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Tink Aug 2018
When my boredom kills me,
Imagination becomes pure glee.
I go hunting for you,
With a smile, not feeling blue.
In other people's dreams.
Does it work? Can we get beamed?

I'm hunting for you!
Oh Yes, it's true!
Searching through the forum.
Will it **** my boredom?
Scrolling Up and scrolling down,
Though there is nothing to lift my frown!

Shall I really go hunting for you?
Help me coz I have no clue!
I like the search, I like the hunt.
All done here on Upfront.
And now my hunt for you is done,
Although I smile, this was good fun.
While I've been hunting for you,
It did **** my boredom too!
Tink Aug 2018
Watching the night sky
Amazed by the delight
Of passing meteors in our galaxy
Attracted by Earth's gravity
Falling dust as a shiny star
So near and yet so far
Fascinating young and old
To make a wish, we have been told
We complete our sheer delight
Witnessing awesomeness of a night
Star dust showering us from above
Evoking hope and wishes of love
We are dust, star dust from the galaxy
On Earth to shine as bright as we can be
Tink Mar 2018
Half a century is over now
It doesn't feel that long at all
Time flew by so incredibly fast
But now with 50 life gonna be a blast
Because 50 is not a state but just a number
And it's all down to mind set to feel younger
So today I am celebrating all these decades
Whatever the future brings, I will embrace
Some of you are part of my life story
So I'm thanking you in poetry
With a 'cheers to us all' let's raise our glasses everyone
To years ahead of good times and loads of fun
Thank you to all of my online friends for all the memories
We met on the net and over the years became family
You know who you are
And I treasure you, be you near or afar

Tink Dec 2017
You witness cruelty around you
Harassment and bullying so true
You know you have to stop such abuse
You can't prevent souls getting bruised
And yet it all goes wrong
Coz bullies grow so strong
You feel exposed, you feel so helpless
All those attacks coz they are jealous
Your hands are tight, you bite your tongue
And yet it feels even more wrong
A game that can't be won
Not when you are left alone
What else to do than let all go
Where is the purpose to keep going on
I safe myself coz no one cares
This battle isn't theirs
Though it should be, they should stand up
And protect those exposed as a back-up.
This world goes wrong
When bullies are let going strong.
Tink Nov 2017
Under the covers
We are not like the others
A raising fire
Of emotions and desire
Hands wandering down
To places well known
Building up a wave of pleasure
A joy impossible to measure
A ****** driving to the edge
Until you finally collapse

Under the covers
We are not like the others
Kisses getting deeper and longing
Lightening up the fire and burning
A new longing full of desire
Making you fly higher and higher
Feeling you inside
A passionate ride
Until you are satisfied
Resting side by side
Tink Nov 2017
Once upon a time
In a land full of pantomime
There was this girl called Tink
Meeting her Peter in a blink
The time they had was filled with fun
Laughter and banter like no one.
Their bonding growing to soul transmission
Until Captain Hook made it his mission
To destroy their love and affection
Leaving back hurt and destruction.
And then it all turned complicated
Tink and Peter Pan got so frustrated.
Their love and affection taking the toll
Of a twisted evil mind on a roll.
A promise to be different
And yet turned out irrelevant
With sadness in her heart she looks back on a past
Of a friendship and bond that didn't last.
Tink Nov 2017
You have been blessed with empathy
Reading thoughts and feelings becomes so very easy.
You see it clearly in your mind
You can't be fooled - no, you're not blind.
You know the steps they gonna take
Though you keep quiet, for your own sake.
As you know far too well,
If you choose to speak and tell.
Such confrontations always ending up
By you getting the blame for their ****-up.
You are the bad one, out of your mind
How can you dare to be so vile
Reveal the player and liar they are
Though you are the empath who goes too far.
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