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m May 2022
god you self-righteous, idealistic ****
I don’t like your old poetry
it all feels too cheesey— and it’s overly emotional
write something fresh, publish something better
get the anger out (you can’t bottle it up)
if you’re going to explode then do it through a pen
or at least, leave yourself out of it
there’s so much wrong in this world
write about that
I know you have at least 10 poems
angry, political ones
just sitting in your notes app
waiting to be jolted to life
pull the lever, Dr. Frankenstein
This Monster Kills Fascists.
Idk, just something random. I think I’m back. I’ll post those angry poems eventually. I’m very upset with the current state of the world, especially in America. I cry almost every day. But it’s okay. I’ll live. (To be clear, I am a liberal and I understand the need to “vote blue no matter who”. I voted for Biden. However, I am heavily critical of the Biden administration. I am also extremely frustrated with the Supreme Court, which when you think about it, is 45’s fault.)
Francie Lynch Apr 2021
Nietzsche postulated His death.
tRump proved it.
But gods are known to resurrect.
"God is Dead"
Kristin Jan 2021
I did errands today
and I was confused

Something was wrong, astray
I mused

I settled into the evening quiet
And my disquieted soul shouted

"The flags were not at half staff"
As the West Wing staff and Cabinet was trimmed by half

Yesterday, Congress was sieged by riff-raff
45 egged them on

Congress counted the Electoral votes
but our troubles are not all gone

Today, I needed to see that flag half-mast
My grief begged for a symbol against the bombast

And yet the flag waved, full staff, as if nothing and no one mattered
And no one has said a word
Francie Lynch Oct 2020
Here lies a liar
Because the liar lied here.
Now the liar's stable,
For the liar's inable
To equivocate and lie.
Francie Lynch Sep 2020
The adulterer has the ****** Virus,
And 45 needs to distance
Six thousand miles;
Cover his face;
Buy XS gloves;
Add a cup of bleach,
Light up his interior,
And wipe away the time
Spent behind SDNY bars.
Francie Lynch Sep 2020
Will the Jenga House collapse
If we remove the Judicial block?
Will the foundation hold the roof
If we remove the Legislative block?
Remove the Executive block(head),
Place it in the bunker, for reference,
And let the House rise up.
Rise up!
Francie Lynch Aug 2020
I'm a sinner,
Our boy's a swimmer;
Pray for us.

I crave to man handle
Lads in our *** scandal;
Pray for us.

My hub's a ******,
Pleads, L'amour toujours;
Pray for us.

We seek your affection,
Count our Sunday collection;
Pray for us.

We drink golden showers,
Are massaged for hours;
Pray for us.

On our private jet,
We ***, drink and fete;
Pray for us.

You don't know squat
Till you Manage a trois;
Pray for us.

We are rich,
And white as hell;
And richer now
That we fell.

Pray for us all.
Yeah, the ***** got over ten million dollar severance package from Liberty University. He can't fly in the private jet anymore. ****. How will he manage. I know. America will pray for he and Becki, and give them more money.
Francie Lynch Aug 2020
To weaken him,
He sent the archangel Virus;
To muffle him,
He sent the St. Michael storms.
I'm not a big believer in Divine Intervention, but in this case...
Francie Lynch Jul 2020
We love my mashed potatoes,
With butter on our plates;
But at the Trumpian table,
We'd eat from Donnie's pate.
According to Mary Trump, Donald's most humiliating and embarrassing moment happened when Freddie Jr. dumped a bowl of mashed tatters on little Donnie's head.
pate: head
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