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To whom it may concern,

I will still be here
When nobody else is
Do not give up
Do not give in
Do not forget
These few words;

I       Love       You
There is always that one lost soul who forgets that the darkness is only there when you forget to rekindle the flame.
5d · 294
Going away
Out of this hell,
Older than life,
Death calls.
Beauty is life,
Yet ugly is the
Why are goodbye's so hard? That's easy. It's because after saying goodbye, it's hard to tell when the possibility of saying hello returns. What is really scary is when people say goodbye, then become unable to say hello ever again.
Jun 7 · 125
The War
thispanman Jun 7
Through pain
Through glory
Through gain
Through boring
We stand

Though cracked
Though hated
Though sacked
Though berated
We stand

With smiles
With laughs
With trials
With riff-raffs
We stand

Stand before
Stand above
Stand the gore
Stand the lore
We stand

As one
Battle done

We stand
I didn't intend to have this written insight of recent events but instead was just supposed to be for Pride Month. You may interpret it as you will, stay strong, and keep standing.
May 11 · 73
Forever in Love
thispanman May 11
Forever seems to be a long time
Gearing closer to the end
I feel my heart race
Took way to long
To escape

It is hot
This feeling
Unlike anything
That has been felt
For I have never known it

What is this odd feeling?
Will I ever know?
The birds sing
I am home

To be home
I must be with you
Nothing has made me feel
As if you are to leave me alone

If I do not act it, know now that
I am not leaving your side
I will act realistically
And want you

If anyone
You ever need
To cry on or snuggle
I will be here for eternity
I wanted to try a pattern, so here you go. Happy Mothers Day!
May 1 · 62
My Heart
thispanman May 1
This space
with four walls
one window
and many bars
left alone
to thoughts
in this jail
called a heart
It's hard to let people in, but harder to let people out.
thispanman Apr 30
This fountain
Started off beautiful
Water flowed gently
All parts working together

But like good things,
Something dark looms
The outside looks put together
The inside is a mess

It takes a lot of work
To make the fountain function
The outcome may be beautiful
The road there isn't

Gears turn
Pumps push and pull
To make the water gush
So majestically

To become what it is
It had to be built
With hard labor
And ugly sweat

Sure the foundation gets attention
Sure it gives so little
Sure it's beautiful
But that's not what it takes
To be so great
idk what I even wrote tbh, so much has happened at once and I just let the emotions flow out of me.
Apr 29 · 437
thispanman Apr 29
Dress, makeup
Heels, leggings

Too-big pants, no makeup
Oversized shirt, men's shoes

Regular jeans, little makeup
Sweater, tennis shoes
No gender

Fancy shirt, tie
Skirt, heels
All gender

All these
But I'm
Still me

And that's okay
Genderfluidity *****

Especially when nobody respects you for who you are.
Apr 21 · 439
thispanman Apr 21
Oversized clothes
Dresses galore
Both of them
Fit to one gender

Sports jerseys
Baggy shorts
I want those
but I'm a "girl"

Perky dresses
Lots of makeup
I'm told I must
Because I'm a "girl"

Anxiety fills me up
I need to be perfect
I need to be a daughter
I need to be a girlfriend
a wife
a mother

Why can't I be a child?
A lover?
A ren?
A human?

Why do you have to choose for me?
I'm not a girl, nor a boy, but a human who wants to be respected for being myself.
Apr 10 · 273
Some Birthday Ago
thispanman Apr 10
There was this party
People danced around all crazy
To this new song out

Another song
Then another
People kept dancing
Others were singing

Food was set out
Punch set up
Breaking it down
Filling up my cup

This may seem just a story
Another false reality
But in all honesty
Truth in a day

Time went by
People went home
All this happened
Some birthday ago
I wrote this for my Eng. teach's B-Day, so hope you like it.
Sorry it's been a while too, I'm not the best at remembering things 😅
Hope you haven't missed me too much 😂
Mar 14 · 96
thispanman Mar 14
Look at her
Perfect in all ways
But that illusion
Is just smoke

Look at him
Number one jockey
But that role
Is just smoke

Look at them
carefree and happy
But that smile
Is just smoke

She is depressed
He is abused
They are neglected
And nobody can see

Beyond the smoke
I was given the random prompt of "smoke", so I decided to make it a feeling instead of an object. I guess this idea is not new, but I tried. Everyone has their own smoke, but my hope is that you smother the embers and air out the smoke so that people can see you as clear as glass.
Mar 1 · 224
thispanman Mar 1
Creative Juices
Flowing From the Genius Mind
Haikus are not easy
My dad wrote this. I thought it was genius. Enjoy
Feb 28 · 84
thispanman Feb 28
Don't look at me like that!
All the hate
All the time

Who are you to judge?
My hair
My attitude

What is it to you?
My choices
My life

Where did you come from?
From inside
From outside

When will you see?
I am strong
I am brave

Why do you do this?
The scars
The lies

If only that person
In that disguise
Wasn't me
I went through a time when I hated myself, so this is my poem to the voice that caused that.
Feb 28 · 300
Best Friend
thispanman Feb 28

This goes out to my BFFL (Best Friend For Life)
Feb 28 · 91
Joy in Love
thispanman Feb 28
Jealousy drops
Off the

Internal hope

Overcome with
Enchantments of life
I wanted to write something positive, so here you go
Feb 28 · 73
thispanman Feb 28
She's there
I can feel it

He's here
She can feel it

They bare
He can feel it

I stare
Everyone can feel it

Truth is not found
In feelings
But in others
I wrote this when I couldn't sleep, so I hope it's good

Also, I really appreciate you reading these, I still feel self-conscious about them
Feb 28 · 116
thispanman Feb 28
this is a kind of poem I'm not-so-good at, so hope you like it
Feb 27 · 91
thispanman Feb 27
One dies, one stays
One flies, one lays
One sees, one feels
One gives, one steals
One kept, one lost
One love, one way
One direction, one fall
One trot, one gallop
One way, one up

But I went down
Feb 27 · 84
Pattern of Life
thispanman Feb 27
Wake up, go to school, get home, go to sleep
Every day, it's the same
At first, it was okay
It was normal
I'm not

Wake up, go to school, get home, go to sleep
It may seem dismal
These feelings
Not leaving
It grows

Wake up, go to school, get home, go to sleep
It's all going to be the same forever
Nothing ever gets to change
It just repeats
and repeats,

I'm lost in this
Will anything change?
This repetition
Nothing ever changes

When it does change
Would I be able to cope?
Would I be able to accept it?
Would I be able to move on and forget?

All these questions and not answer
So the only thing I get to do is
Wake up, go to school, get home, go to sleep
Wake up, go to school, get home, go to sleep
Wake up, go to school, leave home, sleep forever
I don't even know, so maybe you do?

I hope?

— The End —