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Larry Potter May 4
A gargantuan force
Sat in idle unrest
On a worn-out chair
Hellbent in disrepair
The grotesque unbecoming
Midst the evening antics.
The soiree didn't mind
The overburdened seat
It chose to anchor motion
Overindulged in the notion
Of exchanging pleasantries
On gold linoleum floor.
Too late to close the door
The uninvited guest
Now a guest nonetheless
Death to misspeak
In the presence of the beast.
Larry Potter Apr 8
I'm not making mosaics
from these shattered parts
of my fragmented heart
hopelessly holding on to the past
because unlike stained glass
which can be mended anew
and pieced together with glue
this will heal down with scars
that will ache like the stars
how they flicker in the dark
'til they lose all their spark
   leaving only a trace
of a broken embrace
I'm not making mosaics.
Larry Potter Apr 7
Tinker with fire,
you of cold heart.
Burn your neck and thighs,
while your frozen wings break apart.
Feel the heat of the moment,
Until your bones grow numb to the chill.
Guilt is but a frostbitten payment,
You'd pay a thousand times still.
Larry Potter Apr 4
thoughts in shambles
plucked from the tangles
beneath brambles of rambles
of feelings scrambled
to compose
these prose and expose
a thorn of throes
juxtaposed a paper rose
poise to propose
free from the fetters
suffer the splutters
stutter between mutters
utter the letters
let the butterflies flutter.
Larry Potter Mar 13
Time, these cards cascade;
Deck crumbles, a shallow grave
Dug by its own spades.
Larry Potter Jul 2020
A husk
Of a love that once was
Where it bloomed but no more
Abandoned by monsoons
Longing for perennial rain
Waiting for November moons.

A train
Of thoughts lost in tracks
Tip-toeing on fleeting memories
Trapped in open-ended verses
Looking for a period
When this heart came to senses.

A chapter
We wrote but left incomplete
A paper town of tangent streets
Where there's no solace to find
In these desolate pages
Of stanzas that rhyme.
Larry Potter Jul 2020
You negate and overcomplicate,
Obsessed in trivial intricacies;
At the risk of contradicting yourself,
You foolproofed your own idiocy.
You oppose in totality just for the sake of it,
And obviate the need to deliberate;
Instead of making bridges from paragraphs,
You built garrisons out of sentences.
Convinced in waging petty wars,
You run your mouth without poise;
But for all intents and purposes,
A bark is nothing but recycled noise.
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