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The Government's World Wide want to appoint a Spiritual Guide Of the New Age...he is already here. Known by many names "The Anointed One" the "New Ressurrected Savior" behind his Mask Of Purity & Benevolence exists a thin veil that only the TRUE followers of Christ shall be able to distinguish when everyone else will be doomed to believe a LIE for the TRUE Nature of this Mortal Man. He will dominate the Nation's with a powerful voice and will entice and bewitch whole Nation's into believing in him due to his Accended Power. That power is UNHOLY and shall allow him to speak in tongues, prophecy things that will come to pass, heal the sick, revive the dead ...even so much so as to say and Blaspheme in the Holy Tabernacle Of God claiming to be "GOD" his multitude of miracles and wonders will make people question their TRUE SELF & their Faith. A man of stern character a pieus man who will dignify his Zeal among the Nation's as Ruler Of The New World. The Holy Bible talks breifly of such man who's sole purpose of confounding the masses and creating a false system of protection, peace, prosperity & love. This Final AntiChrist will walk inside the Temple Of The Holy Of Holies...and in turn gain new powers and create miraculous manifestations of Angellic Like Beings on Earth. BEWARE because his final objective is to manipulate the most powerful man & woman in the World to overthrow GOD'S WORD & his books. Powerful Pawns with powerful demonic influences are moving this World slowly creating a system of what may seem like "peace & protection for everyone" when in all reality they are staying the Earth for Christ's Return. Brothers & Sisters in Christ...remember to do good and pray for one another & genuinally love that neighbor it's all coming to a bitter end. Perhaps, out of reading this someone will see it the way I Black&White Crystal clear. God Bless You & your Families,Communities and Land. GOD IS IN THE JUDGEMENT THRONE READY 2 JUDGE EVERYONE ACCORDINGLY...BE PREPARED!!!
John 3:16  Hebrews 5: 9-13  Isaiah 48:10
United States Of America...the Land Of The Free, Home Of The Slave & Where The One's in Power keep enstablishing 1. Terror & Fear. 2. Corruption. 3. The New Babylonia. 4. Where the Political,Economical & Judicial Systems are curropted to an extent of allowing Pride,Sabotage,Savagery and for those who have build their Palace in an empty spiritual derivative for they in their mortal hearts full of secrecy and envious minds plot and scheme EVIL against this young man who has plainly come to share with Friends...Enemies...and even Stragers or ANY ONE willing to listen to the Truth about their Wicked Curropted Plans to allow them to misguide, confuse and even tamper with the TRUE SAINTS who are doing EVERYTHING in their power to buy a little more time for the sake of those STERN & Heart Of Stone people that are so difficut to enlighten them spiritually for their spirits are so saturated with corruption & evil ...always seeking a way to gratify their flesh and for AS Long as they graduated from their Police Acadamy have found ways to make more money by using the power of Law enforcement to enforce their own secret agenda.

Adonai, on the Servant who writes this please all I ask is 3 things...If I were to pay with my LIFE at least let me have a crown and robe in that Heavenly Kingdom. 1. My name in The Book Of Life. 2 Allow me to administer my LOVE towards my Family. Friends and acequainces...let my transgressions be paid in full due to my Saviour "Jesus Christ The Only Begotten Son" who made himself a Man to atone all MANKIND'S sin. I hear they footsteps at the collossal heavenly door...If anyone hear me...anyone let him come in the name of Jesus. Amen!!
Armaggedon &Final call!!!
I been dragged thru the ringer. The Enemy of the Saints (Lucifer) have tried to drag me down to the grave by tempting me and insulting my intellect, hope, loving kindness towards others and faith.  I am a noble soul with a Life that has been tough and merciless in many ways but I still somehow see a light a glimmer of hope in the silence in the mundane in the ordinary ...people deal with many problems and in their brokenness and hopelessness they seek to relieve their pain thru the substances readily available in the world to numb their emotions numb their physical and trauma and pain that they have to live with... I unfortunately turned away my face from Jesus when I choose to use illegal substances to numb my own pain. I was self medicating with Stimulants & Cannabis.  I was a functioning addict able to barely pay my bills and my rent for the first 7 years of my addiction. Then the last 2 I encountered Homelessness that broke me to the core.
I was in the end of 7/01/19 I kept using and using but then I had a moment of CLARITY and there in the emptiness of it all I was out of my mind...losing it all ...I had no ID no $$$ no faith in anything I was totally in a pit of regret, remorse and disdain on what I had caused my Life to be put thru I felt in an endless loop a void so deep so obscure I had no idea if I would make it out ALIVE...suddenly I realized that in the pit of my addiction where I could not dig any further than what I had put myself thru I ended up in FCDC (Fayette County Detention Center) "Jail" for 3 days and a half and there I said I told myself...this is enough I have had enough. God was talking to a way I could not even fathom...When the police showed me the paperwork of where I was in 7/27/19 at 3:31 AM in the morning in front of a Center Bank in Lexington KY only with my undergarments on and talking to myself like a maniac no one around me and all I had left was a shadow of a former life I had lived. There I fell sleep and Police took me to jail "literally saved my life" hence I would of have died if they wouldn't have took me that day...I realized that they where trying to ask me in the Jail what was my name what was I doing sleeping in front of the Center Bank in Lexington and I look super ultra rugged. Long beard I had not had a bath in like 2 weeks smelled like a mixture of sweat **** and **** and my eyes where bloodshot skinny as hell and my mind and my body wanted to give up on life at that moment I didn't want to live no more...I had no hope no faith and no love for myself or no one around me. Finally, after 2 days of being in the Jail Cell in FCDC I thank GOD had my intellect back my thoughts back I remembered my name and how to speak properly. I had my SANITY back when I thought I had done it I had become a "Wet Brained" individual left to live the rest of my life as a Lunatic. There I decided I was done ...when I saw my paperwork and being released from Jail I was that my paper said "John Doe" then it was barely scratched off and my name underneath it. That name means a dead man ...a body left behind in the street with no life left in it lifeless or already in the grave. There I saw that...and wept bitterly for a while since God was there with me and his precense was so radiant and I could feel him hugging me and telling me "I came to rescue you from your former life as a former drug addict and I come to heal you and help you get your life back and be someone in society" and that made me smile ... There many inmates that where getting out back to the Outside World with me asked me and tapped me on the shoulder asking me if "I was OK?" I told them to leave me alone since I was talking to God and he was talking to me I did not want to lose that I was from there transformed and I had a spiritual revival when I finally set foot outside that jail and saw it the sunlight I smiled and said to myself ..." I AM A NEW CREATURE ...FOR GOD I WILL DO HIS WORK FROM NOW ON &  NEVER LOOK BACK I AM LEAVING MY PAST HERE IN THIS JAIL & LOOKING FORWARD TO LIVE A SOBER & SANE LIFE FROM NOW ON" from there a New Chapter in my Life has been opened and I have commenced to walk with my Savior to what he has to show me and bless me with from now On I will let people know that he is real and he is the great "I AM" Lord thank you for not letting me die or be enveloped in insurmountable have given me the Light to go on and regain what I lost...I Love You for that Jesus My Redeemer!!! Praise The Lord Of Hosts. Amen.
Jesus Christ Is Alive. Holy Spirit Is Not Done With Me Yet!!!
Structures of Ancient Egyptians that allowed them to use the Pyramids as a conduit to create renewable electricity. The Pharaohs of the Ancient Days where man who made many remarkable discoveries to Mathematics, Science, Politics, Agriculture, Dogma & the Cosmos. Many believe that the Pharaohs have long died but the Linage Of Pharaohs is indeed still around till this Era...and perhaps I am one of the last living Pharaohs existing I believe this to be true due to the fact that I had a dream about 1 year and 7 months ago...where I woke up in a Sarcophagus in a Tomb in a remote place somewhere in Egypt  (Or so I thought It was Egypt) and there I was dressed in Pharaoh like attire. A man with strong physical attributes removed the top of the Sarcophagus where I was having a slumber and when I opened my eyes I saw a Huge Blue and Orange looking Sun with 2 smaller orbs that looked like other suns around the big one in a flash inside my minds eye. The Man spoke a strange language and he had 4 wings and had Ancient Egyptian looking clothing but yet different. When finally I made it out of the Mystical Egyptian looking Tomb (we were outside and it was unbelieable man) the place was a beautiful looking enormous field full of trees odd in shape the grass looked blue and air was warm and fresh at the same time all around in the way far distance where mountains and volcanoes and in this place where I was truly was one of a kind because it was not day or night it was something in between both but when I looked up to the sky there where NO MORE STARS or CONSTELLATIONS it was as if I was in the final resting place of the end of the Multi-verse where things are created and everything else follows... strange feeling and overwhelming feeling indeed.  Furthermore this took about 2 hours of walking thru humongous corridors and labyrinth like passages that without this man showing me a way out of that place I would of gotten lost and had never found the exit. I knew I was not in Planet Earth this was a whole different planet maybe even a different Galaxy because I saw rare structures around me and a large amount of people outside where I came out of the Egyptian (but not of course since I explained what I saw and felt, but something about this place reminds me of Egypt but cannot place my finger on it, perhaps their symbology) yet most of all the symbols there did not resemble Egyptian Language at all it was some other different symbols and cryptographic symbolism they used in their culture and their colorful art. This creatures since they apparently were NOT human beings they where something similar to humans but quite different hence they are able to fly and also communicate thru telekinesis. Then they showed me a Metallic Oval Shaped Rock thing that they held in their hands. The Man with Wings handed it to me without speaking a word to me just smiling and pointing at the object. I grabbed it ... once I touched it ...the object was very light about 1 lb no more than that but looked heavier to the eye...then it turned to a square in a matter of seconds but something in my mind told me that it was about to change shape to be put...and I was and there it let me see my own reflection hence it turned to a mirror like object something similar to the ones we have here on Earth. I saw myself and yes I was still indeed young about 25 years of age and nothing about me had changed except the color of my skin was ultra radiant the color a vibrant star and my face had tattoos I had never seen in my life on Earth similar to the Angel like Human like creatures smiling and following me around... Then One of them was about to tell me ...something important ....all I heard was "You are .....In the English Language ....THEN THE DREAM ENDED!!!
Beautiful Dreams ...Did I dream I was in Heaven!?!?!?!
~Godless Souls~

The World is full of Sou-less Godless lives
Seeking happiness in Money, Woman, Drugs or ***
Filling a void that is infill-able without Christ
The Internet a Micro Metropolis full of billions of ideals people and technologies
and information at our fingertips
We live in a society that is strapped and imprisoned with a cell phone, computer or game system...
Controlling our brain waves and encrypting viruses that are slowly killing us making us mindless drones
We as humans don't talk to each other face to face no if that face to face interaction has died or is out of style
The Internet cyber profiling everyone the social media giants care to keep u trapped in a cybernetic cell and that is all Adults young or old Woman and Child
Enslaving the society living in a Robotic Society
Just remember the Serpent was the Master Inventor of the World Wide Web
So it can slowly feed of your desires
And systematically implementing neuronal pathways that make you use electronics constantly impulsively
Keeping you immersed in the cybernetic world seeking approval from your peers just for you to find out that all they care about is the likes the shares and the comments all the ******* the social media feeds you telling you is important when is really insignificant.

We live in a cybernetic society everyone stuck watching a lifeless device robbing all your joy and time. No more reality just the reality that sits behind a mirrored screen no more true Artists no more books to capture your imagination no more paintings or epic poetry no more nothing just people worried about the next Internet trend the next new cellphone the new gaming system the new smart TV the new gadgets to occupy your mind and soul with endless ******* and take your time minute by minute. **** occupy your mind reading an interesting book or creating a new poem or painting or do a blog online use technology for your advantage to let the masses know the truth expose it to them so we don't live in a blind society full of deceit and worthlessness. God bless you Thank you for reading. Jesus is Lord Forever!!!
Need God In A Dead World!!!
I was lost in the wonder that filled those via-led blue tender eyes
Mysticism I did not believe until; the proof laid before my very sight
Hopelessly lost I attained a feeling, my chest felt warm "Am I dreaming?"
An insurmountable rush of emotions drowned my consciousness
Perhaps this is normal I told myself with utter confidence
Suddenly my memory formed the shape of those noble yet mysterious eyes
Sensations all over my body began to arise; yet I laid still and wondered why
Did this mean I have failed again...I told myself "Am I again trapped in this loveless game?"
Genuine desire conformed in my willpower, to one day rose my lips against hers
If this where possible, if this might do...Will time just tell or destiny too
I'm once again trapped in the endless illusion, yet I find no other conclusion
To this I say my last few words
I'm left alone, to wonder in thought
To be lost in words...yet I find myself ...
With 1 feeling that now I call my OWN.
What Humans Call Love
The night was filled with harsh winds and thunderous clouds,
My mind raising, with problems, with clutter, with sounds,
The sight of the ominous wonders filled with latent colors,
Fear of old demons, conquered by a tragic empty...murmurs
To my eyes a disbelief, a shadow approached my hour was near
To who did I owe this debt, may it be that Death is almost here?
Would this mean my life ends here? Was this all I held dear...
A glider of hope, my moment of fate
To ponder in silence to just lay awake
I know that am conscious I know that am here
But just one last question...was all this my fear?
Life & Death
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