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Francie Lynch May 19
Foresight gives us 20/20.
Hindsight prepared us.
Don't get blind-sided.
Not so sorry
A poem every day.
Francie Lynch Apr 18
Humpty Trumpy promised the wall,
Humpty Trumpy's in a free fall:
His base reactions
To blackened redactions,
Gave Trumpy just cause
For more infractions.
Francie Lynch Dec 2015
Donald has a comb-over.
******, a funny moustache.
Hair Donald?
Heil ******!
I despise mentioning ******'s name in a poem.
I despise mentioning Donald's name in a poem.
Francie Lynch Nov 2016
They pulled a *****
With Trump's *******...
I mean Election.
I always mess up consonants.
Bend over, but don't be too ******* yourself. :)
Francie Lynch Feb 2017
Red herrings tend to be trustworthy,
But lead us astray.
Orange orangutans are trustworthy:
If it looks menacing, it is;
If it grunts, it's meaningful;
If it moves, it's unpredictable.
In captivity they're studied
As evolutionary wonders,
But it's still an orange orangutan,
Pounding his chest.
Francie Lynch Feb 2017
From the Tower of Babel,
Being chiselled in stone,
Come forth new commandments
To appease the throngs.

One through three
Remain the same,
Following a change
In the demigod's name.

Numbers five through ten
Need some twerking,
They weren't working.
Lie, cheat, con and steal,
Whatever works
To seal the deal.

Covet women and neighbour's goods,
Stay west of Eden's pussyhoods.

Number four stands alone,
The command is clear:
Honour the unborn, not the Mom.

After a frantic panic,
Babel collapsed in pitiful spite;
Its ruins scattered
On the western Atlantic.
Our world continued to spin,
Because we were resolved
To sin.
I am that I am.
Francie Lynch Jun 2017
We need a biopsy
To diagnose hypocrisy
In American Democracy.
The evil Dr. Trump's creature, The Statue of Liberty, has melanoma, and it's spreading.
Francie Lynch Sep 2018
Parading past in the emperor's robe,
I looked with wonder at the fool,
Left, right, right left,
Out of step.
I stood too close to the sewer cover,
A stench was in the air.
Behind and above on a balcony,
Leaning on wrought iron,
A woman's voice, drunk on demonstrations,
Called out, bouncing off balloons,
Never look a clenched fist in the mouth.
Francie Lynch Mar 27
Are you ever so full of it
That you need to flush
Halfway through a dump?
That's where we are with Trump.
Two more years of BS.
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