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Arden Feb 11
mom i am trying to tell you something
i didn't **** your daughter
i cant **** a person who never existed

if only you knew how hard it is to know
that i will never be free
if only you knew how it feels to need to
claw my skin off

i am tired of waking up
knowing who i am
while everyone uses the wrong name
the wrong pronouns
because no, it is not just a pronoun
it is validation and i know I shouldn't
need that **** but
i do
Francie Lynch Dec 2018
My use of personal pronouns
Puts me in my poem;
I can roll a rock with Sisyphus,
Be in a ceiling flame in Rome.

I can bring you back to life,
Sharing tales and tea;
Sitting there before my fire,
For all eternity.

I go marauding with Attila,
Walk with Neil Armstrong,
Fly high with Amelia,
Be a Beatle with my song.

My pronouns give me presence
In my lover's residence;
I'm just a specter she can't see;
A spirit roaming outside of me.

I can jot an I with you,
I could pen an our;
But that's just ink on my notebook,
Not as sweet as sour.

I can use my pronouns
To put you in my verse;
And then I lay my pen down,
I'm cursed, but none the worse.
You're just poetry to me.
"I, Me, Mine" is the title of a superb song by George Harrison.
Sage Dec 2018
You scream THEM
You shout it from the rooftops
Bellowing until you throat cracks
But they hear SHE
'She' they say with sweet smiles
You continue your shouts
Begging them to understand
THEM you wail
Your voice breaks as you sink to the ground
They lay a comforting hand on your shoulder
Then whisper in your ear with breath like a poisonous flower
Matthew Harlovic Dec 2018
to them or they
here's a brief overview
find me on a bad day
i'll hurt both of you

© Matthew Harlovic
I only tagged love because I'm full of it ****
Tyrus Aug 2018
I have new pronouns!
But first this poem doesnt rhyme.
I'm not sure if this is even a poem.
More of my...coming out.
A clarification of sorts.

At birth, the doctor said,
"It's a girl!"
Well, whoever stared into my mother's ******, looked at mine, and determined my ***/gender for me...
(Those were buzzer sounds.)

My name is not Madison.
And though I am the proud owner of a ******™.
I am not a female.
My pronouns are not she/her.

My name is Ty. Short for Tyrus.
I am the proud owner of a ******™.
And I have not one, not 3
but 2 pronouns.

Either one of those is fine.
To be honest really don't mind.

I just ask that you stay away from she/her. :)

Thank you for following this "thing" to this point.
And thank you for using correct pronouns!

Please read the bottom thing:
I'm working on turning this into an actual poem that rhymes and has nice grammar and ****. But for right now here you go, and BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE!
kai Oct 2016
take a moment to point out a few positive things you love about your body, the positives can make the negatives seem just a little less important and sometimes thats enough.
2. take a look into the past at how far youve come.
3. surround yourself with people who understand or may be going through the same thing, i promise theyll do their best to help you get through this.
4. focus on the amazing things you and your body can do.
5. take a time out, slow everything down and just think about yourself for a little while. take breaks and just focus on breathing.
6. write, write, write. ive always found it easier to write how i feel than to say it.
7. be easy on yourself, please.
8. take a deep breath.
9. avoid spaces or people that will bring you down, they arent good for you.
10. allow yourself to feel, everything, the good and bad feelings but dont let them overpower you
11. just take a minute for yourself, let yourself breathe and remember: what youre feeling is okay, and it will get better.
gray rain Aug 2016

Collectively we're all the same

You punched your mother in the face for trans rights.
you're really moving up
found out you had ******,
want to switch majors
skip town
leave your girlfriend and move in
with the affair
Good job.
you thought it was all an uphill from the bottom
like a country song
lost your grandma
lost your daughter
lost your job.
the roller coaster isn't that simple.
you'll lose your whole life here, kid.
go get tested, you'll figure it out.

smoke cigarettes, get a psychiatrist.
have another panic attack, they're good for ya.
punch your mother in the face, don't even get locked up
count the cuts on your hands
watch the blood pool around your knuckles

you did it because she wouldn't let you call your partner "they".
"Call her an It if you have to, just not they."
well you should have taken that as signature.
left her there wrong.
been higher and mightier,
but you recorded her.
caught it all on tape.
and now she's blocking the door.

She's softer than you remember
it isn't hard to get her off you
to move her
she can't hold you back.
she can't even cry.
you scream and she won't listen
still you're wrong
millions of voices are wrong to her
"society doesn't think that way nick.
YOU think that way."
"they'll stop saying they, if
YOU stop saying they."

Maybe that's why you fought so **** hard that night.
protecting the audio recording.
of you leading an army
at your own mother.
Leia R Dec 2015
She can be dangerous
She can be mean

She can be perfectly polished; pristine.

She can go overboard
She can be sad

She can also become undeniably mad.
I have no idea
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