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Katie Nicole Nov 2014
my heart is empty
my lungs are burdened
my happiness is gone for now

my eyes miss their sparkle
my cheeks long to smile, but
my mind forgot how
Katie Nicole Oct 2014
why don't we
just curl up together
in the soft blankets of my bed
we'll shut out the world
and all of its harm
and be cozy together instead
Katie Nicole Oct 2014
your heart breaks in two
mine is crushed by its pieces
let's start rebuilding
Katie Nicole Aug 2014
humans everywhere
only one is meant for me
what horrible odds
hopefully the right one can be found
Katie Nicole Aug 2014
you, old friend, have lost yourself
all life has left your eyes

your emotion is gone
your passion - gone

when i left, did your life leave too?
Katie Nicole Aug 2014
leave behind so much
when we start an adventure
hoping for better
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