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Always pretend that you are alone
That way
When everything falls apart
. . . It's like nothing has changed . . .
am so,

i need a friend.
i want to talk to my friend



you'll be a burden, she's busy.
she's got more important things to do.

then..who do i talk to?


but, you're me.

am so,
i want to fall asleep,
and when I wake up.
I want it all to have been,
just another nightmare
JP Goss Sep 2018
As you flick the wand, one more time
Again in a 360 rotation, around,
From wall to door
Her lean torso serpentine coils, her mind cocked to spin
Memories she hasn’t felt since ancestors past
Nor this hunger for the hunt
Crouched low against the carpet fibers
Peeking through the lattice squares
The gaze, the stare, the pause
Of the dining chairs
The hunch, the pounce, the ****,
The finishing blow.
Grace and ferocity beyond what even Discovery could say
It’s all a game, illusion:
To catch is to win, but to catch will end the game
To chase is to win the excitement, but to lose?
But, ah, all is but frustrated
To lose, is the essence of the game
Chasing quantum excitations
Like that chance for a mouthful of pride
In pursuit
But a ghast, fleet of foot myth
She says in the semaphores of her midair leap
With delusions comes laughter,
I am the uninhibited one
Dancing for beasts.
Umi Jul 2018
Farewell, to my voice wich vanished beneath the echo of those mountains, disappearing in the far distant, out of reach
The summer sun burns through my skin, lightens up this cold heart of mine for the first ime in a very long time, but even this won't last,
Yet I have no reason to be sad, this agony is bittersweet you see,
Constant change around me, without me changing one bit, it is as if I have become stuck in some kind of loop, unable to ever advance,
What does the future hold for one who has given in to this madness?
Farewell, to all the flowers which were blooming majestically this summer, now withering over to the merciless, drought like heat,
The greensleeves of nature are to already become colourful,
Farewell to all the warmth you have given me before you slipped away into the sea of time, moving on without thinking twice,
When the lullaby of a vampire is sung it'll be time to shut my eyes,
Because then I can be sure that I don't want tomorrow to come,
Farewell to the times we were friends conveying about silly things,
Now everyone can rejoice, once my voice is gone,
Farewell, left behind, I can no longer even cry

mks Jul 2018
She’s a thousand lightening bolts to me
Catastrophic and bright and she makes everything sting
She makes everything sing
She makes everything sound good

She’s a light pink dress to me
Bold and skin-tight and she makes it seem easy
She makes it seem rudimentary
She makes it seem almost arbitrary

She moves mountains
With soft, moonlit smiles
She wrecks havoc on earth
By parting her hair one inch to the right

She’s a home to me
An island and a cage and she makes me feel safe
She makes me feel anchored
She makes me feel formidable with her faith in me

She’s not taller than me
She’s not faster than me
But when she moves,
I can barely breathe
Writing for the sake of pen and paper
Driven by the a page break or two
I'll beat these margins until they're ******
Purple, red, and blue
Sticky bulges of ink oozing and raw
And by the  wake of my next page
I would have hungered for more
Chasing full stops is a daily pleasure
If emptying ink, its only just so a page can be filled
But to fill this page, there wouldn't be enough paper in the world
What is the point of all my scribbles
If only just to package up tiny  pieces of reality
Points of view crawling like baby turtles
Fashioned into pieces of paper that will eventually die before reaching the sea
Nayana Nair Mar 2018
Let me sell you a story.
A lie
that my hollow life could live in.
A home that can be changed to my need.
A reality that never exists,
but is as real as
the stories,
the lives
that we avoided by one choice.
Let me sell you a story,
let me sell you my dreams.
I have no need for them anyway.
Selcæiös Jan 2018
People can often be illogical
Self Centered
And occasionally intolerable
It didn’t faze you in any deadly way

Maybe it took a sharp turn
from horse to foul play
But like my ******* dad used to say
"you still breathin?
well **** **** it up, you'll be okay."

If your heart’s in the right place
You’re “two-faced” or just “too nice”
“A push-over”
Keep that good **** running like an NBA replay

If you’re authentic
You’ll be “blunt”
“Too direct” “Rude”
Those are just ignorant cliches
Stay voracious
Do not fade away

If you’re blossoming
Stay Blooming
When you’re noteworthy
Don’t expect only good notes

Keep grooving to your heart’s beat though
Because that's morse code live from your soul
You gotta stay rare
Before common conformity becomes
Communistic crowd control

We crave that unparalleled extraordinary
In any sort of way

We need sui generis runaways that set the leeway
we need the leap days
and occasionally risque soirées
and baseball’s ritualistic ***** plays
So society won’t run too astray

Just like the Nutcracker needs ballet
Like grey Monday needs
Friday night’s jet-black lingerie
like Nirvana needs Kurt Cobain
We need those bows after the rain

Jealousy will be profound
When you find a way to smile
don’t trip though because on Cloud 9 it’s too intoxicating
To hear any words on the ground

When you synthesize something
That feeds your soul
That’s enchanting to you
Stay with that sensational complacency
You earned it

It wasn't about them anyway
JAC May 2017
I'm not describing anything
Any differently​, anyway
I'm not that kind of poet.
I'm not providing anything new for you
Just another way
To feel okay.
Spenser Bennett Aug 2016
To be alone
is the deepest truth we will know;
**** this empty home.

A false security
in the future of our insecurities,
our shared disease.

Don't you see
how vacant this world would be
without our American,
our American dreams?

We only love ourselves
when we let ourselves
and there's no one else
who could take that all away.

If I'm wrong then maybe there's a reason
For me to **** myself
and take it
all the way.

For all the love we knew
and the lust it grew,
we'll always bleed, **** honesty.

But I'm betting that I can find a way
To shed my pain
And the blood on my hands
won't stain my sleeves.

Distill our happiness from lonely thoughts
and broken hearts;
a life saving alchemy.

If I'm alive then you know you are,
know you are my saving grace.
And if I'm dead well then,
then I can't believe in
grace anyway.
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