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Mrs Anybody Jan 2020
I have to
get rid
of thoughts
that I can't even
tell my best friends

that's why
the moon
is one of my
most trusted ones
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G Jan 2020
Your fingers caress my face
As I rest my cheek in your palm
I can feel the blood rushing back in
As if this was the signal to feel alive again

The beating of our hearts become louder
Until it drowns out everything around us
Is this what home feels like?

You grab my chin and tilt my head upwards
Until our eyes meet
Your eyes are low,
Your eyes are *****

You pull me in and kiss me deep
I wrap my arms around your neck
As my legs become weak
Is this what passion feels like?

Two bottles of wine in and           
Fear is completely out the window
As I allow my body to finally take over
ok okay Jul 2018
Isolation and quietness are my two best friends
They never leave me
They don’t betray me
And they do not care
Isolation helps me think and comprehend reality
Isolation does not sleep and never decides to leave me
Isolation eliminates my pressures and anxieties
Isolation helps me relax and breathe
With isolation who needs real friends?
Quietness comes and goes but never decides to leave me
Quietness helps me sleep at night and stays with me till the morning
Quietness lets me focus and takes away my fears
Quietness is always trustworthy and is right around the corner
With quietness who needs real friends?
Isolation and quietness are always there for me
They never leave me
They don’t betray me
And they do not care
My two best friends never change and are always there for me
With isolation and quietness who needs real friends?
Second poem I wrote. Hope you guys liked :)
Deception mistaken for protection.
 Oh so naive.
Unwittingly taking fiction as gospel, wholeheartedly, they believe.
The art of lying, simply unable to conceive.

In these formative years, all the elders did was sugarcoat.
 Upon uncovering the truth.
They realize all that they've been fed is poison, slowly, it has been secreted.
 Down their throat.
 Cruelly cheated.
The innocence of youth.
(C) 2015
Angel Mar 2016
An invisible,
unfathomable feeling.
I wish to have it
I wish to give it,
but sadly I cannot find it
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