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Within the seconds between night
And day,
In dusk and in dawn,
I dwell in the grey
And balance the moon and the sun.
skyy omalley Apr 29
The excessive wind blows hot air into the front of me.
It leaves my hoodie fluttering behind my body, only held up by my shoulders.
My hands remain on my sides, and my head is tilted.
Despite the wind and the thing in front of me, my feet are firm on the ground.

The flames are reflected in my dead eyes.
The sound of firemen and ambulances should be all that I hear,
but all I can hear is the sound of my breathing.
The wood crumbles, as the flames dance on their dying bodies.

Tears fall from my eyes, but I do not change expression.
I feel a hand firmly grab my arm, but still I don’t budge.
I feel my feet being lifted from the ground, and I follow the house with my eyes
I’m moved into a cop car

I put my hand on the car window, still following the house with my eyes.
My breath leaves blurry spots on the clear window.
The embers burn brightly, destroying everything I had.
but with the dark sky and the glistening stars, it looks beautiful.

Once the fire leaves my vision, I break down.
skyy omalley Apr 26
In my mind,
An orb.
Pretty and whte.
It stores my happiness!

My sweet little orb.
Keeping my happy memories safe!
Everyone wants some happiness too.
I’m not greedy, I'll share with you!

I’m happy to share,
But can you go easy on me?
I’m running low..
I gave you so much.. And yet, you never returned any..

Ah! It’s okay! I’ll be okay..

One by one, my happy thoughts are given away..
My orb is getting small and dark,
Oh happy memories, please save me.
I can’t say no!

Giving away the most precious thing, my orb looks at me with sad eyes, and fades away.

I who cannot say no, follows the once pretty, white orb to the happiest place.
skyy omalley Apr 23
I’ve seen her before,
A girl in a flowy white dress that matched mine.
When I approached her, she smiled warmly.
Handing me a flower crown she made, she told me her name.

Pretty dresses and high heels,
Barbies and princesses,
Flowers and ponies,
Magic and fairies.

But eventually a princess wants a prince.

Dresses turns to crop tops,
Barbies thrown away,
Ponies replaced by cars,
And magic is gone for good.

Princes arrive for my friend
She is unable to see their true monstrous forms
I don't want to be left behind
A sad fate

When was it, that I, myself, fell for their deceiving looks?
skyy omalley Apr 23
I want chocolate cake.
Creamy frosting, and moist dough.
Oh yes! I’m drooling now!
Without cake, this life is useless.
Mustering up the money, I buy a tasty looking, chocolate cake.
I take a bite.
It’s not as good as I hoped it'd be.
I want strawberry ice cream.
skyy omalley Apr 23
Not slowly, like sand washing up on shore, but rather all at once.

Like a bubble blown up too big,
Like a shaken bottle of soda with a loose cap,
Like a needle on a freshly blown balloon,

A second before disaster.

But the question is,






No one does.

I return home deflated. A needle cannot end me now.
I wish someone would open the cap, pop the bubble,

But there is no knife on my breathing rib cage.
skyy omalley Apr 23
On my tongue, a fiery sensation
Burning my throat and the roof of my mouth
A pepper with an intense flame
My nerves are stimulated, even the slightest stroke is felt on my skin.

The pain of the pepper doesn’t last long.
My tongue becomes bored.
The flavorless taste is what I was used to
But tasting a pepper after living without it, made me addicted.

It happened on a date
He slipped a pepper into my sandwich
At first the spiciness was unsettling, but it soon began to entice me
Thinking he had hurt me, but instead I enjoyed the thrill.

I know it’s wrong
So many spicy things is bad for your body
It is not something I should enjoy
But the taste is engraved on my tongue, and it’s too late to quit this strange hobby of mine.
skyy omalley Apr 23
Something catches the brown and white hamsters eye.
A carrot, left behind by someone else who likes carrots.
Fully intent, the hamster attempts to flee his cage,
But alas, the bars are too strong.

Many hamsters, run free,
But he who is afraid of his hamster; will not let it run along.
The longing for a carrot eats away at this sad hamster.
He does not want his hamster to starve, but he cannot risk it ruining his living room.

The carrot rots away, and the hamster is once again sad.
life is a melody, a meandering song, exquisite and jarring, glorious and ruthless. we sit upon its strings, tightropes in a windstorm. better dance whilst you can before we all fall off into eternity.
Tara Apr 19
Find me, chase me, pin me to the ground
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to hunt and hound
Hurt me, hit me, throw me to the wind
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to scar and skin
Toy with me, free me, let me run away
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to mark as prey
Watch me, stalk me, make me ******* fear
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to catch like deer
Wound me, eat me, use me for your game
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to **** and maim.
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