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Matt Apr 2
It’s the end of business as usual
The Lord will strike the nations soon

Multitudes in the valley of decision
And many will die
If you know the Lord Jesus
You know why

These are the judgements just before
The great and terrible Day of the Lord

Isaiah 17 soon to be fulfilled
Lord God Almighty will strike the nations
He doesn’t care about your vacation

Seek Him now why you still can
Yeshua of Nazareth
Is the world’s redeemer and that perfectly righteous God man

Normalcy bias is prevalent everywhere
Many don’t pay attention
Or even care..

It’s the end of seventieth year since Israel became a nation
Yes, we are that fig tree generation
Multitudes of lukewarm in America and across the world
Some think they can decide if they are a boy or a girl..

Manchild of God will soon be caught away
That is what will happen on that great and terrible day
For the faithful bride of Christ are not appointed to wrath
You won’t like life under antichrist Obama
It will be a blood bath

Black eyed Francis putting together his one world religion
But he speaks filthy lies
It was his decision
To become the false prophet of history

Joel 3:18 mentions that the foundations of the earth do shake
Revelation 6:12 mentions this great quake
The sun will be black
Moon as blood red
The earth will be strewn about with the lost dead

Seeing it is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation
To them that trouble you;
And to you who are troubled rest with us..... (II Thessalonians 2:6-8)
Pack your bags and don’t miss the bus

The spiritual 144,000 of Israel
Those first fruits of the barley harvest
Will be taken to a place of safety soon
We will return to spread the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ by June

Or around that time
The summer being the time of Shavuot
Leviticus 23 is a parallel and we can see
That the bride of Christ Jesus has reached a critical time in history

It begins with “when he came into the land”
An allusion to that place of safety the Lord has prepared
For the bride, a place for us to hide,
For we are the eternal enemies of the dragon and the dark side
Read Revelation 12 if you want to know what will occur soon

Signs in the heavens last few years
And seven consecutive blood moons
Showing perfect symmetry
The Lord has placed them as signals
So you can see
That Jesus is the eternal God of history

5 g networks sprouting up across the globe
And instantaneous connectivity
It’s not all it’s cracked up to be

Great deception is coming soon
On the day of the blood red moon
Joel 3:21 says the Lord will punish the host
Of high ones that are on high
Nephilim will come with their ships
Out of the sky
Yes they have the ability to take on the form of human beings
But things are not what they seem
Do not be fooled
They are not the creators of man
But they will be spewing this nonsense
That is their wicked plan

Out of their ships come multicolored lights
The lost are drawn like moths
What a terrible sight
And they will return with the mark of the beast as well
A sure ticket to ****

It’s all about control
Satan wants your soul
In this prison planet
Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the only way
Repent of your sins and turn to him today

The mark of the beast will corrupt human DNA
Introducing genetic material of the fallen ones
Across the nation
You won’t here this on your local station

FEMA camps are good to go
Marshall Law will soon be here in America
Don’t you know?
First it will start with civil war
And who are you fighting for?
Come off the fence
Call on Lord Jesus while you can
He is the all powerful God man
Who paid the price for your sins on the tree at Calgary

There is no political solution
To a spiritual problem

Trump is the spiritual forerunner of the one to come
And I guarantee you he’s not a lot of fun
Noahide laws will be in place across the globe soon

Trump will divide Israel
And the Lord will divide the USA
This land and other nations
Have a price to pay
For their wickedness and sin
“Timber” says the Lord Jesus
America is a tree that rots from  within

And you know the worldwide economy
Is a house of cards
A final collapse to the American dollar soon to come
The FED will print and print
Inflation is not fun....

You won’t want to be here for great tribulation
At the midpoint, the antichrist sets up the abomination of desolation
It’s the image of the beast
That will be in the Temple of God
Literal and physical too
Don’t bow down to the image
Really not good for you...
For out of its mouth comes a laser beam

The nations were crying “peace and safety” in February 2019
But things are not what they seem
Tensions with Israel and Iran’s proxies running high
Now rockets fired at Aleppo soar through the sky
Damascus will be a ruinous heap
Do you know about the Lord and the promises He keeps?
He is the Word of God Faithful and True
And he shed His perfect blood for you

Repent and turn to Him today
And join the army of the Lord is what I say

Ezekiel 38:18,19 and Ezekiel 39:6-8
Tell the story of the Lord striking Russia, Turkey, and Iran
These and other nations that come against Israel
Will be destroyed by God
It is his plan
The Day of the Lord will begin
On that day

Warning, warning....
This is a short time away
Matt Jul 2018
Run to Jesus Christ of Nazareth
For He loves you

It’s not too late
For you Christians
Who live in sin
And are unrepentant

For the Christian
Who is  lukewarm
These are the end of days

Massive earthquakes
Are coming

To the east coast
And the west coast
Massive tsunamis
As well

Repent repent
Turn to Jesus Christ of Nazareth
You do not want to end up in ****

Large judgements are coming
To the ***** of Babylon
The sins of this nation
Have reached the Holy One of Israel
Jesus Christ of Nazareth

I pray that those lukewarm Christians
Will repent and seek the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
When they see the judgements
Of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth

The ***** of Babylon America
Will eventually be destroyed in one hour

Obama will be back as leader
Of the global government
As the antichrist
Do not take the mark of the beast
Or bow down to the image of the beast

Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Is Lord of Lords and King of Kings
Matt Jul 2018
Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Is the Way
The Truth and The Life

Despite Francis’ and his world church
Despite the efforts of the antichrist Obama
Satan will fail
As he always has failed

The coming world church
Seeks to change the gospel
Of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth

No, it is not acceptable
To love and dwell in sin
Repent unto Master Jesus Christ of Nazareth
The Kingdom of Yahweh God is at hand

Buddhists you will not save yourself
Through meditation
Hindus, Muslims, etc
You cannot save yourself

You are guilty
Yes u are a sinner
You have lied
Taken the name
Of Lord Jesus Christ in vain
You have cursed your neighbor
With your vile tongue
You have defiled yourself
Through your ****** immorality

We are all sinners
In need of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Repent unto the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
For The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth hath shed
His holy and perfect blood to pay the penalty for your sins
Believe in the truth that Jesus Christ of Nazareth resurrected
Himself on the third day
Through the power of Lord God Almighty Yahweh
Defeating Satan, death, and the grave once and for all

Yes the tribulation will begin shortly
First will come a series of judgements
Against America
The ***** of Babylon
A nation that has aborted 60 million children
A nation that has legalized *** marriage
A nation that has murdered and destroyed
The lives of millions all over the world for decades

CERN has opened up the bottomless pit
So it was in the days of Noah
So it shall be at the coming of the Son of Man

The coming RFID chip will use
Block chain technology
To alter human DNA
A nephilim/hybrid strand
Will infect the human genome
Forever changing those who take the mark of the beast

Do not take the mark of the beast or bow down
To the image of the beast
Those who do so
Will spend an eternity
In the lake of fire
With Barack Obama, the nephilim and rephaim,
And unrepentant souls
Who have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
As their Lord and Savior

To Barack Obama and his father Satan
Human beings are just objects
To be controlled and used
They wish to take as many souls
Into the lake of fire as they can

The faithful servants of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Are laughing at Barack Obama the antichrist,
At Satan, the nephilim, and the rephaim
It is oh so entertaining that you think you can overcome
The Lord and Master of the Universe Jesus Christ of Nazareth
What a bunch of losers you are!

Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
The Holy One of Israel
Master Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Is the eternal victor
He cannot be defeated

Christians trounce and stomp all over you
We push you down into the mud
The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who owns
My soul, spirit, body, heart, and mind
Will use me during the tribulation
To help people to repent
And accept the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
As their Lord, Master, and Savior

The Spirit and the Bride say Come
The Holy Spirit of the Most High God Yahweh
The Ruachakodesh that Is
Praise His holy name

Oh Master Jesus of Nazareth
I will bow down before you
When I first see you after I am raptured
I willing kiss your feet as a Mary Magdalene did
I belong to you forever Master Jesus of Nazareth
For you delivered me from the lake of fire
With your holy and perfect blood

Oh Master Jesus of Nazareth
I am your sweetheart bride
You protect me and nurture me
I am like a small baby
I am your precious sheep
I can only comprehend a very small percentage
Of your great love and mercy

I am slow to learn your ways
Oh Master Jesus of Nazareth
But you are patient with me
You are my bridegroom
Master Jesus of Nazareth
I am your precious Bride

The Marrige Supper of the Lamb
Will be so delightful
To be in Your presence
Is such a privilege

And then to the bridal suite
You will whisk me away
To our secret place
We will share the desires of our hearts
Oh Master Jesus of Nazareth
How can I not be nervous
Writing this?

I am a nervous bride
For you Jesus of Nazareth
My bridegroom are perfect in every way
And I am a continuing work
I must continue to read your Holy Bible
And pray for my friends and family

You would have me be perfect
As my Father Yahweh
And You are perfect
Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
But that will be a very long process
Thankfully I will have eternity
To become perfect
I definitely need plenty of time, heh

Oh Master Jesus Christ of Nazareth
You raised brother Lazarus after He had been
I need the tomb four days
You are so powerful and mighty

Wrap your loving arms around me
Master Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Comfort me
For I am weak and weary
I am suffering
But I must endure
And continue to carry my cross for you

Continue to create in me a more
Loving and forgiving heart
Oh Divine Master
Jesus Christ of Nazareth

For you Master Jesus of Nazareth
Have created me for your pleasure
Oh Lord of Hosts Master Jesus

I am just learning about your perfect love
Master Jesus of Nazareth
Oh how I stumble and fall
Please steady my feeble knees

For You are the King of Glory
The bright and morning star
The Lion of the tribe of Judah
All is known to you
Master Jesus Christ of Nazareth

And I belong to you
Master Jesus of Nazareth
You delivered me and restored me
Master Jesus of Nazareth

I will kiss your perfect feet
Oh yes I will
When the time is right
I grow weary
Fill me with your Holy Spirit
******* me with your Ruachakodesh
Master Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Make love to me

I am vulnerable
And I must tell you the deepest desires of my heart
We are courting now
But soon I will attend the Marriage Supper of the Lamb
And then the consummation of our marriage
How I look forward to submitting to you fully

I must admit I am a bit of a nervous bride
You are all knowing and all powerful
Master Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Oh Master Jesus of Nazareth
You pour out your tender mercies to me each day
I sin but you are so quick to forgive me

I am so beautiful
Because you made me that way
I put all my hope
And all my trust and faith
In You
Master Jesus of Nazareth
My Messiah, restorer, redeemer, and Savior
Lord Jesus of Nazareth

How do you wish to make love to me
Master Jesus of Nazareth?
Make love to me
In a way that brings you the most pleasure
I am a bit nervous
But I trust you completely
I want you to be so totally satisfied
For you created me so You could make love to me
Master and Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Our wedding day
Will be the most wonderful day
Of my eternal existence

I lie on our beautiful marriage bed
You are such a good friend Master Jesus of Nazareth
We must move slowly
Total and complete submission to you
Still frightens me somewhat
But I know it is what you desire...

Oh Master Jesus of Nazareth
My Lord, Savior, redeemer, and restorer
How do you wish to make love to me?

I love you always and forever
My King and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth
I know you will help me to learn how to love more deeply

For you are such a faithful, patient, forgiving, loving,
And perfect bridegroom!
All honor and power and might and glory
And strength and majesty belongs to you
Master Jesus Christ of Nazareth

For you are Lord of Lords and King of Kings
You are Lord of heaven and Lord of earth
You are Lord of the new heaven and Lord of the new earth

And I belong to you
My Lord and Savior
My King and Restorer
Master Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Matt Jun 2018
33 years old
Living at the end of the world

The tribulation will begin soon
There will be war all over the globe

Massive tsunamis and earthquakes
Will strike the United States
Judgements against the wickedness
In this land

Soon the peace deal
In Israel will be completed

A Civil War in the United States
A nuclear strike by North Korea

Marshall Law
Will soon be here in the USA

Obama is the antichrist
The rfid chip technology
Hidden in Obamacare
At first the chip will be voluntary

California broken off of the west coast
Like a saltine *******
The eastern seaboard underwater

Praise the Most High Yahweh

The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Has not forgotten you America
The ***** of Babylon

By the end of the year
Russia, China, North Korea
Will invade and conquer the land

The antichrist will get the nations
To negotiate peace
His world government in Jerusalem

The technology is already in place
In the rfid chip
To destroy DNA
DNA from the nephilim
Will replicate inside those
Who take the chip

Inter dimensional creatures
Demons, nephilim, rephaim
Will be coming through the portals
Opened up by CERN

Just read the book of Revelation
Given unto St. John the Divine
About 90 AD
On the Isle of Patmos

Let this holy book
Be your guide
Those of you who will be here
During the great tribulation

The first catching away
Spoken of in 1 Corinthians 15
And 1 Thessalonians 4
Will be here soon
Harpazo or as we describe it
The “catching away”

A sister in the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Described how the demons will have alien ships
They willing arrive with nephilim
The government will encourage people
To go up into the ships
These people will receive the mark
These people will have black eyes
And will spend eternity in the lake of fire

The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Has his chariot
This sister in the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth described
Around the same time
Of the sixth seal
When stars fall from the sky
When the sun turns black
When the moon is blood red

The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Will gather together those 144,000 sealed
They will receive glorified bodies while on earth
They will be taken to the wilderness
To train under the protection of a guardian angel

The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth told this sister
That He must go gather “the clusters of the vine of the earth”
The angels have gathered together the other faithful Christians
They will be taken to where the first fruits of the 12 tribes of Israel
The 144,000 sealed are training

They train to work during the tribulation
To destroy and rebuke demons, nephilim, and rephaim

These two groups are taken up to be with
Jesus Christ of Nazareth in heaven

The tribulation saints will be crucified, tortured, and beheaded
They will not deny their faith
In the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
They will not take the mark of the beast
Or bow down to the image of the beast
They will preach and spread the gospel
Of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
They will keep the commandments
Of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth

So put down the video games
Repent unto the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
If you have not
For He loves you
His precious and holy blood cannot die
A sample was taken by Ron Wyatt
The blood was examined
It contains 23 X chromosomes from the ****** Mary
And one Y chromosome from God Almighty Yahweh

Read your Bible and turn from sin
We are in approximately the last 7 years
Before this earth is totally destroyed

There will be a restored new earth
And that holy city
The city of the new Jerusalem
Will descend out of heaven
And be placed on this new earth

You won’t want to miss the 1,000 year reign
With the Lord Jesus Christ on the new earth.
The Lord Jesus Christ is supreme ruler
On the new earth
Praise the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
For his enduring love, mercy, forgiveness, and righteous judgements

Francis is the false prophet
The one with the black eyes
Barack Obama is the antichrist
They both will be forever in the lake of fire

Satan will be released after 1,000 years to gather an army
To come against the people of the Most High Yahweh God
He will fail, because he has been a liar and a loser
From the beginning
It was his pride that resulted in his fall
Satan will spend an eternity in the lake of fire
You do not want to join him there

The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Will bring His army
Clothed in fine linen
White and clean
To take back Jerusalem
At the battle of Armageddon

The armies of the antichrist will be defeated

Jesus Christ of Nazareth is Lord of heaven and Lord of earth
Jesus Christ of Nazareth is Lord of the new heaven
And Lord of the new earth

Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Is Lord of Lords and King of Kings
Matt Apr 2018
Drive through
Any suburban neighborhood
Across America

You'll see the flags

So many are quite ignorant
They fail to understand
That the judgement of Lord God Almighty
Will soon be here

Yes, Putin will join with China and North Korea
Coastal cities will be nuked

Did you think America was exempt
From the judgement of the Lord God Almighty?
This wicked nation will burn in one hour

So many lukewarm Christians in America
You know they just want a good time
Check their phones constantly
You better seek Jesus of Nazareth

Soon utter destruction will come upon America

Next comes the one world government
And the reign of the antichrist

Do not take the mark
You will be ****** if you do

Praise Jesus of Nazareth
Be faithful unto death
And Jesus of Nazareth
Will give you the crown of life

Oh dear
This poem is upsetting some people...
Dear me
I do not care

The pope continues
With his filthy blasphemous lies
Jesus of Nazareth is the only way to salvation

Repent of your sins
Believe that He shed his holy and perfect blood
For you on the cross
Declare him Lord and Lord and King of Kings

Strive to be holy as our Lord Jeshua is holy
Those who practice and celebrate ****** immorality
Will not enter into the kingdom of heaven
So it is written in the Holy Bible

This world will be destroyed
At the end of the antichrist's reign

The army of heaven will come back
To take Jerusalem

Jesus of Nazareth is Lord of heaven
And Lord of earth
Jesus of Nazareth is Lord of the new heaven
And Lord of the new earth

Jesus of Nazareth is Lord of Lords
And King of Kings
Matt Apr 2018
A war is coming
A great war

To all those Americans
In front of screens
Who just want to live the dream

Well its over now

Welcome to the end times America

Welcome to the great tribulation

I pray I will not be here

But with my Lord Jesus

Who I hold so dear

A newspaper reads

"People Disappear"

No, aliens did not take them away

But Jeshua took them up into heaven that day
To take part in the wedding supper of the lamb

Jesus of Nazareth
Son of the great I Am
Sent to save us from our sins
Yahweh's great plan

Repent and believe today
It is Lord God Almighty's free gift

Well anyway,
I pray that you do

Because the tribulation will be ******
Yea, like stinky poo

The government will be herding people around

When Jeshua came and took His church away
You may have just heard a boom
That's okay

For you did not understand
You were not following
The Son of Man

Now there will be a war going on

Antichrist soon to reign
Yep, he is an *******
An oh what a pain

When the chip becomes required

Don't take the mark
And praise The Lord
Endure until the end

That is the gospel of the kingdom of heaven

The pope continues with his lies
And its no surprise

For these are the end of days

The antichrist reigns for a couple of years
Yes Obama
Oh what a *****
And those sodomites
Will never enter in

I plead the sexually immoral to repent from your sin

I have upset some already
Oh well

Life is short and fading fast
Only Jesus of Nazareth can make it last
In glorified bodies with Jeshua we will reign
For 1,000 years, and no more tears

No more pain and strife
Oh to eat fruit from the tree of life
Matt Mar 2018
It won't be long now
America will be attacked
Nuked by Russian subs

New York City
San Francisco
Los Angeles & San Diego
Will burn in one hour

Russian, Chinese, and North Korean troops
Will conquer and divide America

The antichrist will cause the nations
To make peace
This charasmatic leader

Then will come the chip
A requirement for all people
Those who refuse to take it
Will be taken to FEMA camps
And beheaded

Repent from the place
From which you have fallen
And enter into a relationship with Jeshua

There is only one truth
Only Jesus can save you!

The pope already goes on and says
Those that have not accepted Jesus as savior
Can enter into heaven
He is a filthy liar

Jeshua of Nazareth laughs in heaven
At he plans of the antichrist
And satan
It was satan's pride
That caused him to be thrown down

Do not let your own pride
Be the cause of your damnation

Atheists, buddhists, all quite sure
Of their own way
Have had near death experiences
And been shown the pit

No one who practices homosexuality
Will enter into heaven either
It is an abomination in the eyes of Lord Jeshua

Do you have any idea how many times
You sin each day?

Simply repent unto Jeshua,
And turn from your ways

Soon the world will he connected
This AI system will have access to those
Who take the mark on their forehead
Or on their hand

Take heart, for Jeshua is Lord!
Repent unto Him
For every knee will bow
To Jeshua of Nazareth

He is Lord of Lords
And King of Kings
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