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Every poet should be responsible for his poetic language
Every scientist should be held responsible for his/her own action
My birthday in the year of the corvid 19, will be different
I wouldn’t bother to confirm with the ground hog on this matter.
He too is refusing to come out, he detest the humans
The righteous will possess the earth, and they will live forever on it.”. — Psalm 37:29.
From what is going on I might have to debate this verse.
Would you agree with the poet?
Where there is action they will be a reaction
Leadership money and power
Is this what we are dying for?
"Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue?
keeps his soul from troubles"
We all love a good story.
With a good ending,
What is going on today is not a story
Our next generation is going to have a hard time
Explaining this to their next generation of survivors
What happen in 2019, was an act of greed
It is the reality, of mad virology scientist went mad.
If this vaccine doesn’t work what will be our next move?
When your boss take his clean non corvid 19 facilities and
Turn it into a corvid 19 center,
What would a poet call this move (greed $$$)
All this poet can say.. “Let wait and see”.
Crave all loss all. one who wants everything, may lose it all
Time will tell, time will tell,
Who will meet at the well?
And who will be forgiven,
And who will be smite

It ***** to keep a secret,
Jealousy is a disease, fear is mind killer
They all knew his demeanors
Impeachment but  two times, once a sinner always a sin
Sometimes I use to love him
Sometimes I didn’t understand his tactics:
My grandparents always told us
Children, children, behave yourself
Never is the follower always being the leader:
Is the best way to go..

A few article I came across this morning
He is dynamo driven restless unable to keep
(Reminds of my grandfather donkey Wilbert).
He gets by with very little sleep.
The mind of Donald Trump
Narcissism, disagreeableness, grandiosity psychologist
investigate how trump extraordinary  personality
might shape his presidency (story by Dan P McAdams)
Was the president really a leader?

I don’t know if I should be happy or if I should cry,
I don’t laugh at ones misery or one rejoice at
Proverbs 24:17 Do not gloat when your enemy falls, and

Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles, lest the Lord see it and be displeased, and turn away his anger from him. Romans 12:19
I must indeed say that I have a love and hate relationship with the man
However, what took place in Washington DC two weeks ago,
Makes me more afraid of the politicians and politics’ more than ever

Time will tell, time will tell,
Who will meet at the well?
And who will be forgiven,
And who will be smite
I never heard my mother told
My father that she loves him
Dark n Beautiful Dec 2020
Who life is this anyway,
Is she mistaking grief for depression?
as the saying goes.....
Grief is an opportunity to develop authentic belief

Twenty year ago, I lost him, I grief for him:
When he abandons us, should I have filed grievance?
these days it were so hard for me to hold her hands
And pretend I do care, about his passing,

Why must I be force to see things her way?
I love him, he love his mistress more, he walk away,
Our memories of him is not the same,
I see unloved, she sees the longing for his:

Poems stay with me, after he left,
Remembrance is not the same
Poems stay with me after he walk out the door:

Few days after her birth,
I cut my foot on a cardboard
The dark scar, never faded,
It stay with me: longer than his love,
My tattoo of betrayal of all his lies:

Every problem in world cannot be solved,
Each and every one of us at some point
Had that bad taste in our mouth..

Here I am this morning thinking of Christmas,
And the last time I had that taste of sadness
It can drag ones down, into the darkest place:

A poem will stay with me, after them gone
Our memories are not the same,
A poem will stay with me after them gone
And words will be sprinkle, on pages of happiness

I divided my tears into section
With each drop, with each snuffle
With each tissue: I thread
I remembering the good times we shared
February, was your passing
today: it’s my revelation:

*Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer every man. you. Colossians 3:16
Dark n Beautiful Nov 2020
I dream of a street I once resided on
An old dwelling, with galvanize fencing
A main street, with poor street lightings
I wake longing to be back there,
I remember the country, but not the heartaches,

Where I use to live and where am I now
Its poetry, it a google map, it history,
How did i get from there to here?

Once again it poetry, it was a drastic move
How i comes and goes in my dream of being there
Not the dwelling, not the whispering of the trees,
Nor the shortage of water, but the freedom of being me..
“Freedom is doing a job that I love. Not because I have to do it, but because I love doing it.” Quote
I just finish watching another Netflix movie.. About families
Unauthorized living: some of the plots could have been better
But, I enjoy the main characters, in comparisons to mine

Daniel was funny, too rich to be happy, too stupid to know how to live
He gives his bodyguards two thousand dollars just to see who **** was bigger,
To stupid to know how to live
Too rich to be happy:
A character like him needs to live on my street,
In that dwelling on the main street, without his daddy’s billions:

Being rich doesn’t stop one from being a *****,
Those sisters proven that in the movie:
A man will always be a dog, with his sniffing,
With my findings, Beautiful women suffers
more than ugly women do..
once in a while allow your mind to take you home
a place where you felt safe. During these ugly times:
Dark n Beautiful Nov 2020
The week has to have a weekend
Days have to have a tomorrow
And goodbye to yesterday’s/
In turns will bring the months to an end/

What do we have to face
moving forward setbacks and  more
worried looks in the bystanders eyes..
When all is set and done, we have to say grace
We have to look up every morning and whisper to the skies.

The news broadcaster’s never speak of genuine love,
They only wishes to be littered,
While, begging folks to do their part
The cooing of the dark lonely dove
a symbol that there’s is no more  love in ones heart
during the these stressful day/

Ten o’clock curfew at night,\/
Essentials workers must only be seen at dawn/
No more than ten to twelve people on sight/
And large outstanding gathering must be gone/

Black Friday’s deals, window shopping strolls
Everything seem on hold, the biggest black hole of 2020/
And nothing spoke to me: not even a 60 inch flatscreen TV/

Let’s take a page from the Jewish customs
Bury the dead in the next seventy two hours/
All November traditions is limit/
Thanksgiving Day a Tic, tok

All Saints Day, All Souls Day, Mischief Night, Bonfire Night
Once you take down the statues, of useless figures
Would History of the injustices will be erase/
The world is hurting,
Dark n Beautiful Nov 2020
Monday ‘Blues

Sometimes we pray for the weekend
But all good things must come to an end
The more the weeks surpass, nothing seem to change
What would the new week bring?
An apology of some sort from the president?
Would another court reject Trumps campaigns lawsuits?
Did anybody release the children from family detention centers?
In Dilley, Texas:  Oh man the Monday morning blues soars!

Tuesday the smoother, as we stroll along,
The friendly goodmorning is coming back
The smiles are wider on the faces of the low renters
As for me taking one day at a time:

I feel like I am stuck in the middle of nowhere
The new normal of stress-Free Virtual Thanksgiving is approaching
I detest this corona pandemic political bull….
or as Trump would say (The Chinese virus)
More than ever, more than anything I have ever encounter on this earth:

My poems sometimes is more of an opinion than
Poetry, it reveals my thoughts on most subjects
Which others people might discuss in *** shops,
Lunch tables, gathering,
however, my words are not just words
while they might make ones think,
or shrugs one’s shoulder:

Every poet has a beginning
Every river begins somewhere,

My words come from grief
Hardships, injustices let sum this up
To the unfairness of life..

let’s say positive thoughts
And so far so good..
Because it will be Friday
And please remember every poet has a beginning:
Every winner, must blessed the loser,
Trump, Biden   thought, Poets Blues,
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