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Love is the dawn that breaks through the night,
Chasing away the shadows with its golden rays,
Warming the earth with its radiant might,
Illuminating our hearts in a thousand ways.
You are the sun, a brilliant celestial sphere,
Casting your glow on the depths of my soul,
Banishing the darkness, erasing each fear,
Making my world feel vibrant and whole.
Your smile is the sunrise, a breathtaking sight,
Painting the sky with hues of hope and joy,
Your embrace, the noonday heat, so warm and bright,
A passionate blaze that nothing can destroy.
In your love, I bask like a flower in bloom,
Soaking up the light that ends every gloom.
The heart's a garden, tended with pure care,
Where love's sweet rose blooms in vibrant hue,
A secret affair, beyond what eyes can share,
Unveiled only to those steadfast and true.
Petals unfurl in passion's warm embrace,
Revealing depths where tender feelings dwell,
A sanctuary, love's most hallowed place,
Where whispered vows their magic cast and swell.
The rose's fragrance, heady and divine,
Intoxicates the senses with desire,
While in the heart's chambers, unseen, entwine
Emotions fierce, a smoldering fire.
Between this flower and that vital core,
Lies love's enigma, forever to explore,
A bond eternal, cherished evermore.
Love's fragrant spirit haunts the velvet rose
A specter of passion, unseen yet felt
Petals unfurling, secrets they disclose
Of yearning that can never be dispelled
Ethereal essence, a soulful refrain
Whispering through each delicate fold
Echoing the heartbeats of joy and pain
Mysteries only the ardent behold
Translucent dew glistens with love's tear
As dawn's first blush paints the bloom aglow
The phantom lingers, ever-present, near
Reminding that from love, all beauties flow
Until the last petal's graceful descent
Love's immortal wraith keeps its reverent
Within the rose's heart, forever blent
what is joy
intervals of
soprano blue laughter
climb over
rainbows of happiness
dwell inside
of the
little boy soul
inside of joy
Stu Harley May 15
Love, a compass guiding me, a beacon in the night,
For thou art with me, a constant, shining light.
My heart, a harbor safe, where your presence finds its rest,
A symphony of souls, our love forever blessed.
The sun, a metaphor for your warmth, is so bright and bold,
Your smile, a sunrise, a story to be told.
The moon, a gentle echo, of your love that knows no end,
With every star that twinkles, our love will transcend.
For thou art with me, my soul's companion true,
Love, a tapestry woven, forever me and you.
Stu Harley May 14
letting the
great magician
pull a white
fluffy rabbit
from out of
a black stove top hat
a sleight of hand
only through
the dark arts of
blue smoke and mirrors
Stu Harley May 13
hold truth
the light
will shine
light of truth
let it shine bright
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