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I place my empty vessels with the King.
Once filled with longing, sentiment and pride,
they sated no one’s thirst, though ego tried—
sin, disappointment, sorrow, hurt ’t would bring.
Knowing devilish poison these contained,
reminded old, dead dregs drained from each spout,
all sediment’ry visage I poured out
of Dionysian wine heartstrings had feigned.
Now in God’s presence, as He cleans smeared crocks
from motives, meanings, memories of words
and clears my mind from myths’ entangling cords,
a tale-abating door behind me locks.
I’m freed! The Gospel story’s what I’ll tell
and offer Living Water from Christ’s well!
Desire Apr 18
healed the sick,
helped the hopeless and helpless,
freed the oppressed and possessed,
and forgave, of sinners, their sin.

taught truth; made miracles;
saved souls; scoured sin;
daringly died; defeated death;
radically rose; returned to life.
Alive, he ate, and showed his face;
Five-hundred eyewitnesses - there was
no debate.

ascended to Heaven;
and is approaching again;
This Divine-Manifest, God-become-flesh;
This Ransom-Redeemer, sacrificial Savior;
This Risen-Rescuer; eternally crowned
Creator-King; rightly reigning; readily returning;
This living and loving Lord; caring and compassionate Counselor; justly, Justifier and Judge;

This is… Jesus…
Marilyn O Jan 2021
One of the purest source of joy,
I athirst more and more.

Comforts the broken hearted
And instills unseen relief to their broken hearts.

Of every being, young and old,
You enchant and render merry.

Your worth is spoken from every mouth,
The sweetness and meaning you add to life.
I can't emphasis enough, but Good music is "Food for the Soul"
Randy Johnson Sep 2020
Gospel Music is fantastic music because it praises God.
When it comes to Gospel Music, it's something to applaud.
Anything is good if it praises the Lord.
When it comes to God, he should be adored.
Gospel Music is incredible music and that's a fact.
It's awesome and that's a statement I won't retract.
James Sep 2020
Depression at its finest,
from the darkness ever shineth.
Save me now O my God;
Jesus, my King, here I stand.
If this Your punishment be,
I willingly accept with glee.
If this be of the serpent wee,
O Lord deliver me!
God, I've sinned.
A seed has rooted deep within!
Your chastisement Lord,
of love it is; I'm in accord.
Perhaps not over but bring me through,
Up from the bottom of the cold, deep blue...
Repentance is daily. Turn your face to the Lord and bow your heart at His cross. Rejoice! He is the great Deliverer! Up from the grave rose Jesus Christ! There is victory in our Lord of lords.
Emmanuel Davies Sep 2020
The Gospel preaches no condemnation
But of indisputable love
Why fright?
Emmanuel Davies Sep 2020
The beauty of it
The world I tell you
In the last days
When I shall cease
No more to be
But caught up with him
In the firmament

When I shall no longer
By my sins be judged
Nor condemned by my wrongs
But be tested in fire 🔥
My service to Him
In order for the gospel to go it also must come.

come Jesus come.
go Gospel go.
Ken Pepiton Jul 2020
Quiet, or you miss the promise kept
by we, the people who hold the yesmen in chains egon-wize

Cuomo Opens Poetic Door Looses Zeitgeistical Cult of QAnon

everybody wants your vote, nobody wants to read my ****

so if you do you could be like so
this is easy,
we have taken every test,

passed all the rituals, learned the steps to the rose dance
morphing from the lilac dance which is longer

in the years when the manzinita shed
more bark to make the fiber for the best baskets ever tested
being relative you perceive in as, as in may be the global brain is
friendlier than the kids in the 1950's happy days,
could imagine after they wore the tie

yeah we just missed that, my generation,
barely missed disco, too.

beat the rap, survived the crap, got old on rumors of war.

Huawei, wu wu wu wei we go,
peace versus war...

who one last time? What are the odds?
There is a flood in Bangladesh,
Warholian fame,
back up to 3 centuries
must be the melting of the ice. Who is making this
seem life-like,
as real as any vision in any kiva, vista vision, without which

internet of things

my people perish, and I am at the white page, once more
turning to the business page
three of the world's biggest banks set aside, as in, did not count
as profit,
just in case. Eh. We qui quinonaqanonic grain eaters,
we set a scene, the stage
observed off stage, obscene as you know,

when you see it it is as if you are here, in the book of life
where you witnessed all the evil any one like you could do

if you had your own way, you coulda been Besosaurus, or Sam,
but you went walkabout
and now you say

you learned how peace is made, while being good for nothing.

Ironmanmeyes yesyses I said, while being, actually being virtually
as any deed you wisht you did, but did ent, earily close
missed still counts, you fired,
you pulled the trigger on the trap you set and Broncos are back,

life goes on, the richer are as rich as ever and the hermits
are as happy as they ever wished to be

Cuomo is a graphic artist, a meme maker,
who new a lysurgic imitation

deny my power? Fool. Raca-ist, too. Dimensional missed shifter

making some old lies do double time,
the center cannot hold,
Cuomo is a zeitgeistic antenae in radiolandmentis psiscience-osis.

Any idea can be a plague these days. Give 'er a go.

Antediluvian condition, sayzz the New York Times, cut the drip
drip drip
bene fits as we approach 6% solution,

with full disnification in the internet of things allowed.

Tinker bell may be the voice in your GPS if you can imagine
Suzie Creamcheese dating me and being
the operator who once connected me to you

we were walking to chicago, remember?

"On the far end of the trail of tears." today, a native son
sang of a promise kept,

and here we sang along, before we knew he sang, we knew the song.
Good news, on the whole
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