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by Michael R. Burch

Will we be children as puzzled tomorrow—
our lessons still not learned?
Will we surrender over to sorrow?
How many times must our fingers be burned?

Will we be children sat in the corner
over and over again?
How long will we linger, playing Jack Horner?
Or will we learn, and when?

Will we be children wearing the dunce cap,
giggling and playing the fool,
re-learning our lessons forever and ever,
never grasping the golden rule?

Keywords/Tags: kindergarten, golden rule, lessons, timeout, corner, dunce cap, fool, foolish, flunk, graduate
You, sir, are a big dunce
I thought you'd learn your lesson after saying it once
We believed you would watch your mouth
But no, seems our help has gone South
For: Michael Andersen
What'd we saaaaaaay
Alice Jul 2019
the dunce answers,
the teacher advances
the students, freelancers

and the dunce
never once
had a chance
Matthew Jan 2019
He was someone who was thrown into the bland beige walls of his “school”
Interminable hours spent staring at the shining blue beyond his reach...
Only to be comforted by the violent wisps streaming from his parents mouths puncturing his heart
His vacant black mind only able to realize that he couldn’t
Reach that blue
He could stare at its inviting villas
But never be….

Until one day he took one of those many knives
From the drawer and his heart
And ran over to the blue
Piercing his soul with all those words
Painting over the lovely blue with his deepest red
And before he closed his eyes he could hear the bluebirds and cardinals sing
Yet another old poem of mine
Charlie Dog Oct 2018
Rain pummels against the pavement of my skull.
So loud is this silence, like static on my tv.
White noise floods the every corner of my brain.
I slide out of people's lives as quickly as I come into them.
should this be longer? An unfinished thought...
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
It's like being on the edge of having ten ideas at once
But my little pills make me dunce
It tries to chases the thoughts away
At lest it keeps them all at bay
It gives me rest from my whizzing mind
Sometimes I don't want to look, and find
The monsters that breed in my head
Some day's they don't need feed
About a year ago,
Some man with an ulterior motive called,
Took it upon himself to take advantage
Of your orchestrated guilt, and you
Allowed him to intimidate and manipulate you

Slow in catching on to his surreptitious tactics,
Would have been slower if it weren't for two,
You know who I'm alluding to,
You felt that all your crown
Needed was a dunce cap.

Heed to the lesson: never surrender to
Anyone or anything out of intimidation.

Originally written 10/31/13
Revised 11/16/14

(c) 2014 Brandon Antonio Smith

— The End —