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Millie 16h
Suddenly you’re afraid of me
Of how I might react
So sullenly you hide yourself
Among a midst of words
You’ve forgotten I see through the fog
Of fake and insecure
Though prying would undoubtedly
Break what was before
So I here I sit a stalemate
To watch the tower fall
A love that’s birthed on desperation
Was never love at all
Jo Jan 11
Observing the beautiful birds, in my neighborhood, I
think birds have the advantage and are misunderstood.

Looking for food where they find it and tossing what's
they make their way without the exhaustion of
being confused.

Living without striving to continually compete, it would
seem they live a blessed life even though they live on the

Listening to the sound of the nightingales, I am spelled
by the gentle notes that prevail.

Nightingales make their journey in the night as graceful
as a songbird in flight. These birds seem oblivious to those
within their sight.

Continuing their melody day after day, I see them keeping
their lives full of adventure with no need to stray.

And, it is obvious to me that the story that nature tells is
as a piece of the puzzle that is purposed to bring one under
its spell.
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S I N Dec 2019
Peeking through the morning haze
Moon in its a-waning phase
Gazes with ever placid face,
Not devoid of any grace,
To behold, observe and mark
Every flutter, cry and bark,
Every drooping of a flower
Bending under dewy bower,
Every ripple in the lake,
Every plant, the true or fake,
To the beholder doesn’t make
It any difference at all;
The dune, the creek, the waterfall,
So different and yet so strange,
So alike to waning Sage
Andy Nov 2019
As my family gather around me
I feel their whispers of insecurity
Thoughts of past events racing through my head.
As I lay here dying on my bed
Drifting in and out of disturbed sleep
I hear the sounds of my wife weep
Telling stories of my life events and past
My childhood memories drifting so fast.
Of happy long summers and never ending winters.
My life breaking up into tiny little splinters
Talks of greed and if I made a will.
The only thoughts are the pockets they can fill
Heated conversation and unsettled voices
I am forgotten about while they make their own choices
Someone shouts out where are his deeds
My thoughts and sounds now coming in short feeds.
My breathing now slow as I drift into eternal sleep
Family still talking of what they will reap
As I awake into a glorified light
Away and at peace from all of the fight
To an eternal life away from corruption and greed
My pain and suffering now finally freed
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2019
मैले सुसेलेको

धुन मिलेनकि?
संगीत तिमीले बुझेनै?
शैली : अवलोकन
विषय: बेसुरो म
The Secret Poet May 2019
you should graduate. you should see the proud look in your parents’ eyes when they see you get your diploma. you should have the joy of crazy car rides with friends. the joy of getting your first car. the joy of being accepted into college. you should see the dewdrops on the leaves in the morning. you should see the butterflies fluttering away. notice the tiny things. redo your hair. start wearing makeup. sing along to your favorite songs. you should be happy. you have a lot of friends who love you and care about you. you should get the joy of seeing your favorite people and laughing with them. or eating pancakes late at night. or decorating your new shoes and loving the results. you should grow up and become that lawyer. grow up and become whatever you want. you should see the smiles on people’s faces, the things you have to live for.
Amanda Feb 2019
"Is this how you want to spend the rest of your life?
With nothing to live for except the anticipation of your next high?"

Of course you say no, that you want much more than that
Yet you keep destroying yourself in the same place you've been at

I love you so much but I can't witness up close anymore
It hurts to observe from a distance, but a front-row seat hurts even more
An excerpt from a letter I wrote to HIM.. everyone knows who that guy is. I did change a few parts to make it rhyme but the identical message is conveyed.
Sean Achilleos Jan 2019
He found himself living in apartment 3
Then he moved to apartment 33
From there he travelled abroad
Only to return
Now he lives in room 7
He thought it would've been a house
Though the smallest of all
From this room 7 ... Magic flows
Up into the heavens
It reaches so far
Beyond the stars
The real stars
Not mortal beings who claim to be so
At night if you look closely
You shall observe an electric blue streak
Reaching upwards towards the sky
See to whence it leads
This line requires no phone
And shall remain uninterrupted
Until one day
He shall go to where this blue streak leadeth
Written by Sean Achilleos 19 January 2019©
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NeroameeAlucard Jan 2019
I haven't written about desire
In a little while,
Ever just want to feel
Someone's presence?
Someone's soft skin against your own?
That's my desire
I guess i'm starved for affection which is what's causing
This strange inflection
To my words written and thought out
But with no doubt
Desire is a powerful weapon
An animal not to be tamed or contained
Desire... it can drive some people up more walls than a spider.
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