimsical, Whistler, Wholesome, Wired, Witty, Wondrous, Whilst, Winter, Wonderful, Wide-Awake, Walk it like I take it, ****-bang, Wishful, Wellness, Worth it, World-Class, Xo, Yolo, Zero
Any feedback? go for it

— The End —