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Man Oct 22
Eyes of anthracite, ignite-
Fuel for my waning spirit
Food for my hungry soul.

Her rays mirrored sunlight,
And I, a humble acolyte:

Happily dirtying myself to worship coal.

The decades of pressure
Stifling in leisure, tiny slivers of pleasure.
Harsh force of demand.

Idle gem, form of a diamond:
Unaware of her own worth.

How often, is ignorance our ruin
And ourselves, our own undoing.
To eat our own words:

How it hurts
Man Aug 2
What fresh invention,
Breaking with convention;
To press down with anger,
And drive firm with depression.
Comfort in the arms, of a
Thorny ex. Bathed in attention.
A hopeless obsession- the silenced
Tongue wags,
In this quiet procession.
Secret-Author Nov 2018
This is the bottom.
For months, I have felt this hollow tunnel inside of me. It has been the only constant for a while. Like a wind tunnel on fire.  

Steadily I have felt worse in ways I never imagined. Each morning has been harder to get out of bed; I genuinely can't remember a day that didn't start with me bent over the toilet. Yet I stand, shakily. Sometimes covered in ***** - and I clean myself up.
I get in my car. And I drive to work.

I am empty inside. I have no story. I have no melody.
I am untitled.
Paul NP Mar 2021
You may call it Sky.
I call it Blue Breeze.
You may call it Sun.
I call it Zen.
You may call it Rose.
I call it Reason.
Hex Feb 2021
Forsaken shrine,
Nights align,
In a spotted chalice,
Like onyx wine.
Out rings a bell,
A raven knell,
The wicked cry,
And doleful spell--
     --Of witching's time.

A wayward soul,
On blinded stroll,
As through the dark,
They must patrol.
The traveled path,
A harsh lambast,
And so return,
The hour's bath.

Fore a shape,
A phantom escape,
Awaiting idol,
Past a molten scape.
River quelled,
Fusion's shell,
Lest a shade and shadow weld,
Beware the spell--
     --Of witching's time.
A cautionary tale of night time and darkness.
Hex Dec 2020
The ashen mirror that reflects our world,

The support, the barrier, and the gateway,

A resting mosaic of serenity,

A whirling portrait of distraught,

And the connection of two contrasting worlds.

A slice in the silence, pain shoots from the wound,

No shatter, nor collapse, only scars of a memory,

Accompanying signs of an unknown future.

But as the clock ticks, the mirror warps, and age begins to wear,

A hail rains down, beautiful cries and solemn weeps bleed from a frigid shield,

Miniscule waves and movements rock the support as scars and sounds are birthed,

Then, the pillars fall, and the mirror bends.

But even if all were to crumble, the only feeling would be sweet relief,

A cathartic collapse, the wound releases,

The noise is cut, serenity and silence return, beheld in new forms,

For the only woe an eradication feels is held within itself.
Cox Oct 2020
Let’s let our hearts crash into the sun.
Hex Oct 2020
A power prompted, a hammer swings,

A coil strikes like a match, agitating a flicker,

A burst of dynamism, kindling of fervor,

Swift expansion, as adrenaline burns,

Isolated fury, with no aperture for relief,

Pressure for freedom, a miniscule brute runs,

Immutable plans launched, ruination inescapable,

Velocity augmenting, blood rushes like lead,

The crack of thunder, a missionary departed,

Destiny and doom controlled by a mortal spirit,

A rise of rage flies, thrill fills the heart,

And then, contact is made,

A soul lies slaughtered, smoking gun left standing,

A world to come, cut short,

By fate controlled in one man's hand.
For an October goal of writing one project every day.
10/8 Theme: Weapon
Hex Oct 2020
The Night sets in,
with stretched out sins,
and daylight starts to thin.
Time yet to be paid,
Night's song is played,
and so your climb begins.

The songs are howls,
grave wails and growls,
quavering in your core.
But alas the yowls,
are now your score,
they'll play forevermore.

Your eyes spot nothing,
as the sky is bluffing,
shadow cloaking light.
But now the darkness,
your adverse catharsis,
will coat you through the Night.

You mount the wall,
Night's idle thrall,
as screeching leaves you stunned.
But as you climb,
a rock slips high,
and now you know you're done.

You put up a fight, saw the light,
but now the time is nigh.
The Night has won,
the songs are done,
and you never spotted the sun.
For an October project of one writing project every day.
10/1 Theme: Dark
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