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1.4k · Nov 2019
My Hell
Knee deep in icy waters
But surrounded by fire
No way to help
But no way out
998 · Jan 2020
I'M A FULL TIME *****.
A ******* *****.
For: Huxley Densen, Jenny Thoma
829 · Nov 2019
It feels like heaven,
Surrounded by my fearsome fires
I’m their God
I created them
And they can fall at my hands
Their feisty heats
Are amazing feats
They save me from the bitter cold
For: Huxley Densen, Jenny Thomas, Frances Lefevre, Alistair Cadger, Sigrid Mathiesen, Michael Andersen
690 · Jan 2020
Like Like
I don’t just like you for your face
Though, maybe that’s a plus
I like you for you
Just being that is enough
For: Jenny Thoma
I love you <3
644 · Dec 2019
Fell in Love
I fell in love with your heart,
and our words were a work of art.
Together, in harmony,
we made a world of our own.

Now your words are set in stone.
I'm sitting here all alone.
Perhaps us, together, wasn't smart.
But we together were a work of art.
For: Huxley Densen
640 · Jan 2020
take me to the dance.
hold me in your arms.
it might be your last chance.
so, what's the harm?

see, you have this special charm.
that reels in girls around you.
around you, i feel fuzzy and warm.
i wish that you did, too.
For: Jenny Thoma
540 · Dec 2019
Is it still love,
If nothing ever changed?
Is it still love,
If my feelings were denounced?
Is it still love,
If you forgot my name?
Is it still love,
If you never look my way?
For: Frances Lefevre
523 · Dec 2019
Because I'm With You
I'm only happy
Cuz I'm with you.
You're my happy place.
When I think of it,
I find you,
and all my sadness ends.
For: Jenny Thoma
503 · Jan 2020
In Your Sweatshirt's Arms
I’m smiling in your arms
I happily sink into you
You’re really comfy,
And ridiculously soft
Maybe I’ll just sleep here,
In your sweatshirt’s arms
For: Jenny Thoma
424 · Jan 2020
Just For Him
Breakup with you just for him.
Get back with him
just for him.
I’ll make myself do dumb ****
just for him.
But, she’s the only one I want.
I don’t wanna do any of that.
i’m gonna develop bulimia and anorexia again because i don’t know what to do, too many problems, projects, people; i’ll land myself in the hospital soon enough and gladly let father death take me.
421 · Nov 2019
Change My Clothes
Find a new wardrobe

Hide my old face

Take time out of my schedule

To find my new place

Maybe I’m still full of life

Full of hope and out of time

I’ll make me,

Take me,

Fake me better

And I’ll do it all for you
For: Huxley Densen, Sigrid Mathisen, Alistair Cadger
379 · Jan 2020
B = A
Anorexia, bulimia, what difference does it make
When they're both coming out of my mouth like a big mistake?
Vile bile comes out of my mouth,
Pouring out like monsters screaming, "GET OUT!"
Maybe I developed B from A,
Both leaving me with nothing good to say.

The doctor said it wasn't healthy, my weight loss.
I told her it was just from vacation.
I told her I was just worried over nothing,
She gave me a hug and said she'd listen.
But, I didn't tell her anything.
No such white lies.

Just thinking about food makes me wanna *****.
Thinking about ***** makes me wanna do it.
So I do,
And I tried to get better.
Hell, did I try.
But I ******* can't.
And I'm sorry.
For: Jenny Thoma, Huxley Densen
365 · Dec 2019
Gossip Girl
I’ve gone from the bottom to the top,
I know every little thing.
His hitlist and his hotlist,
I had every little thing.

From the bottom, yeah I got a few ***** things.
His mom had died.
His daddy cried.
His life just ain’t the best.

Top, I got a lot.
A lot like what?
Her fifteen different boyfriends,
And his boy bathroom ****.

Real stories?
I don’t know.
It’s all I’m ever fed!
Just come to me for info on your rival’s boyfriend.

Tell me all,
I need some tea.
I’ll spread the word.
Better be nasty.
For: Alistair Cadger
316 · Nov 2019
Sorry I replaced you
But it feels like revenge
Remember a few years ago
You ignored me time and time again?
Now you have a girlfriend
And you replaced me, too
Remember a few years ago
You said you liked me, too?
Our relationship went nowhere
No feelings were there
You weren't there for me
But I tried so hard for you
I wish that we can get along
Put it all behind us now
But your feelings of jealousy prevent it
And I hate it
Can we just be friends again?
For: Huxley Densen
308 · Dec 2019
You were so...
You were so...
That’s the word.
Happy with her.
Joyful and pure.
She was really nice.
Sweet, not sadistic.
You two were the perfect pair.
But now you’re apart,
On two sides of a cell.
It was barely a few months.
Was anything even there?
I’m sure she meant I love you.
Only now...
she doesn’t.
Little kisses here and there.
Kisses you two shared.
Maybe she did love you,
It was excitement she lacked.
But it’ll be okay, my dear.
I always have your back.
For, Huxley and Sigrid. ******, you were so cute together.
306 · Nov 2019
Your problems aren't plain
I'll listen to you complain
Don't laugh at the pain
Just listen to the rain
For: Jenny Thoma
301 · Nov 2019
Held in the cold grasp of cancer
I wish I had the answer
Please don’t leave me alone
For: Mom
301 · Jan 2020
for u <3
violets are violet
roses are red
i slept best
when you were in my bed <3
For: Jenny Thoma uwu
300 · Nov 2019
I've lost my crown
And fallen down
I'll find a way out
Through the crowd

One day
I'll get back my throne
But since then
I've been overthrown

Blend with the crowd
Find a way out
And then I'll find
My castle inside
For: Sigrid Mathisen
298 · Nov 2019
For You Two
Deutsch: Entschuldigung, es tut mir leid
Français: Je suis désolé, désolé
Do you understand?
It's in your native tongue.
And until now,
It's been your praise I've sung.
For: Huxley Densen, Alistair Cadger
286 · Dec 2019
With pathetic attempts at empathy,
I'll try to feel what you're feeling.
Equally ineffective: sympathy,
I'll feel sorry for your situation.
'Maybe I can help,'
I say, knowing full well I can't.
It'll leave me feeling pathetic.
Over not being __pathetic.
For: Frances Lefevre
271 · Nov 2019
We've been fighting with passive-aggression
You've been fighting with depression
But I can't stress enough what you've been pressin'
All of your ideals
Yeah, I can't help how I feel
But your life's on the line
But your hand's not in mine
Being with you 's like walking on a field of landmines
Our fightin' has to come to an end, my friend
If it doesn't our relationship will totally end
I'm done with the grind
You've been playin' with my mind
But you're the one who was slain
I'll take blame...
We'll never be the same
We don't have to end this way,
But how you've been acting is strange.
I don't feel safe
So I'll find a new place
Where all my fears will come to an end
For: Huxley Densen
267 · Nov 2019
She Was a Dream
She was a dream,
Because when I thought of her,
I could never remember her face.
For: Anya Våldsam
262 · Dec 2019
Stupid Words
I’ll say the wrong thing
To the completely right person
Honey, please,
That isn’t what I mean.

Stupid words,
Shallow, yet full
Full of hate and meaning
Full of negated feeling

Forget me, okay?
I don’t know what to say.
What I do know is that you’re jealous.
And now, there’s a price to pay.
For: Huxley Densen, Jenny Thoma, Quincy Taylor, Alistair Cadger
257 · Nov 2019
Wearing my shirt
Under your sweatshirt...
That pretty shade of teal
I don't know how I feel

You look good,
And great,
And even with your hood,
You're not second rate

You look beautiful
My beautiful
You look amazing,
For: Huxley Densen
256 · Jan 2020
full of bile,
i need to *****
acid reflux makes it worse,
but i deserve this.
i'm hurting myself
but that's alright.
i want this,
i need this,
i can stop at any time.
For: Jenny Thoma, Huxley Densen
250 · Nov 2019
Like the Archangel
You defend those in battle
But in your battle
Against the Devil
You've lost a part of you,
An important part of you,
And now you're wholly gone
For: Michael Andersen
249 · Dec 2019
Talk to me
Make me believe your socialist ideals
Socialize with me
I'll tell you of my communist ideas.
For: Benjamin Garcia
247 · Nov 2019
Diamond rings
Happy things
You listen while she likes to sing
And you watch when she's practicing
You're so happy together

I wish I could have that too
But you two are stuck like glue
I have nobody else to turn to
Maybe I'll stay all alone...
For: Jenny Thomas, Frances Lefevre
243 · Dec 2019
Zip my mouth
Lock the chain
Keep me from staying sane
Zip me up,
Just like that
My mouth is shut
Fast as the drop of a hat.
For: Huxley Densen
239 · Jan 2020
back again
and then life changed,
fast as the flick of a wrist
all that was, suddenly wasn’t
and i suddenly didn’t
e x i s t.
For: Sigrid Mathiesen, Huxley Densen, Jenny Thoma
238 · Dec 2019
Keep Me Alone
Keep me alone,
All boxed up.
Keep me unknown,
Unable to find home.

Wish to be found,
But don't make a sound.
I just want a friend
To make my loneliness end.
For: anyone
237 · Dec 2019
We need to talk,
You two need to talk it out.
But every time I get you together,
All you do is mock.
Mock each other,
Mock yourselves.
Why can’t I get you to work things out?!
For: Huxley Densen, Jenny Thoma
219 · Dec 2019
I don't have enough to lose,
So I'll give it to you.
There's so much to give,
From me to you.

I have a lot.
I was lucky!
I'll lend an ear
When things get sucky
For: anyone
213 · Dec 2019
make me into your perfect girl,
molded hips and perfect, full lips
top me off with a pearl
in a pretty dress of coral

i’ll do whatever you tell me to,
or i’ll end up black and blue
bruises painted like a pretty mural,
makeup painted a perfect hue

i don’t need help,
but he needs me.
and i’ll stay by his side
until he no longer sees me
For: Jay Randall, Huxley Densen, Sigrid Mathisen, Coty Abrams
196 · Dec 2019
Feeling Fake
Jealousy is festering in me
My mistakes make themselves known
I try and cry
But deep, deep down
My true face has begun to show
For: Quincy Taylor
191 · Nov 2019
Fancy, famous Frances
You loving little soul
I wish your heart was mine,
But it belongs to you alone

Hopeful, happy, healing Frances
You've been through so much
My darling little lovely angel
You're my one and only hope
For: Frances Lefevre
188 · Nov 2019
Monster in the Mirror
I’ll follow you wherever
As long as there’s a mirror
Try to hide,
I’m by your side
A destined game of torture
For: Sigrid Mathisen, Michael Andersen
178 · Dec 2019
She lied to me.
She wouldn’t stop lying to me.
She faked depression and cutting
just to get close to me.

I said it was fine!
I said it could be worse!
But I can’t stop thinking of it.
Thinking of her.

So much time wasted
On someone who didn’t care.
She said that I helped her
Through countless, scary nights.

But no.
It was fake!
Frances, leave me alone.
For mine and Jenny’s sake.
For: Frances Lefevre, even after what you did, you’ll always be in my heart
178 · Dec 2019
Future Happiness
We wish to be happy
        But genies can't grant that
                I wish to find a nice life
                        A nice life with you
                                But genies can't grant that
                                        So I wish again
                                                For future happiness
                                                        The genie says again,
                                                                "I can't grant that,miss."
                                                        I wish they could,
                                                I'd be happier then
                                        Happier forever
                                I wonder what you would wish for?
                        A life in riches?
                A happy family?
        You don't need a genie for that!
But my wishes seem to be too much to ask.
For: Huxley Densen, Jenny Thoma
178 · Dec 2019
Visit me in Stockholm
We'll be happy together
Locked up and stuck wherever
Stay with me
For: Huxley Densen
174 · Nov 2019
For: Alistair Cadger
173 · Jan 2020
You, sir, are a big dunce
I thought you'd learn your lesson after saying it once
We believed you would watch your mouth
But no, seems our help has gone South
For: Michael Andersen
What'd we saaaaaaay
171 · Dec 2019
Right | Wrong?
There's no way I'm in the right.
My head is filled with a cacophony of screams and squeals.
All telling me ways to make it your fault,
your fault,
your fault,
your fault...
But, for once, I don't believe the voices.
I'm sorry.
But sorry's not enough.
There's no way for us to both get what we want.
For: Huxley Densen
168 · Dec 2019
We'll spend the night together,
and talk all through the night.
We'll change our minds forever,
and find out what's inside!
And if
We fall apart,
Well that's alright.
Cuz we'll always have our memories
That we cherish all the time!
Maybe forever
Won't last.
But that's fine by me!
Cuz for forever,
You were beside me,
And all fun comes
To an end.
For: Huxley Densen, Jenny Thoma, Frances Lefevre
156 · Dec 2019
Midday Thought:
If life isn't worth living for and there's nothing to really achieve,
then wouldn't that make all of us over-achievers?
i was running and thought of this?? does this even make sense??
155 · Jan 2020
h u r t
i’m hurting myself
in all the right ways
don’t care about my health
it’s stupid, anyways

give me a sign
that i’m not right
maybe then i’ll end
this tragically long fight
maybe it’s not good, trying to get better, though. it’s just how i’ve felt today.
149 · Nov 2019
All words that describe Sigrid
But Sigrid,
None describe you.
For: Sigrid Mathisen
147 · Jan 2020
am i useless?
i keep getting used,
and over,
and over,
and over.
i'm over-overused.
when i was still usable,
you'd take advantage of me.
i was bait for a trap,
sometimes for me.
doesn't sound like a real word anymore.
it itself is overused.
i would like to start over.
for: huxley, alistair, sigrid, frances, *******...
139 · Jan 2020
dear, if you saw me now,
you'd be rolling in your grave.
for: frances lefevre
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