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LC Apr 2
as I'm living in my peaceful world,
an unfamiliar person enters.
he looks small from where I am.
"it looks like he's glaring at me."
"he seems like a bad person."
"I'm way better than him."
the thoughts hit the ground
as solid, heavy bricks,
and my heart pounds in response.
more bricks form a disjointed wall.
I step on the bricks as I climb.
I peek at him over the top
as he approaches the wall.
I notice his soft, kind eyes,
and his soul warms me up.
I slowly descend the wall. 
the bricks start to fall,
landing right behind us.
my heart stops pounding,
and it gently whispers,
"those bricks never fit together."
I give him a tender hug,
and I let him into my heart.
#escapril day 1!
stephannie Feb 27
as the lid is slowly pulled off the jar,
murmurs became deafening; near and far.
some claims it to be salt, but i barely believed,
for what i got was sugar; white and sweet.

with its superfine bits brushing through my fingers,
even the slightest swatch, for years it lingered.
no doubt, it was sugar indeed.
so delicate, everyone wanted a grip.

and perhaps, if salt was somehow lost and trapped,
in the wary gentle touches of white,
it neither overcomes nor overwraps,
the very sweetness that reigned all this while.

in this series of vulnerable thoughts,
brought about by the emotions made felt,
it was realized that the ones cautious of salt,
just denied seeing the sugar for themselves.
you're allowed to be both
Denise Egan Jan 21
I am just one of millions,
Seemingly identical from afar,
Crisp and uniform, like a freshly pressed shirt,
Up close I am different,
One petal less, one petal more, perhaps a different shade of white.
We blanket the earth, swaying together in the breeze. An ocean of white ripples,
Individually we crash against one another, just as waves do against a jagged cliff,
Pushed! Shoved, in the same direction by the unforgiving and relentless wind.

You gaze upon us, browsing like a happy shopper,
Your shadow blocks the light; engulfing me like a hungry toddler,
Aware of the inevitable I brace myself, praying that I am not next
Preying that in your eyes I am unworthy of your attention,
But then you do it, you swoop down,
Plucking me from my roots. Cutting my ties to this earth.
Slowly I am examined,
He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not,
This tortuous game of chance induced by boredom strips me of myself!
Then its over, you have been amused and now I am left bare,
Laying on the dirt; left to slowly decay while you run off,
Looking for your next victim.
I wonder who is the wolf and who is the sheep
Appearances are superficial
while traits are deep

I wonder if the predator can actually become  the prey
Pick your words wisely
They will bite you back someday
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
Dylan McFadden Nov 2020
Death was once my
Greatest fear,
Though life was filled
With sorrow –

Attended with
So many
Ills, and darker
Still tomorrow...

I knew if I
Were to Escape,
My soul,
I couldn’t save!

Because this ill
Within would sink
Me lower than
The Grave

A poem of a sad, sin-burdened man before he met his Savior.
Hammad Oct 2020
No matter how satisfactory
Your explanation is
It wouldn't matter
You have already been judged
Creux Oct 2020
Things were made in a way, for a way
With a purpose behind
But not everything could stay in such way
Even though, it tried

Think of how people would react if the sun cries
They'd say, "Oh, no! That should be rain.
You must shine."

Life is exactly like that
It can always go too far
Show them who you're not
And they won't care who you are

When you try to be perfect,
they tell you you're just trying
And when you try to be yourself,
they put your actions into questioning

Things are made in a way, for a way
with purpose behind
but what if in such way,
it gets swallowed by it's mind?
Rolloroberson Oct 2020
Harsh geographical tongues,
Set up against the asphalt gleaming in the bright light,
The A Crowd betwixt and between- efforting that cool knowing stance to cover the fear reeked knee **** bloodthirst their inadequacy always spawned.
The B Crowd simpers aghast at what unconscious desires to adopt the life husk of burned out hucksters has wrought.
The sentimental inspector dutifully tweaks the scales so we all have a tighter grasp on true value.
Postscript: Lord grant me the grace to disguise the portentous notions that I am anything other than what I pretend to be...

[Rolloroberson copyright 2020]
A flood of information late in the night
Carlo C Gomez Aug 2020

This, a final offering,
before the clipping of wings.
A love like blood,
oh anathema.
A grey declined to black,
oh herem.

It means salvation
knelt with darkness.


So it be!
So it be!
So it be!

Ring the bell,
close the book,
blow out the candle.

Douse the sacred sun
and find belief caught in fishermen's nets.


In silence of angels,
climbing broken ladders,
no ascent, no longer.

Salvation has
knelt with darkness.
Michael R Burch Aug 2020
by Michael R. Burch

When I am lain to rest
and my soul is no longer intact,
but dissolving, like a sunset
diminishing to the west ...

and when at last
before His throne my past
is put to test
and the demons and the Beast

await to feast
on any morsel downward cast,
while the vapors of impermanence
cling, smelling of damask ...

then let me go, and do not weep
if I am left to sleep,
to sleep and never dream, or dream, perhaps,
only a little longer and more deep.

Published by Romantics Quarterly and The Chained Muse. This is an early poem from my “Romantic Period” that was probably written in my late teens. Keywords/Tags: death, eternity, eternal rest, sunset, west, demons, beast, judgment, sleep, dream, nightfall, night, throne, vapor, vapors, impermanence
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