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I am not tearing up
I am not losing it.
My heart is heavy
But I am not dropping it.
It was once broken
But never again am I letting it
All the sweet memories
I am hoping not to forget it.

I saw the risk and I chose to take it
I was dreaming of a fairy tale
Maybe we could make it
I tried to hide the feelings
Maybe I could fake it
But I ended up giving my heart up
Maybe she won't break it.

This time, I'm the victim, I'm the culprit
I'm the preacher on top of the pulpit
I'm the congregation to which I preach
I'm the angel and i'm the devil
I am everything in between.
Poojakaundal Apr 2018
A heart
So fragile,
I kept
Verses that
Me gracefully,
Became my

They are
No more the
You once

o w n e d

Tink Nov 2017
You have been blessed with empathy
Reading thoughts and feelings becomes so very easy.
You see it clearly in your mind
You can't be fooled - no, you're not blind.
You know the steps they gonna take
Though you keep quiet, for your own sake.
As you know far too well,
If you choose to speak and tell.
Such confrontations always ending up
By you getting the blame for their ****-up.
You are the bad one, out of your mind
How can you dare to be so vile
Reveal the player and liar they are
Though you are the empath who goes too far.
Rudra Sharma Apr 2016
forgiving is the hardest thing to do but i would request you to do so for once and the last
I tore you apart but somewhere i believe you owe my heart.
I don't have anything to explain
just put down the blame on me
i will never complain
When you know you are wrong and can't lose the person you love.
anony Mar 2015
in truth
i knew i was wrong
but i closed my eyes and
forced my mind to work as i pleased
hold on to thoughts
i was right all along
but in truth
i was wrong,
i am wrong
Daylight 4U2C May 2014
I chose this path
No, no one else did just me
No one else did
So why do I want to blame it on them
I told myself I wouldn't cry
I told myself I shouldn't lie
I told myself these but, I do this anyway
I like to break the boundaries
Skipping stones across a forbidden lake
But I wouldn't listen to myself when I said stop
I grasped my memories; nothing else then I stormed out that door
I want you to believe it was your fault
I wanted you to hate yourself for it
To come to me before I left this door or....
at least to regret it all
But, I couldn't even be honest with myself until it was over.
I wanted so bad
To have some way of knowing you weren't just going to forget
forget about me
But I lied to myself we were never a "we"
It took me forever to realize
You didn't even care
much less remember me
So I take my memories, my blames, tears,and lies and will disappear before your very eyes.

— The End —