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A young disciple of discipline is just,
trying to dissipate negative traits.
Hesitations of change are often in frame
but most balloons don't fly straight.
Instead there's the choice of multiple fates,
played upon through invisible games.
Who is listening, we're nowhere near finished yet, when the drifter remains in stages to claim.

Draw upon those who have taught you before, are these new lessons or echoes restored in repetition.
Persistent tricks formed from stubborn habits, hidden in-kind to the back of our brains, where a complete disregard is often retained.
Try observing yourself through the eyes of others, are you sure we're the same when shuffling states.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Ghostverses Feb 5
White, fluffy, wet.
Smiles, laughs, joy.
Air, ice, clouds.
Every flake is unique on it's own.
Apart as but together make tons.
Schools are out, students are about.
Cars are sliding, trucks are providing.
Roads are frozen, salt is spreadin'.
You are the reason why I stay in the-
I made this in the middle of my first period class. Hope you enjoy! <3
Chad Young Feb 3
Beyond meaning, and the Eternal Beauty breathes through me.
The difference between those who have found no meaning or care for no meaning, and I who go beyond meaning isn't important.
But is apparent in their manifest mindfulness.

How can an understanding raised and developed with words cognize what is beyond words?
How can attention directed from an infantile stage be made aware "beyond direction"?
As the very word 'beyond' gives meaning and direction.

Thought will ever meander in these webs if it is not given a sound as a vehicle to harmoniously dive beyond these intricacies.
Whoever gives you this sound will be in charge of your dive.
My sound is thus spontaneous.
Like scatting with soothing syllables.
A silent mind is defective because thoughts form, which is fine if you want to know your thoughts.
But since thoughts continue to arise, the mind naturally wishes to siphon them off to return to silence.
The siphoning itself creates a mental frequency.
"Selling" sounds to think is like moving thought from the ground to flying into outer space.

Any way to teach meditation is obsolete when the mind changes.
The teachings are relative though they speak of spiritual matters.
It is every person's unique journey, meditation is.
Thus, I come back to "just observe".
Blah, huff, huff
JA Perkins Jan 4
The same people
who told me
I'm only alive
when I'm winning
are the ones who
look for cracks
in my character.

And so I favor the meek -
Not the schemes of
their cold competition.

And the same
people who told
me I couldn't
survive in the
free world are
the ones in whom
my ******* would
prove most

And so I learn wisdom and
suffering in separation
Delayed reaction
Sourodeep Dec 2020
I have grown to be unknown
invisible like the dew
hiding behind buildings
and gliding through passages.
My charm is as un-noticed
as the workshop apprentice,
my words unheard, voice absurd
to the premeditated busy man
briskly moving through the crowd.
I myself collate my actions,
but for anyone to give a deeper glance
well I just leave that upto chance.
Payal Dhiman Dec 2020
through the noises
when you crave for silence
in the crowd when you
want to be alone
You should look at the moon
You should feel the winds
and you will feel alive again.
“Love the nature and you'll be happy”
A friend of mine told me and I'm telling you.
Flatfielder Nov 2020
Nourishing moment
Drop stuns a face
Rolling down a windshield
An amazing race
Earth's yearnings
For the nectar of Life
Witnessed on grey mornings
When hope wins over doubt
On instagram
Adi N Oct 2020
She sat on the park bench
basking in the afternoon sun,
when a brown ripe oaknut landed on her lap.

She gazed at it without distraction,
Its colour, shape, symmetry-filled her with immense satisfaction.
The English Oak tree had crafted it with perfection.

Clearly, it was there with a message-

You will take a lifetime,
to truly know my nature.
How could you ever get bored,
when there is creator’s magic everywhere.
Andrew Layman Sep 2020
Systems cease
organic beast
lies ever still.

Memory remains
observing stains
of the ****.
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