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Randy Johnson Aug 28
Christians aren't supposed to get revenge, they're supposed to forgive.
And Christians are supposed to do that for all of the days that they live.
If you do a Christian wrong, he or she isn't supposed to get back at you.
A true Christian will know that getting revenge is the wrong thing to do.
God doesn't want people to get revenge, he wants us to forgive others.
And God wants people to love one another.
Randy Johnson Aug 18
You were a Chihuahua and you were my pet.
You died even though I took you to two vets.
Two days from now will be my 52nd birthday.
But it will be ruined because you passed away.
When your life ended, it was a **** shame.
You were awesome and Puppy was your name.
I bought you and owned you for six wonderful years.
Your death has and will continue to produce tears.
Your death is something that I certainly regret.
You were my Chihuahua and you were a wonderful pet.
You were born on August the 2nd of 1948.
Your death was sad and hard to contemplate.
Today would've been your birthday but you didn't survive.
If you hadn't died, today you would've turned seventy-five.

Your death was a very painful thing that I was forced to experience.
It was hard to accept your demise because it ended your existence.
You gave money to the homeless because you loved to give.
You were the greatest mother on the planet while you lived.

It was so sad to learn that you were going to die.
And it was very painful when I had to say goodbye.
I wanted you to survive but I didn't get my way.
You were my mom and I wish you a happy birthday.
Randy Johnson Jul 28
He was my papaw and he was my father's dad.
When he died in 1994, it was both tragic and sad.
If Papaw had survived, he would be celebrating his birthday.
If he hadn't died, he would've become 100 years old today.
He was born on July the 28th of 1923.
Today he would've lived for a century.
When Papaw took some medication, he became very sick.
He died six days after his birthday because he was allergic.
Dad was hurt by Papaw's death and so was I.
It's always painful to learn that a grandparent is going to die.
Randy Johnson Jul 26
God truly deserves people's praise.
God deserves it for all of our days.
The good things that God has done are too many to list.
Without God, people would not exist.
God started the Human Race in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve.
God exists even though it's something that certain people don't believe.
God will be there for people always.
He certainly does deserve our praise.
Randy Johnson Jul 13
He was my dad but his life came to an end.
He died and I would never see him again.
He perished after months of receiving chemotherapy.
He had Leukemia and is buried in Sneedville, Tennessee.
He was a hard worker and he worked hard for many years.
Cancer made him become ill and he died just like I feared.
He died ten years ago today on the 13th of July.
It is always sad and tragic when a parent dies.
Dedicated to Charles F. Johnson (1947-2013) who died ten years ago today on July 13, 2013.
Randy Johnson Jul 11
I found you lying dead on my kitchen floor.
It was sad because you couldn't be my dog anymore.
On August the 27th of 2013, I adopted you.
It was a really wonderful thing for me to do.
I named you after my late mother when I named you Agnes.
You were special and when I adopted you, I was truly blessed.
You were a wonderful dog who I will never forget.
You were like a daughter and you were a great pet.
Dedicated to Agnes (2011-2020) who died three years ago today on July 11, 2020.
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