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nyant Oct 8
Cautious where my heart's placed,
careful where I show face,
when we reach the final lap,
start to see the true pace.
Tired of being surprised need to be harmless yet wise.

Jew wish to share the good fortunes,
the gossip makes the muzzle tight,
First you hear a lot of bark,
waiting till you bear the bite.
Tired of being surprised need to be harmless yet wise.

Can't always be right or liked,
the pallbearer to one who digs their own grave,
can't liberate one who sees freedom in chains,
Let me disclaim that I'm often the same,
I'll pause the refrain.

Starting to see a pattern feeling like an omnibus,
getting harder to know who to trust,
fool me twice shame on both of us,
I needed real ones to get me out my slum,
better wounds from friends than enemy hisses,
the certainty of a brides than volatile mistresses.
Tired of being surprised need to be harmless yet wise.

Bottom line is teeth are bones,
many playing an act like clones,
standing in glass yet throwing stones,
friends are few but fear is fatal,
thread between child-like and childish,
faith is so neonatal.
Tired of being surprised need to be harmless yet wise.

Learning where to seek applause,
not trying to make enemies without a cause,
best to make amigos but never know who i might offset when i take off,
need discernment to see the cain while I'm still able,
cause even if my blood cries,
I know it's been paid for.
Tired of being surprised need to be harmless yet wise.

"When Christ calls a man he bids him to die."
Though it doesn't sound like the most bonne offer it takes away the fear of the grave,
grace would have a hollow cost if no price was paid,
the hand of ****** would still leave a thirst for retribution,
Dietrich knew the true ruler of the people,
the one who holds the keys,
which is why he confidently said before he was sent to be hung for protecting the young,
"this is the end – for me the beginning of life."
1 Peter 2:20-24 1 Corinthians 15:55-57
Deep within her stare value-laden eyes bare
Thou liketh compete with disciplined man
Prim proper equanimity assembled as plan
Serve glory to God; begone any despair

Grasping thy reality of excellence profound
Access vast depth of emotion- drowned
Dangling medals reaching out to touch
Through tranquility, stand by your ground

He pushed me open like a book untold
Words of the gospel used by mean
Daring as His veracity He loved me as bold
By sworn duty, I shall perpetually convene
this is an excerpt that i’ve been wanting the world to read.
it has been a while since the last time that i posted.
welcome back to me, i guess?
Steve Page Jun 3
It’s early – the dominant sun rises, giving
a growing warmth as the urgent seeds dive deep
and the faithful sower dips his head,
dips his hand on repeat and sweeps his graceful arm
away from his small stomach, from his shrinking satchel,
trusting the seed to the sun
and working his way back to the feast.
See Vincent van Gogh's painting The Sower.
Steve Page Jan 3
My dear Theophilus, I want to stress
that this gospel story is ever-present, continuous
and it’s by no means strenuous
to draw a straight true line
from the angelic choir’s ‘unto us’
through to the empty cross,

and yes, past the fall of Judas
to the day the lot fell to Matthias
and whilst Matt may have on occasion
felt a little out of place
and like us, have sometimes undergone
the syndrome that’s imposter-ous,
nevertheless, with the disciples he received Christ’s promise
of a collective Pentecostal renaissance

And so,
no, it’s not presumptuous for you, for us
to stand with Matthias and the rest
of the disciples of Christ Jesus,
to receive this same promise
and for Christ to continue
the same reconciling mission through us,
because my dear Theophilus,
we are, you are the one and present-continuous,
Spirit-filled church
a riff off Acts chapter 1
Alyssa Underwood May 2022
I place my empty vessels with the King.
Once filled with longing, sentiment and pride,
they sated no one’s thirst, though ego tried—
sin, disappointment, sorrow, hurt ’t would bring.
Knowing devilish poison these contained,
reminded old, dead dregs drained from each spout,
all sediment’ry visage I poured out
of Dionysian wine heartstrings had feigned.
Now in God’s presence, as He cleans smeared crocks
from motives, meanings, memories of words
and clears my mind from myths’ entangling cords,
a tale-abating door behind me locks.
I’m freed! The Gospel story’s what I’ll tell
and offer Living Water from Christ’s well!
Desire Apr 2022
healed the sick,
helped the hopeless and helpless,
freed the oppressed and possessed,
and forgave, of sinners, their sin.

taught truth; made miracles;
saved souls; scoured sin;
daringly died; defeated death;
radically rose; returned to life.
Alive, he ate, and showed his face;
Five-hundred eyewitnesses - there was
no debate.

ascended to Heaven;
and is approaching again;
This Divine-Manifest, God-become-flesh;
This Ransom-Redeemer, sacrificial Savior;
This Risen-Rescuer; eternally crowned
Creator-King; rightly reigning; readily returning;
This living and loving Lord; caring and compassionate Counselor; justly, Justifier and Judge;

This is… Jesus…
Marilyn O Jan 2021
One of the purest source of joy,
I athirst more and more.

Comforts the broken hearted
And instills unseen relief to their broken hearts.

Of every being, young and old,
You enchant and render merry.

Your worth is spoken from every mouth,
The sweetness and meaning you add to life.
I can't emphasis enough, but Good music is "Food for the Soul"
Randy Johnson Sep 2020
Gospel Music is fantastic music because it praises God.
When it comes to Gospel Music, it's something to applaud.
Anything is good if it praises the Lord.
When it comes to God, he should be adored.
Gospel Music is incredible music and that's a fact.
It's awesome and that's a statement I won't retract.
James Sep 2020
Depression at its finest,
from the darkness ever shineth.
Save me now O my God;
Jesus, my King, here I stand.
If this Your punishment be,
I willingly accept with glee.
If this be of the serpent wee,
O Lord deliver me!
God, I've sinned.
A seed has rooted deep within!
Your chastisement Lord,
of love it is; I'm in accord.
Perhaps not over but bring me through,
Up from the bottom of the cold, deep blue...
Repentance is daily. Turn your face to the Lord and bow your heart at His cross. Rejoice! He is the great Deliverer! Up from the grave rose Jesus Christ! There is victory in our Lord of lords.
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