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For3ver Feb 9
She lying on the floor gaspin for air
Her killer lookin over without a care
Laughin as he looks at her ****
Caused by the messy bullet that turned her brain to mash
Droppin a cigarette on her body and walks away
News cameras flashin her face
Uncle finds out and sees through the light
Girl he raised her entire life
Blood turns cold and he starts to think
What could he have done? He starts to think
God reminds him it isnt his burden to bare
The church taught him to forgive
Momma told him lifes not fair
Grabs the peice in his drawer and starts to swear
"Ima get that *******, god i know youre there
Help me catch him, he deserves to die. Nobody shoulda touched her" he starts to cry
God awnsers back, it is only a sigh
One of his children blinded with rage, a new chapter in his life.
The lonely uncle travels far in between, lookin for the monster sayin "how could he **** what was like a daughter to me"
She awnsers in heaven above, saying "why would he do this" givin god a shove
God awnsers back "my child will anything for what he loves"
"but it is my fault, i did him wrong, it is my fault i had boughten the drugs"
"yes my daughter but i built him with emotions only he can understand"
"but it is no longer about me, he is blinded with rage, this is not going to end well and will only blow in his face"
"yes my child but it is how it must be, the devil is inside him, he must be freed"
"THEN FREE HIM" she shouts
God doesnt awnser, only seeing the uncle attached with the devil like a cancer
The uncle walks into a bar, a sketchy man had told him this was the spot
The killer sits on table top bar stop
He takes a stool and knocks it on the mans head
The man stumbles back, his mouth with a grin
They go at it, fighting and fighting until the nights light start flashing orange and bright
The uncle catches and ties him up
Takes out the same .45 he kept on his belt
Shinning in the light, he sees a face
His neice telling him "dont do it, it is not your burdon to bear, you will suffer the consequences if you continue to dare"
The uncles starts to cry, right then and there, right on the scene, not knowing what was about to happen his finger pulls the trigger, the bullet gone through clean.
He breaks down starting to cry, lights flashing, his life flashes before his very eyes.
Hes put into cuffs, his life sworn away.
The judge has a hard time setting a scentence that day
He wonders if it was worth it, all the lights of his life turn gray
God not letting go of his stray
The cycle never ends, in the words of ye "both sides lose someone, somebody dies somebody goes to jail"
No one ever forgets the pattern of love that curropts a soul, never to be returned a loved one is passed
Into the arms of loved one of the past
Passed into the hands of god, no one succeeds, no one is freed, no one is ever satisfied with their greed
The greed to **** or the greed to avenge, is there really a difference if one can not make amends?
That is a question that must be asked, before you give your life as another body of a loved one is turned to ash.
Haylin Feb 1
"...The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work."
~ 1 John 3:8

"...people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment..."
~ Hebrews 9:27

"But God demonstrates His own love for us in this:
While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."
~ Romans 5:8

"When Jesus spoke again to the people, He said, 'I am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness,
but will have the light of life.'"
~ John 8:12
You don't have to be a believer to understand.
I take no comfort
In anything apart from
My rest in Your arms
O, weary heart, draw near
Cast ev’ry sorrow, hurt, and fear  
Upon the Prince of Peace
The Shepherd for the weak
He leads His sheep in love
Fulfills His purpose from above
Through height and valley low
Where, yet, green pastures grow...

"Behold! He’s making all creation
Sing the song of His redemption!
Jesus Christ will bring new life
To all awaiting restoration!"

O, broken spirit, sing
For death has ‘ever lost its sting
Through Him, the Spotless Lamb
The Perfect Son of Man
His blood, our sin, did spill
According to the Father’s will
To set the guilty free
For all eternity...

"Behold! He’s making all creation
Sing the song of His redemption!
Jesus Christ will bring new life
To all awaiting restoration!"

Awake my soul, arise!
The Day is dawning, fix your eyes
Upon the Faithful, True   
The King who’s coming soon
He will, in glory, come
So brilliant, shining like the sun
To banish gloom and night   
Our God, Eternal Light...

"Behold! He’s making all creation
Sing the song of His redemption!
Jesus Christ will bring new life
To all awaiting restoration!"
ConnectHook Jan 12
13)  holy extreme performance-artist who ended badly

14)  aryan/teutonic warrior who somehow got born in judea

15)  misunderstood ***-rights activist

16)  entheogenic bringer of the sacred mushroom rite

17) propaganda figure concocted by the flavians

18) lucifer's spirit-brother

19) maitreya: "the christ consciousness within"

20) hebrew extremist with delusions of grandeur

21) prophet isa bin maryam the great mahdi

22) just another hindu avatar and world-teacher
(see Part I)
"There has been much sharp looking out, to see where and what Antichrist is, or by what Marks he may be known. Some say he has been in the Christian World almost ever since the Gospel Times, nay, that he was even then beginning to appear and show himself. Others say he came in with this, or that Pope; others that he is not yet come, but near at Hand. Others will have it, that he has been here, and there, but driven from one Place to another by several new risen Protestant Sects."

William Law (1761)
ConnectHook Jan 9
1) groovy dancing hippie shepherd of love

2)  intrepid communist/anarchist revolutionary

3) wandering shaman/healer

4) african anointed of black liberation

5) messianic community-organizer

6) spokesmouth for free-market capitalism

7) stalwart working-class carpenter

8) cynic hellenistic philosopher

9) ascended master who studied with himalayan yogis

10) witty rabbi who sold out to rome

11) ****** rastaman babbling about ethiopia

12) refined orthodox prince on background of gold
For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.   (Matthew 24:24)

If you can think of any other false Christs, let me know.
Desire Jan 9
I was a minor who grew up as part of the majority of minorities. Then I embraced a misfit lifestyle, believing Christ, the Messiah, holds all authority. I became a Marine and a married man receiving  more responsibility.  I'm becoming a medic, treating trauma and those who's lives need monitoring.  In the midst of it all, my entire life has been molded by this common theme: ministry.

Not the religious type, but the genuinely authentic, legitimate kind; full of humble and authentic servants and leaders through community;  Imperfect people pursuing positive change and holiness; its more than self-prosperity.  I call this community of people, Church, and these members I call my family.

My life ain't perfect, but its been a blessing to live life despite dark days, receiving unearned and undeserving forgiveness, mercy, and grace. My hope can't be "proven" real or fake, its why its called faith. So  may those who obey  through faith bring  peace, placing  hope on display. I am nothing without God.  My  love  for you comes from Love He sacrificially gave.  My heart, mind, and soul are transformed and influenced by His perfect ways. May the One whose might cannot be matched receive glory and praise, for His ways have given me, a newly-shaped life, that is, the least to say... Im ever thankful.  Amen [YAWEH]!

This is me. The  medic-in-the-making, former Marine, Messiah's misfit from the mass of minorities - ministry molding my life, even in the midst of where I'm moved to next. I  just want to obey, do, and be better for me, you, and future generations.  There's really no harm in this. You could disarm the hostile hits. There's good news (the gospel message) and my past, present, and future are moved by it! Be blessed!

9 Jan 19
XLIV. New Year Reflection and Resolution [Testimony]
Issachar Bacang Nov 2018
only idiots gaze
into the abyss
when facing
existential crisis

only idiots surrender
to the abyss
when you can just
walk around it

sadness stays
when you insist
that you cannot be
without it
and it will leave you
as you walk
never again will you be
behind it
Issachar Bacang Nov 2018
'look at that madman'
says the ***** and her victim

'look at that madman'
says the intellectual in debt

'look at that madman'
says the activist with rigor

'look at that ******* madman'
i screamed with them
as i looked into the mirror
'you ******* madman;
persist and never wither!'
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