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Larry Potter Mar 9
I cried when my
Favorite character died
In the latest episode
Good thing he's still alive
In the book that I followed.

I watched unboxing videos
And got disappointed
With the newest phones
That I couldn't afford
Even after paying my loans.

I should hate this place
That's got awful ten
Bad reviews on Yelp
Forget the ninety approvals
Guess it can't be helped.

Sad I wasn't able to greet
My friends on their birthdays
But I guess it's their fault
For not keeping that Facebook
Data public by default.

I always keep track
Of chart-topping songs
And play them on repeat
But it'll just take a year or two
To mindlessly forget the beat.

There are too many
Motivational posts
On social media
Now it's hard to fill my daily dose
Of other people's drama.
Larry Potter Feb 13
Inject me with the truth
Let your words sting
Like foolproof needles
Piercing me through
Straight to the chest
I'd still feel the pain
Before this heart goes numb
From pumping out the lies
That invaded its veins.
Larry Potter Dec 2018
Drown me in white
Peel these colors off the wall
Untaint all the dirtied halls
From this room of memories
I'd bid farewall so soon
While I go looking for the silver moon.

Unpaint my muddled past
Erase the black and blue
Wipe off these cluttered hues
I'd view my new world
In an empty kaleidoscope
Crooked mirrors of bended hopes.

I'm starting anew
Beginning from the endings
Of last year's unravelings
Always looking forward
Left so certainly unsure
Chasing an open-ended future.
Happy New Year!
Larry Potter Nov 2018
My heart is a labyrinth,
A cage of my own making;
Den of demons tamed,
Empire of uncrowned kings.
Built over a precipice
Of dead infatuations,
Forsaken nostalgia,
And ruined vanities.
To trap a beast yet again,
I visited its familiar walls;
Gladly I lost my self
And paid a high toll;
Only to save my soul.
Not long did I linger
Within the hollow chambers;
Echoing broken lullabies,
Sung in refrains of lies.
I stormed the champion's gate,
And marched toward east,
Where the sun does not rest,
At the cry of a thousand dawns;
But rather from the silence,
Of my war-torn chest.
Larry Potter Oct 2018
I cursed my summer storms
And it poured down the whole sky
On me, heavily.
I keep dragging these horses
Down the raging river but they wouldn't
Drown quietly.
I watched the tides kiss the shore
Washing her tears away only to say  
Goodbye, repeatedly.
I tried deserting this sinking island
Trapped in midnight sunsets
But it wouldn't let me.

I started digging my own grave
But the sands keep receding towards
My inner gravity.
I went deeper until I found a well
Brimming with cold truths and bitter
I began staring at my own reflection
Until I saw my soul skin and
Bones, hungry.
In this lonely oasis I brought myself
Back from the dead into this
Barren reality.

I stopped looking for water
And let my heart bleed a fountain of
Pure clarity.
I embraced the restless winds
To change the course of my own
Fate, tirelessly.
I scattered my broken pieces
And they flourished in the land with
Rare beauty.
I once dreamed of sailing the seas
But now I'm swimming in the ocean
Of endless possibilities.
Larry Potter Oct 2018
Yesterday's bread, tough as leather
Pressed and scorched in the broken toaster
A trip to ****, just a little bit quicker
As the molds are killed to make it taste better
At the cost of turning brittle and bitter.

Open the lid so greasy and loose
Of the peanut butter jar too old and reduced
Hiding in the shelf, alone and overused
Screaming for jelly but doesn't come in two's
About two-thirds empty and a complete recluse.

Pull the drawer and grab the butter knife
Pointless and jagged, it gave up on life
Poke the insides and dig with a gripe
Spread the loot so scarcely in stripes
Place the other half in one crooked swipe.
Larry Potter Sep 2018
You were singing the blues when I met you,
Singking your heart of misrule,
Into an ocean of second thoughts.
The saddest note on your table;
A pen unwilling to write,
Its ink afraid to swirl.

I took the seat in front of you,
As I opened my soul like a blank page.
Your hand began scribbling again,
Writing our next days with better hues.
Until you decided that my page was full,
That there's not enough space for your stories.

Now I'm stuck with these scripts of red,
With your handwriting all over it.
These traces of broken promises and misgivings,
I'll try to erase it all or rip it out.
As I open a new sheet to another stranger
You play your songs of blues again.
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