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Shiv Pratap Pal Jun 2020
They are so much cunning and cruel
Yet they possess, intelligence and smartness
Yes, they are filled with over confidence
They are absolutely shameless too

Don’t you feel my dear?
They don't have any sort of fear
They are beating us, hitting us
And we are helplessly watching them

They are neither allowing us to weep
Not they are letting us to cry loud
They are snatching our source of livelihood
They are looting our meagre savings too

They are boring bigger holes in our pockets
By their powerful invisible technological drills
Selling all sorts of stuff they use to produce
Drugs, sanitizers, hand washes and what not

They are asking to keep our ugly mouth fully shut
By putting beautiful, colourful and fancier masks
They are not letting us to meet our friends
They are not letting us to share our meals

They are not allowing us to share our views
They are not allowing us to share our thoughts
With any of our friend, relatives and fellow citizens
They are just telling us to follow whatever they say

They are throwing ******* and garbage on us
In the name of science, health and hygiene
There appears to be not much science
In their so call science and modern science

Shamelessly they proclaim to be our saviours
Saving us from the army of an invisible enemy
Although existence of any such army is doubtful
But their intentions are doubtful and doubtful

If any such invisible army of enemy really exists?
It may have been raised and owned by them only
To **** the lives of all the other fellow humans on earth
And to fulfil their greed and lust for power and money

They are planning to inject in our bodies
Some drugs, chemical or any such thing
They will even charge money for that
And try to fill their everlasting greed

I wonder, who they are?
God, Demi Gods or the Devils
Or they are just a band of inhuman
Resembling a band of nasty humans

Do they really have some superpower?
Or they are just a bunch of ugly parasites?
Trying to draw everything from our lives
Just to feed himself and to recreate his own life
A poem from the point of view of  conspiracy theorists.
Shiv Pratap Pal Jun 2020
East or the west, Computer is Waste
Surrounded by mouse, Having no Taste

Operator is a fool, Is never ever Cool
Always in haste, Does Cut and Paste

Encounters error in memory, Shooks his Head
Filled with terror, Shakes his Neck

Restarts his computer, But in Vain
The computer Reports – 'Disk Boot Failure'

The operator restarts, again and again
But no more gains, only pain and pain

Hits the CPU with his Boots
But still the computer fails to Boot

Kicks the Monitor with his Boots
The Monitor Screen gets shattered

The operator gets an electric shock
Utters 'Good Bye World'

Long live the computer, In the Future
To send peoples to the lovely Heaven

Free of Cost – Free of Cost

By the way, If anyone finds himself in the Hell
Then just blame His Highness Great Charles Babbage
Just for a laugh
I wrote this unpublished poem  15 years ago in 2005. Today found this in old diary and published here.
Shiv Pratap Pal Jun 2020
Dumpit Trumpit sat on a car
Dumpit Trumpit made a great wall

Dumpit Trumpit planted hate
Clashes became everyone's fate

Dumpit Trumpit divided all
Dumpit Trumpit had a great fall

All the king's donkeys and all the king's men
Couldn't elect Dumpit Trumpit again and again
Let's Cherish Childhood
Shiv Pratap Pal Jun 2020
When a neck is crushed by someone's knee
He may not be able to breathe
He may even die

It's not always a matter between two
It’s a matter of Justice and Injustice
The Injustice crushes the neck of justice

Crooks say Blacks and Whites always fight
But they are not at all right
It’s a myth created by the haters

Haters injects racism, casteism, religionism
In the breath, mind and blood of everyone
But not everyone are that much fools

When haters are supported by the throne
Then the peoples who are not the fools
They shake the throne with much force

They convey the message in a nice way
They have the power to invert the throne
They have the power to break the throne

Because Blacks and Whites never fight
They recognize each others right
And always support what is right
Will You Support?? Are you ready to support??
Shiv Pratap Pal May 2020
Come people come
Please come to us

Oh you are so poor
You suffer so much

Do you ever know?
Why you suffer so much?

I bet, you don't know at all
It's because of your Karmas

I have a remedy
For all your sufferings

My name is Crankie
I have opened a Bankie

Bankie is just another type of bank
A bank in the business of Karma's

Deposit your good Karma's here
Get lucrative interest on annual basis

Thus your balance of good Karmas
Will rise and multiply gradually

Yes, it will be printed on your passbook
It will also be reflected in your credit score

We have many-many, so many branches
We have numerous ATM here and there

Your account will have enough liquidity
You may withdraw it anytime you need

It can even be inherited by your heirs
In case you die leaving your balance intact

You may even nominate anyone dear to you
He or She can claim the balance after your death

You can even transfer some good Karmas
To the account of your other near and dears

So you have a question to Ask, Okay -
Go Ahead, Ask, I will reply with pleasure

So you are asking me, What will I do –
With bulky baggage of your good Karma's

It's simple my dear. My name is Crankie
I have opened a Bankie, I am Businessman

I will lend your good Karmas to people
Who have less amount of good Karma's

They will use those good Karma's to earn
More and more, good Karma's with ease

And will pay regular interest to our Bankie
And when they succeed in earning a lot

They will also repay the Principal borrowed
Thus both, Bankie and its customers will earn

So your good Karmas are going to earn
Not only a hefty interest, but also help others

To generate more and more good Karmas
Just like the holy Gods and unholy Demons -

Performed 'Ocean Churning' which generated
Fourteen special jewels including the ambrosia

Thus this effort will make a better society
And a better world for all of us to live in

So isn't a Good and Great Idea, Yes it is.
All the people agreed with great applause

They started depositing their good Karmas
And got their interest credited in Passbooks

They were quite happy, though their life degraded
As they never utilized or encashed their Karmas

But instead choose to deposit them in Bankie
Opened by the great businessmen Crankie


People saw a board hung on the gates of Bankie
It was put there by the worthy Banking Regulator

It was just to inform every Tom **** and Harry
And was not at all for the fairy, living in heaven

"This Esteemed Bank has gone Bankrupt.
As a regulator we realize our duty and authority

So we are conducting an enquiry to ascertain
How this all has happened after all

Until further Orders from our side,
You the common people are hereby informed

You will be allowed to withdraw just a single
Good Karma for the next ten month period"

There was a rumour that that the bank had,
A large amount of Non Performing Assests

Because borrowers failed to return the loan
They failed to pay interest and the principal too

This was not the only rumour flowing around
There was also a rumour spreading everywhere

"Mr Crankie had lent all the good Karmas to
His Friends, family, relatives, near and dear

They didn't even bother to pay it back to Bankie
There were so many irregularities in issuing loans

The guarantors happened to be the borrowers also
The Borrowers happened to be the guarantors also

As a result the bank filed case in court and prayed
To declare Bankie as legally bankrupt and Insolvent"

Rumours always likes to travel in multiples
Not in a single strand. One of them was -

"Bankie was bankrupt on paper only
In real Crankie laundered all its money

And deposited them all in various accounts
In the famous tax havens of the world

The investigation is going on in constant pace
Legal authorities are working round the clock

The poor customers have no choice at all
They just sit and rejoice by singing a song

"Mr. Crankie, along with your Bankie
Please get us a beautiful hankie

To wipe our flowing nose
Because our eyes are ******

And the tears are not leaking
From any of them after all

Mr. Crankie and your Bankie
Please get us a beautiful hankie"
Just Another Poem on Banking and Capitalism
Shiv Pratap Pal May 2020
He who is poor, helpless and hungry
Is also half-naked or fully undressed
But still he doesn't choose to beg
Instead chooses to do hard labour
He's actually the real shameless

To refrain him from his shame
A law is essentially required
It's also very urgently required
The law should be named as
Shame Reform law
What Law is urgently required to be made an enacted??
{Based On my hindi poem 'कानून बनना चाहिए'
Shiv Pratap Pal Mar 2020
Virus Virus Covid-19
Virus Virus Novel Corona

Are you really on a world tour?
If yes then please follow the rules

Live yourself and let us live
Please don’t be so keen to kil~

If you are really very hungry
Go and eat some nice candy

Please don't scare humans
Please don't kil~ humans

Both Humans and Viruses
Can live on earth in parallel

Planet earth has so much space
For you, for us and all the flora-fauna

So please kil~ your killing attitude
And behave like a cultured youth
Open Message to the Novel Corona Virus
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