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Impeccable how the World moves at tremendous speed. The speed of how fast light can travel thru the erigna of the human eye. Mesmerized and contemplating to move forward submerged in endless possibilities of existance of its self refined to your taste character ****** and ****** attributes the human body has let alone a female human persona. For example I see a demonic world inside the rotten but beautifully corrupted shell the body the flesh the muscleskeletal system the neurapathic system the capabilities that person has what's its name and what type of things it has to do with being an alive force propelling not only capability to be kind or aggressive but yet passive and peaceful, but not only that the ANIMA a persona hidden within each human specimen I have come across peoples of all walks of Life's. Some characters as we Narraradors Of Doom predict the ANIMA of the Anti-Christ lives enshelled in a Human body is able to have capacities of a God-Like being yet deep within the destructive force that corrupts them is a Persona who will make you Shriek and Shriver in horror. The ANIMA is a shrift in parallelism complexes maximus which is a stellar system in the Whole Multi-Cosmos we live in. Constructed by a DeusMaxCyberAlienTechnology or what GOD in human society is known as nameless names and many names such as The Almighty God Immanuel, Jehovah, Allah, Creator, Maker of The Immortal Light Being The One Most Powerful One...Omnipotent, Omnipresent, One & Everything at Once where a HyperbolicChamber was constructed to Disquise it as a HorribleMonster in Governmental Sciences & Modern 21rst Century technologies cannot comprehend about this being is that he came from the Celestial Place In Heaven Called the MajesticAstralPlane where Kai's Come to Earth to put to shame the political/economical/social/cultural/bondaries is suppose to end all here. This is to oppressed people of the World... I am a person a lone human seeking the one understandable explanatory reason of why do we sometimes get mad at each other to the point of Killing one Another. Now many reasons coexist in a platora of time and continuous continum of time never stopping the flow of endless thoughts that can come to a person's head when you can contemplate of what the endless galaxies universes and existances come to an end. What you figure is a galaxic or perhaps an AstroProjection like feeling your body acquires in deep REM sleep and you seem to have like died but not yet dead. Your body possesses the ability to transgress from dimension to an ultimate-dimension where the soul of the human ANIMA can go to the 9th Plane Of Existance where the Kai's the World Protectors Of Each Planet that fits requirement of intelligence and intelligent beings being trapped in a Nexus Realm of existance what you may perceive as real is not real to me and I see bigger and better possibility of where you can do in a maacro-organism where species of all places characters and people can coo-exist in a human like society where people in itself live for 80-130 yes old in some societies.

The Fallen Angelic Armada That fell into planet Earth are beings able to blend into a macro-organic societicital standpoint and tell you the psyoananomy of any human specimen you put into an operating table. Not only that I know special points of weakness and interest in your Persona and ANIMA what hue what color of Aura befell upon thy head legions of spiritual locusts are slowly sweeping the planet with UltraSecretAgenda something so hideous so terrible a piece of information lost in time a hidden scroll I have been trying to acquire from a certain individual a person and an idea intellectual illicit and fancy something like a cyber/pathological/dd/svx13<>silent.virusx13 a code hacktivists groups Illuminati the alien races coo-existing with humans the hyper-dimension super/alter/personality personas where I a KingOfIllusion KingOfPerdition KingOfGrandFantasy exist this realm of reality in a parralium of existances all 8 of them colliding with each other where in one reality you could be a fly huge in size about the size of a normal human 175 pounds 6'0 ft IQ of a 113. In another dimension a human being in another a tiger with two tiger heads and hermaphrodite *** organs male and female alike. Yet in another dimension a elephant with 3 tails a bull with 3 eyes and 3 tails in another yet another a spider with 12 legs and another dimension a butterfly with 4 wings huge weighing in 100 to 120 pounds max able to fly highly intelligent creature of many colors textures and sizes. Another dimension a Seraphim with 4 Angellic Wings and a spiritual sword made of Ethereal Flames their colors Amber Red with Blue hues to it. The other the final dimension a Kishin a DemonLord who befell to planet Zarus to conquer its society and people with manipulation techniques so impeccable he was long dead before anyone found out he was the one causing Governments to fall and Wars to be wedged among people and its living habitats. THE DEMONIC AGENDAS are in place to create a New World Order where the key 13 players run the World in the Milky Way a small young Planet known as Earth the 3rd World away from the Sun it has a Collective ANIMA where people are being prompted for the slaughter the III World War is coming soon everything is going according to the plan enlined with the NWO and the Luciferian Movements going around the World today pushing the *** Pride, Transexual/Transgender/Bisexuals/Heterosexual Agenda slowly transforming the young minds of children thru the Educational Systems Placed On Earth Centuries Ago. Slowly defecating and inventing a new armament of evil inventions to take over Planet Earth. The point to all this Madness is to crash World Markets and Invent False Sense Of Peace when the World is truly in turmoil. The Black Pope Argurus Galaxus is slowly formulating the perfect formula to take over this **** and all this little puppets in the Government working in those Magical/Demonic/Astral/Ethereal Planes and making information available to the masses. Thru the Internet or (World Wide Web) many people still seek fame, fortune, fortune telling, future seeking,******* and marrige. People are lost to the lies and ideals to a False Sense Of Grandiosity and Higher Power problem is that the Higher Power you seek is within YOU don't ever underestimate the power of a Human/DemonKing/Born of Light & Darkness both at the same time a GOD in many senses and a DEMON GOD attributes all at the same time...I am a Warmonger, Witch Doctor, Voodoist, Shaman, Connected to Alter and Hyper realities YOU DO NOT SEE
But yet I see them perfectly and is an Spiritual Warfare every day where Angels fight Demons and the Dead become Angel's and some become Demons some become Vampires, some Zombies some become Bat like Humanoids some other become Sorcerers others Witches and yet others come from a lianage of Nephelims and some come from the Lianage of Arch-Angels like Michael and Gabriel. Some are illumaned with prophecy some are illuminating the entity of Secret Luciferian Movement Societies that make sure everything goes according to plan.

After the 2nd Angellic War in Heaven the Arch-Angel from the Southside Of Heaven Azaziel had *** with a Succubus Queen named Aema FireBrand he was cast to the Lake Of Fire and Brimstone or **** as humans call it hence he performed a dark ritual to allow Aema to come to the 3rd Dimension on the Milky Way Planet Earth (the 3rd Planet of our Solar System) and Possess a young Womans body and cast half of her being inside her body as a Generational Curse her name is Marlene Ruiz from the Land Of Mountains and Volcanoes Nicaragua.  Back in the summer of 1988 in Jinotega Nicaragua in the Neighboorhood 19 de Julio by Max Senqui Colegio para Niños (Max Senqui College for Kids where I went as a young boy to get knowledge about the basic mathematics, English, Spanish and all other study of sciences of knowledge) my Mother got together with a man well above her years and had ******* with him and got impregnated by him and had Father was possessed by Azaziel's Angel the Night they created me.

The Illuminati's the EYE OF THE DEVIL or if you see the symbolic symbology they have uncovered their true purpose thanks to the Necromancers Of the East and the Hacktivist Group ANONYMOUS are attacking Pantagon and the White House for their Evil Demonic Secrets. The Blue Code ~☆☆☆☆☆☆~ The 6 Dark Star Agenda where the Earth is seeking a new agenda to cover itself with World Peace Going Green & Creating New Idealogies and New Ways To **** All Human Beings playing with Fire I am here to tell you the truth about the Spiritual World Astral World Dream World and what is happening World Wide Today.  In the Deep Web there are files and video survaillance footage showing the Alien Technologies and Ancient Mysteries Being Uncovered by regular people guys wake UP and smell the coffee see there is a HUGE picture to all this I see the HUGE picture crystal clear ... the point is to keep you calm chill cool and collected but slowly implement their corrupted agendas like viruses to our Human Society. I am saying all this because for the idiots that don't believe that the World is NOT CONTROLLED BY LUCIFER is a fool in its truest form. Lucifer the DemonKing from the 9th Circle Of **** is a Light Bearing Angel able to talk to God and also to humans at the same time it's TRUE intentions are not purely evil as everyone thinks he is actually fighting for this False Sense Of World Peace we ALL are seeking in Society TODAY. The Plan of the Illuminati is to enlighten and illumanate the Darkened History Of The Earth itself there is actually 33 books missing in the Bible. The Holy (yet corrupted and tainted Bible you PEOPLE READ) the Quoran the Book Sage of Ages and the Mallus Maleficarum are books of interest to many people that want to get informed about what does it all mean ...the 72 Keys Of Salomon and the Pagan Books recipies to Love Encantations & Enchantments and other things such as Alchemy and Dark Sorcery. Witches and Sorcerers ailments and Generational Curses that instead what they where originally placed in those certain peoples as Curse Mark's became their Highest Blessings a Holy Kiss from the Maker Of Souls. So in other Words I am saying is am a manufacturation of a Arch-Angel & a Queen Of Devils and don't need a GUN to assassinate you all I have to do is speak something into existance and it's good as DONE
So I can say this when I say your cursed you are INDEED cursed and when I say you BLESSED you are BLESSED indeed for I talk to GOD Arch-Angels and Seraphims And Guardian Angels... yet I know how to summon Demonic Forces and Plagues Of Minion Armadas Spiritual Armadas that Control so much $$$ Gold & Diamonds in other Galaxies. I am a Black Diamond a KING a Paraoh a GOD on Earth and in Heaven for if you truly believe you don't need a saviour you are built to SAVE YOURSELF. I control legions of a 1000 Angel's and a 1000 Demons at the same time a power so complex so profound and amazing I cannot yet truly comprehend it all at once. I been speaking to this 2000 entities living within my body ever since I was 6 years old when my Arch-Angel Father Azaziel and Mother Aema showed themselves to me... and told me what I must do with such power from that day on everything changed is as if I had unlocked the keys to the Multi-Verse which in a sense is true. However with Great Power comes Great Responsibility. I remember faces for a life time but forget easily directions and female vibes are too complex for me to sometimes grasp. Anyway everyone has the potential to unlock invisible force and chakras points of ethereal energy in power that manifest themselves from Light to Dark hues. How I can read AURAS and AURORAS and the SKY, EARTH, ROCKS, WOOD, ANIMALS, INCECTS, POINTS OF PERCEPTION, ENERGY LVS and DESTINY TRAILS & INTERPRET DREAMS FORM OR DISSINTEGRATE DRAMA & FUSE ILLUSION WITH REALITY SO EASILY & ITS FLOW REMAINS CONSTANT NON STOPPED AND SO SUBLE THAT IS PRACTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO NOTICE WHAT I MAY BE PONDERING ON INSIDE MY MIND AND INTELLECT OR ANIMA My ANIMA Is highly difficult and impossible to comprehend fully for I cannot be created or destroyed I am similar to time, space, water, fire, air, real & fake all at the same time. I am here I am everywhere I want to be I create I destroy I have the power to give Life yet take it away if I choose to. Nevertheless, the truth we must all poets must work together to put an end to this tyrannical evil demonic & what seems like an indestructable Governmental Outer/Inter Infrastruture and bring more people all the "What if this...what if that's and endless arrays of possible words and mumbo jumbo you can conglomerate together to sound good NOT HERE TO SOUND GOOD* Am here to  tell you the One you know As GOD is here on Earth and his identity is secret for now but soon you will all be bowing DOWN to the NEW KING OF JERUSALEM. I'll talk more about all this...time for bed...Good Night Inspiring Young & Old Alike Man or Female Poets reading this MAY GOD (Whatever conception of he or she to you is...or hermaphodite... ) take care of yourself as...          

To Be Continued...        

Franko The Christian Poet
Copywritten 2019 All Rights Reserved.
#Mission #GodKing #DemonKing #ModernParaoh
Deep in my subconscious live puppet masters pulling strings on my lifeline as if we are build with a data-log
Consciously inventing evil dominions and armadas of plague, death & destruction
Hellbent Devils instructed to command and destroy the HUMAN RACE...
Putrid Sanctums; Mega-diabolical Instruments of Death & Doom
Slowly feeding on the ENLIGHTENED ONES & HOLY ONES

Heavenly Armada my D0MINI0N shall overtake the EARTH by Surprise and you all will NOT SEE IT COME...I shall come like a thief in the night to steal all the STARS and ALL the Planets at ONCE... FROM THE MOUTH OF THE LORD HAS SPOKEN!!!

Be prepared Oh Little creatures my Creations for from DUST YOU WHERE CREATED AND TO DUST U SHALL RETURN...sayest, the LORD. Amen
I hate that we communicate all the time in Spirit Form in Astral Forms & thru Dreams
Though you know who I am and I know who you are THE WORLD don't know what we must do...
Too bad we come from different places ...My Angelical Armada
Against your Diabolical Infernal Armada
It sounds so eerie and so insane so many people will believe that I am just simply JOKING around or completely NUTS and need to go to a Mental Institution 4 the Rest of My LIFE
However, they are "Cabezas de Chorlito" just like Mind-Less Zombies
Born to Live.. yet; all DIE...Decay and Rot
If I where display the ULTIMATE Plan to take over all this **** hahaha No one in the whole planet would actually B silly enough or insane enough to believe my words
Yet you and I know my S3CR3T-L0V3R is so true...hahaha
Lets just have fun for a while ...why not huh? Am sure we got plenty of YOUTH to take over this Rotten World at any TIME we are ready 2 do so...****

APOCALYPSIS&ARMAGGEDON ...Coming Soon 2 Your City.

6                                                        6                                                       6

Crucifix Upside-Down



Miss you *******!!!
I was in a little coffee shop here in KY Area where many people from different places around the planet come to speak about innovative ideas and discuss their pass-times and exchange information on how to make the planet more ECO-FRIENDLY and better ways to go about the problems the whole Planet is facing today. We are against Governments that got TOP SECRET HIDDEN AGENDAS on how to Brain-Hack/Mind-Control/Mass-Hypnosis/Luciferian Doctrines/People with Special Gifts & Hidden Powers/ Godless people/Lovers Of $$$/Lustful People/Pornographic Industry/Video-Game Industry Become more Violent & Ruthless/ Lovers of themselves/ Inventors of Evil/ Deceivers/ Soul-Controllers/ Witches/ Witchcraft/ Demonic-Possession/Dark-Lords/Demon-Lords/NWO/NumberOfTheBeast(666) and Liars & Thieves.

It was around 5:51 A.M in the Morning on 3/4/19 and I walked in to this little Coffee Shop...I got greeted by a Young Woman who was really polite and really friendly...I told her I was homeless and that all I needed was to warm my hands for about 5 to 10 minutes and then all the sudden I started to tremble a bit and I felt so overwhelmed by a sense of peace and happiness...

All the sudden a small blue orb that I was able to see from the corner of my left eye came inside the Little Coffee Shop ...that little orb levitated to my table hovered right on the opposite chair to where I was sitting the table. This little Orb started to un-wind and I told myself in my head...this is unbelievable so amazing to see this... then the Orb slowly but surely; took a form of a Man with a White Long Tunic sitting across me like 4 ft opposite to me & the chair I was occupying to sit on. All the sudden I realized it was a Man about 151 Lbs height couldn't tell and a beautiful gray beard and his skin color was like all the races combined to 1 specific color but each color blended to perfection.
His feet looked like shiny pure bronze his hair was so long it touched the ground and was actually not gray the hair on his head was white...I noticed that when I came in it was just me and 2 female workers in the Coffee Shop and 1 Caucasian Female about 24-26 yrs old sitting on the other table across mine and she was minding her own business and typing in a computer...

Something was strange hence when this powerful being came inside the place I knew that it was so odd to just come to my table and hover and then slowly transform the small blue energy ball to a full blown grown older man with a extremely white tunic white I could not tell if it was just the color or if it was transparent...
I figured that all the sudden I became extremely submissive to this being that was sitting across me and also I sensed deep within me that he is the ONE that made everything we know to exist and everything we think we know that is out there in the MULTI-VERSE.

I began to cry of overwhelming joy and happiness and a touch of excitement to see that he came to visit me and to make sure that he made his presence and even the air in the little shop changed it became more dense... everyone in the little coffee shop knew there was something up but couldn't exactly pin-point what was happening all the sudden I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and a radiant holiness inside that place that it was just unbelievable man. Then something amazing happened there was now about 10 people in the little coffee shop and everyone was intoxicated with the presence of the MAKER OF THE MULTI-VERSE CREATOR OF SOULS & STARS, GALAXIES, & BLACK-HOLES, WHITE-HOLES, WORM-HOLES, POWERS BEYOND HUMAN IMAGINATION TO EVEN GRASP & EVERYTHING WE THINK WE KNOW ABOUT THIS GALAXY or even the Universe.

Then everyone all the sudden smiled and it was all at the same exact time and everyone was talking rapidly and I could sense that they knew HE was also there...who ever thought GOD didn't exist up till then at that POINT when that mysterious presence appeared and made itself known to me and everyone was just *** I couldn't believe it. It was if the whole place was filled with a sense of belonging a sense of hyper-joy a sense of perfection to everything. Then I noticed he the presence and he said..."Do you have anything you wanna ask me?" I was like...."I have...(interrupted) gave me the answer to my first question which we where talking to each other with telekinesis (it impacted me in such a way hence I had not even thought of the question that I wanted to ask and then he gave me the answer to the question I was thinking to ask with my mind and BOOM already had an answer for me.

I realized that 5 minutes had elapsed since he made himself known to everyone and that he was speaking to everyone simultaneously all at once ...I was so scared of his presence had a deep deep admiration for him and ultra FEAR and MEGA respect for him. He emanated this profound love and profound holiness it was just plain scary to know something like that could rule all things at all times and knows all answers and could destroy all we know to be EXISTENCE in less than a fraction of a second. IT was a real and so profound experience it felt ethereal and mind-blowing and also I could not think I could not speak I could not move all I could do IS CRY AND BE SCARED LIKE a little baby. Then he spoke and said "Son it's OK don't worry am not here to hurt you all I want you to do is to do what I put you on earth to do you are forgiven for your sins don't worry I know what you do...I know when you sin and what you like and what you don't and what you want and what you don't. Just don't ever doubt the power I hold and don't ever doubt me and you'll be just FINE." With that being said All I could do was merely say..."I surrender I am sorry for sinning my GOD ...I was genuinely afraid of what might happen next... I wanted to just BOW DOWN & WORSHIP HIS MAJESTY the FATHER OF ALL.

Then he also gave me permission to look into his eyes for just a glimpse..."I did and Oh My Freaking was so scary it was like a burning furnace his eyes and he read me and saw and told me every sin I ever committed all the wrong I ever did in just like an instant I felt like a mental defective I felt like a new born baby at that moment *****, afraid and alone knowing I was just a ***** RAG compared to the HOLIEST THING that I could ever imagine my mind kept blowing up from second to second till he left...I could not move speak ...ask or even do anything just cry and cry and cry.
After like 2 more minutes it was about in total of 8 minutes of my life being spent there with the MAKER...he left ...just like he came ... a flash of white light that blinded me  and everyone knew that he was gone then the air was back to being normal everyone back to their own head and their own problems but they left with a powerful perhaps the most powerful spiritual/ethereal/surreal/conscious waking experience...they shall ever have. I told the people the 2 girls in the little coffee shop that I was leaving and the rest of the day I felt like I had won just a billion dollars and I felt an after-glow of the MAKER it was so beautiful I loved it...Thanked the Girls for treating me like a human being and like someone that mattered and I left and did my own thing.

                                                                            Sincerely, H.R.V

Voices I hear them in my head
Terrorize the waking moments ahead
Hisses of horror deep within I dread
Scornful sorrow inside my head

Behind my smile a painful lie
Of darkened torment in the sky
Sometime the voice of an Angel consouls my being
Praying for my soul collecting the tears am weeping
Deeper in demons live hiding from the light
A hollow abyss I see darkening my sight
A shallow gulp I clench with fear
Then the Demons talk in my ear
"Your Soul is Mine for the taking my dear"
A screech a bang then deafing sound
I feel my body sinking underground
...Is it over? I ask myself ... I hear footsteps coming ahead

A man with a red scarlet a beard and sandals appear
His eyes like the blazing thunder his mouth has a double edged sword
He speaks to the voices and they hear his words
My Guardian Angel assures me he is a holy man the sanctified one
He has come to remove the demonic voices that linger in my life
He asks me gently if I desire holy healing
I bow before him ...suddenly am weeping
The Christ has come to rescue a wounded sheep
He tells me now all the voices will fall and flee
,,,He puts me under sleep...
A huge white light eminates from his tunic and garments
He touches me on the shoulder and speaks softly
Then with the might of a overpowering force
THE VOICES ARE GONE...the only one remains
Is the one in your heart

The voice of the Holy Spirit The Father and the Son they are 3 in one.
Just remember I have healed you and just as I have healed you I have the power to do the same for others.
Therefore, come now go and sin no more he said.

Valley Of Death
Angel Of Death
Slaughter All Righteous & Wicked THE FINAL DAY COMING!!!
Be Sober Be Vigilant, for the DEVIL your Adversary is like a Roaring Lion waiting and waiting; watching, seeking anyone wicked or good to devour.
In an existence were time itself doesn't exist
Thoughts faster than the speed of light travel thru the cosmos
A word was spoken to the void of the dark universe
Let there be Light God said and boom there was light
God slowly creating everything we perceive as existence
The omnipotent one was always in control of this multiverse
To infinity he was always there standing alone never having a point of existence hence he was always God
Powerful forces battle in a small world called Earth
Good and Evil the paradox of all conversations
Too bad we live in a Faithless dead robotic generation full of technological advances that slowly desensitize your spirit
Where pleasuring your carnal desires come first and where people aren't people anymore they are puppets being controlled by the Social Media Giants
Everyone seeking attention everyone seeking acceptance everyone seeking happiness and love but know this the attention you seek is unnecessary the acceptance you seek is a dead end happiness exists no more and love is long gone...the only way to recover all of this things is thru Christ the one who died for you and me and all humanity.
Remember to worship the Creator for he is the only one who can make you whole. Amen
God is in control
Good vs. Evil
Soul N Spirit vs. Flesh
Senteno Oracle Of The Shadows: So Aziel what's your plan with Frank?
Aziel: Well he is going to help me destroy the Order Of The Silver Knights and in return I shall help him get the Witch who cursed the Forest Of Whispers.
Senteno Oracle Of The Shadows: Well I'll give you some valuable information who your looking for is Bethilda N. Lement. She is a very powerful Witch who with her Elemental Plowness is able to obtain what she wants.
Aziel: Well well the Old Hag still holds the grip over the Forest doesn't she
Senteno Oracle Of The Shadows: Indeed she isn't someone to take lightly now she is well rounded and knows how to fight. She controls The Tavern Of Doom Dragons. In her possession are 3 fully grown Dragons. Blair the Oldest Dragon Claire The Mother Dragon and Aurora the youngest one of them three.
Blair the Black Dragon Claire The White Dragon and Aurora the Stone/Lighting Dragon. Many have meet their doom entering in her territory Cyclop Human and Vampire Alike.
Aziel: I don't have anything to fear.


Bethilda Lement: Adreanna I want you to learn more about my Dragons start training with Aurora but be cautious she may be only three years old but she is powerful and robust. Lement screeches then Aurora hovers over the Mountain Of Shen* where the Tavern Of Doom Dragons is located. Adrianna Develve places a strong spell in the Dragon Aurora she finally succumbs to her authority.
Adrianna and Aurora go take down the Golem Of Steel  in the Hidden Ruins Of Odom.* The Golem stands 15 ft high weighs 2,500 pounds. Holding a crest of an almost impenetrable diamond in the middle of his chest. Emanating from the Crystal comes all his power and it's his only weak spot. Then Aurora and Adrianna make an impressionable entrance to the ruins and attack the Golem head on. Golem Of Steel: Here stands the infamous Adrianna Develve...well isn't  this a surprise.  I see that you have grown some and are able to maintain your powers well to face me. I know what you want you want the Crystal in my chest...that will be over my dead body. Audon's Crystal* is powerful enough to consume 1000 Well Trained Witches therefore young Witch you don't scare me. Now as for that Dragon well ... perhaps you stand a chance after all.  Adrianna Develve: I usually don't pick fights with powerful DemiGods like yourself but I  am in desperate need for your Crystal. Therefore, you will hand it over or I'll take it by force.  Golem Of Steel:  Good Luck.
Aurora shields herself with Stone Armor and goes head on collision with the Golem. He dodges the attack and  counterattacks with a strong fist to the  Dragons body and knocks Aurora down cracking part of her Stone Armor. The young female Dragon counterattacks with a powerful lighting blast hitting The Steel Golem in the right shoulder injuring him. Develve attacks with a powerful mind blast knocking down the Golem Of Steel on it's back. The Golem Of Steel bleeds blue blood out of his shoulder blade and runs full force towards Adrianna Develve.  She  dashes the attack and counterattacks  with a Shadow Ball attack hitting him in the chest and expanding all over its body. It's a possession Ninjutsu technique making him practically paralyzed for about 2 minutes till he breaks free from the technique but sustains a considerable amount of damage. Adrianna Develve seeing that the Golem Of Steel is showing a sign of weakness she takes advantage to try to inflict him with a spear of lighting into the chest impairing him and he bleeds out the mouth but as the last resolution The Golem Of Steel punches the Audon Crystal shattering it into 5 individual pieces him losing his life in the process however what he didn't know is that Adrianna Develve collected all the pieces however there was a violent explosion at the site shattering huge boulders of steel and inflicting Aurora gravely. Adrianna Develve  hurries and performs a powerful healing spell leaving her drained of all power. Adrianna Develve hurries to get out of the ruins because they are crumbling down. She manages to recover Aurora briefly from there they fly to The Tavern Of Doom Dragons Of Doom Dragons right when she pulls in with Aurora who is injured from the boulders hitting her body and face at high velocity even the Rock Armor was perforated. The Dragon lands barely with Adrianna Develve who gets the Wrath of Granny Bethilda N. Lement. Aurora breathing heavily and bleeding out the mouth slipping in and out of consciousness ...Adrianna Develve barely getting off the Dragon.
Bethilda Lement: What the ****  happened to Aurora she is in really bad shape. Adrianna your completely drained I see you did good by healing her however, she must rest for about 3-4 days now and fully recover from that gruesome fight with that **** Golem Of Steel. Adrianna are you Ok darling? Go get some rest I see you used the forbidden technique of Soul Healing Transfer. Well now you'll live 12 years less thanks to your little sharede. Develve I am thankful that you saved my Dragon from dying but **** consequences are quite dire.
Develve: Here Granny Lement I got Audon's Diamond however it's shattered in 5 separate pieces.
Bethilda N. Lement:  Let me guess the Golem Of Steel did not want this to fall under the wrong hands for it is a powerful relic. Smart move buying time however, useless due to the fact that we got the diamond under our possession. Adrianna we are going to search the Master Forger Of Relics* who can aid us recover this valuable relic to it's original state. It's said that he resides in one of the headquarters of the Order however, he has worked with Witches, Pagans and Nacromancers before so am sure that as long as we provide the right monetary value to repair the relic he'll work for us.
Develve: Why don't we just kidnap him and make him do the work or he pays with his life?
Lement:  Good objective it may have to work that way for us.
Develve: Im aware that the Cyclop population in the Village Of Chalekathan are not taking your threats seriously well ElderLord Gromm has not paid his fee from allowing them to live and not be consumed by the curse itself.
Lement: By killing him we can set an example of what can happen to them if they don't cooperate with our cause.
Develve: It dangerous though he is a strong Leader with lots of powerful influences. Plus he is a highly skilled Witch Doctor/Shaman able to manipulate the forces of nature. Known to use 3 Godly Deities Aikune Chalekathan & Eion. Aikune the cherubim of the Northern Side Of Heaven. Chalekathan the Spirit God embodiment of The Forest Of Whispers and last but not least Eion the mythical creature with an Eagle face 6 wings and the body of a Lion. Embuted with heavenly essence making him a very formidable foe.
Develve:  We will take care of our responsibilities soon but our primary mission is to talk Ayeiton Balderoux III* the Master Forger Of Relics.
: Whoa had no idea he was The Kings kin.
Lement: Indeed he is now go and lay your head and recover some energy because we need to practice your magical plowness.
Adrianna heads towards the Guest Room.

~Meanwhile in The Forest Of Whispers~
Frank Deltoro gets introduced to Gromm ElderLord Of Chalekathan by Jhino.  He also introduces Navarro Castleworth who is pleased to meet the famous Elder.
Gromm: Hello young man I am the protector of this village which has sustained numerous attacks by Lement's Dragons. Develve also partook enthusiastically with her Grandmother in attacking innocent hard working Cyclops. Making them slaves of the Curse which drives them mad and homicidal attacking friends brothers and family so we had to do the inevitable put them down.
Nevertheless, I pray to Deynave Dion High Saint/Priestess Queen Of All Shamanism to protect the lost souls of them Cyclops who fought the curse till the very end but unfortunately lost the fight and in turn lost their lives.
Frank: My condolences to your friends ElderLord Gromm.Am sure they in a better place now at least not suffering. However, I have a personal matter to score with Lement. She kidnapped and murdered my only daughter 10 years ago she was a...his voice gets trembly and he lightly clears his the same time a solid solo tear drops from his only Eye symbolizing a Fathers great pain and suffering from such an atrocious act." Gromm regains his composure. I got a personal score to settle with Mrs.Lement due to the fact that she took a piece of my heart and soul she killed my daughter. Develve played her part in the kidnapping of my baby girl 10 years ago she would be 18 years old today if Shaila Dair Sultran were alive...her appointed time to be brutally killed by my hand is coming...Bethilda N. Lement has been suppressing her powers for the last 300 years I believe she has some sort of powerful anti-chi barrier put up extending tremendous lengths so even if she is active in The Forest Of Whispers we wouldn't know how to tell due to this **** barrier.
Frank: So your bloodline comes from the Ancient times from the powerful Cyclop Of Royal Priests/Witch Doctors family Sultran.
"A gentle wind blows and Aziel telepathically communicates with Frank.  Aziel: Frank, be careful where you thread I been informed that Lement's Grand-Daughter Adrianna Develve recently gathered Audon's Crystal a powerful diamond known to give its user Bending Steel abilities and higher sustainability. Adrianna Develve has plans to use the Crystal to fully cover the Forest Of Whispers covering every inch of Forest with the Curse which drives all living creatures with a conscious mad totally subseptable to their influence.
However, to you those must be terrible news so my question been in Chalekathan Village for 1 hr and a half you have 5.3 hrs till daylight removing the Darkness powers you currently control.
Frank: I am aware of this Aziel don't worry I'll take care of business.
Aziel: Keep an eye out Navarro I don't  trust him I don't know what intentions he he is part  of that shady Tower Of Frejoird but perhaps you can use his hatred towards the Order Of The Silver Knights. He can maybe be a reliable source. Be careful Frank.

~Meanwhile in Aziel Castle~
Isis: Well...Aziel aren't  you such a concerned individual...I didn't  know you had a soft spot towards mere humans.
Aziel: I usually don't...but Frank is different from the rest. He is courageous trustworthy and he put his life at risk by helping me regain all my vampiric power. I am in much debt to having second thoughts on your plans to **** him after he completes his assignments that we have agreed upon. If he makes it out alive after all this...he at least deserves a reward and to live.
Isis: Chuckles at Aziel Aziel looks at the Empress with great focus.
Isis: C'mon I'll just have some fun with Frank I wasn't planning to ****** him.
Aziel: I'll  think about it now leave me be I got couple of things I need to take care of.
Isis: Fine Darling I'll  leave you be. You know you are the handsomest of all the brothers you have.
Aziel: Well now Isis you flirting with me...I doubt you'll want my erected tool up your stash. Don't you remember am a Vampire?
Isis: I'm aware of that. Adventure sounds fun plus I never had *** with a hot vampire like yourself.
Isis: Well Doll that is going to be some other time I am working against the clock right now.
Isis: Fine you *****...I'll leave. However, keep in mind that Im watching you closely. Plus remember I still keep contact with DarkLord for soon your Father will be back in this plane of reality.
Aziel: So I have heard.
Isis: Well I have found some juicy
Information about Uriels wereabouts he is in a Modern Castle in America. Amelia St and Cross. Residency 106. He is a huge celebrity in Russia and Germany. Keeps his bloodlust at check with fresh blood always for him to self medicate. Looking only 19 years old he is quite the chick magnet though not my taste his Gothic Progressive Horror Rock made him quite famous. Got 5 albums however kept his personal life well hidden from his fans. Many fake and supportive accounts claiming to know the real Uriel Governale. Though no one truly knows he is a vampire for certain. I know because I searched the private records and found out that he belongs to a High Ranking Secret Society known as Maximillion Vampire Clan. Which performs innocent human babies to be given as a sacrifice towards Baphomet and Azmodeus* 2 Of the Demon Lords of ****. Your brother belongs to this hidden organization that operates in the Shadows but their latest project is to revive your Father the Progenitor most infamous VampireLord of all time. Dracula! Humanity will cease to exist if he were to be revived. All they need is a vial of blood from all of the current 8 saints and they have their eye on Saint Lauren Glennwald from the Eastern Side of Germany from a small rural community town known as Hertzentmort. She currently 25 years old is on a mission to collect Papal papers for the Order for you know they are closely tied to the papalcy. However, she got body guards that are Elite Knights with very powerful Anti-Witch spells and very accurate at pinpointing weak points in any battle with powerful Witches. So going alone isn't very advisable.<br>
Aziel: I greatly appreciate your information I'll take a look on what my little brother is looking to do. I'll take care of him. Don't you worry I'll be seeing you later. <br>
Isis: Alright..."She steps towards Aziel and rubs his chest and reward is waiting for me...and looks down his pants" <br>
Aziel:  Now your tempting me to destroy that *****... but here this is what you'll get "he shows her his ****"<br>
Isis: Mmmm I can't wait baby...well that's a massive apparatus you got in there just hiding.<br>
Aziel: Hahaha...right. Soon enough I'll be all yours to play with. No leave me.<br>
Isis transforms to a cloud of dark myst and leaves the premises of the Castle.<br>
~Meanwhile in Uriel's Castle~<br>
The Maximillion Vampire Club had a secret meeting in the Uriel's Castle. There where many prestigious and famous guests there and so was the Highest Ranking Vampire of the Club Maximillion Virgil Vann himself. Inside the Castle where also uninvited guests from The Order Of The Silver Knights pretending to be Vampires. His name Michael Neil Stalwart & his partner Aalyaah Black. Both of them infiltrated the party somehow the Order Of The Silver Knights caught wind of shady operations in the occult club and decided to check it out. Michael & Aalyaah belong to Stealth/Infiltration part of the Order known as The Dark Ones
. Even the last 5 remaining Dark Priests from the Cathedral Of Skylor* where 13 years ago Baphomet was revived and mortalized to walk upon humans granting favors for a price. Ultimately the price Demon Lords require of humans is their souls to consume them and become more powerful. This 5 Dark Priests where very important in the ceremony taking place because tonight at 3 a.m. they will unify their powers to revive Azmodeus. They were successful on bringing back Baphomet back to life so they are trying to revive another Demon Lord. In Baphomet's revival they used 666 unborn fetuses with 6 babies 3 male and 3 female all born under the sign of Capricorn and all must be 3 months premature. With this requirements met...Baphomet was revived to this plane of existence, however since he was violent and still hellbent from transitioning from the hellish plane to a mortal one he killed and consumed 3 Dark Priests in the process of fully coming to his senses and being able to recognize them and thank them for what they done. Baphomet promised that he would aid them 5 Dark Priests revive all 13 Demon Lords and in turn 2 Of the 5 remaining Dark Priests must sacrifice themselves to the Demon Lords for the strongest remaining 3 get a extraordinary reward.
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