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Talk to me
Make me believe your socialist ideals
Socialize with me
I'll tell you of my communist ideas.
For: Benjamin Garcia
I'm a ****** in a carnivore my martyr wants to craft in a hunt
where biting laughs make romance posit their knowledge or fact
if then skunk mull ground with graph only message hers affront

to slander this right and sleep in the courtyard
and chastise fortuity at baroness
when she'd attract communist lore till Angora
freeze her T & A all the way to Tennessee.
Luna Lima Aug 2017
Old woman at store
Working hard to make end's meet
She is abandoned
A haiku inspired after I saw an old woman working in a store, looking lonely and forlorn, and probably disinfranchized by our poor social security.
John Constantine Jul 2017
A man with the people's good at heart
And self inflicted gun shots from an AK-47
Lay dead in the palace of currency

American funded bombs drop overhead
Radio waves shiver through the air
Carrying his final words

Let not his sacrifice be in vain
Let us repair and rebuild avenues across which great men and women will walk

¡Viva Chile!
¡Viva el pueblo!
¡Viva los trbajadores!
Nyteshade Mar 2017
Little peons slave and toil
To afford their bread and oil
Think themselves independent
Enriching landlords with their rent
‘Never mind’ their want to say
‘I’ll soon be on higher pay’
But rich or poor when clock does chime
They see how slight they have of time!
Still they plod on the machine
Ruled by bosses, sly and mean
Stuck in themselves they cannot see
‘Oppression don’t happen to me.
It hits brown folk in lands afar
I’ve a wife, a house, a dog and car!’
But halt ye peon, stood alone
How much of your self do you own?
Naught! The rich man rules your fate
Steals your labour for his estate
By the time you’re thirty, grim and worn
Your dreams are dead, hobbies all gone
Your soul is grey, your hope is lost
To feed a parasite your cost
All for that foolish arrogance
Pushing down those without a chance
You gave your life to corporate *****
Whilst mocking those on benefits?
Ha! How cruel this web of law
And the warped logic you never saw
For all rulers are ******, after wealth and fame
And you got played at their power game.

So pull your head out of your ****
Stand by your fellow, and your class!
Senator Bernie Sanders
has been invited to the Vatican
by the Pope, himself,
and Mr. Sanders
graciously accepted.

I just gotta wonder
"how's that for 'auspicious?'
I mean:
in this Presidential Election
where every other candidate
flaunts their unflinching 'faith'
as a means to woo potential voters,
how perfect
that the belittled underdog
is summoned to meet His Holiness
as the others, without fail,
put their feet in their mouths
and proceed
to valliantly shoot themselves in the foot,
yet the voting populous
doth so seem to revel in the spectacle.

What a show!
Sharon Thomas Jan 2016
If you become furious with every injustice!
He said once.
He fought till his last breathe..
he's still there,here and everywhere.
All the young men out there
He's more than that proud face on your tee & on the posters you see.

From Cuba to Kerala..His portrait hangs on every street
I say, it's not just about his proud face
           it claims the tale of a man who won a race!
           A race to raise humanity from vanity
Unlike the pastors who preach on peace with an ease
           He was pragmatic not dramatic
           Replaced fright with fight
           Placed righteous over mightiest
And yes he won that race to raise humanity back to sanity

You can either respect him for his dedication or detest him for his ruthlessness
You can either accompany the haters who call him a terrorist
Or follow the fellows who hail him as a REVOLUTIONARY
Nonetheless, he was victorious and victory lies with righteous alone!

Che was a rebel but not without a cause..
Yes for the Cubans !

— The End —