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Jon Thenes Jan 5
Hold heart and clean sink
It is the please for good travel

Bellow your pets into a confusion
Rid them of comfort
Rile them of the dwellings familiarity

Approach the teller
the coach
the salter of plans
and undo it
part the tissue of its apparition
a feature no more

with nowt packed
sleeve the threshold
with a tipsy
and easy whim
Zywa Dec 2018
You can't just kiss me
in public for no reason
Should I cover my lips?

Are they too exposed
too red for you?

You can't just roll up
my shirt, unhook my bra
no matter how enjoying

my back is bending
under your nails

You can't just undress me
if you feel like it
as if I feel the same

and it is possible at all times
because I love you

You can't just take for granted
the way it goes, love
remains as it has begun

attentive and gentle
everything to lose
Collection "Eyes lips chest and belly"
Emmanuella Dec 2018
Familiarity breeds contempt.

And she was all too familiar with herself.
I love little 2 liners.
Purcy Flaherty Nov 2018
You came to me like a fairytale,
I held you close;
I looked into your eyes,
they were deep and full of soul; chancing fate.
I kissed your neck and shoulders,
your belly and your ***,
We took each others bodys and tasted freedom.
I couldn't help feeling this was:
"your one and only"
A secret that you'll keep to your self ~
"A happy thought!"
Secure in the knowledge that you were once utterly cherished;
And that you alone chose martyrdom; rather than embracing change.
choosing martyrdom and brutal familiarity rather than embracing change.
Dani Oct 2018
Oh my sweet demon how I adore you so
We have ridden together many years
Your whispers comfort me when I’m low
You create and extinguish all my fears

You bring me the anxiety that’s grown closely
To my racing heart and dark mind
You bring me the shadows I love so dearly
Why do you have to be so sweet and kind?

I have grown up with you by my side
At first my enemy now ...  best friend
My heart is dark from where you reside
Leave! I ask, but this rule you will not bend

My sweet demon you are in my head
Taunting me and speaking sweet terrors
I cannot **** you for you sleep in my bed
You live in me because of all my errors

Demon, you bring familiarity in the night
The shadows that follow us I know too well
They are our friends too, of that I’m right
Spinning me forever, a never ending carousel
We all have our demons, those things we call baggage, or flaws. We carry them, we hold them, we fight them. Yet, they never truly leave us do they? They taunt us for all our lives.
M David Jul 2018
I see two options in front of me,
One's a guarantee
The other leads to mystery
And happiness beyond belief
Or a field of sadness,
A monumental grief

I feel the breeze
That sways the trees
Towards option "B",
But option "A" seems
All the same, as familiarity
Can be
Yule Jul 2018
gently pull me back
to the currents
of your waves
I've grown to know

Sam Kelly Jun 2018
I don’t know where home is anymore
No cherry blossom trees
Or familiarity,
But a roof over my head
And a fold-out bed.
I’m not the same me
That I was at seventeen,
Scars and the sea
Kept her from me.
I never built any bridges
Just a rope ladder with frayed edges,
So my hands may be splintered
But I’ll make it back for winter.
See I don’t know enough of life,
To try and make this right.
Because this family, in reality,
Might be strangers to me.
And I don’t have the strength
To break again.
I don’t know where home is anymore.
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