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In my heart
A caged bird sings
It lives alone
With broken wings
She tells a story
Of what love brings
It’s an open window
Shut with golden rings
Johnny walker Feb 24
There are two rings on
my finger where once
there was only one for I wear my sweetheart ring
and I ware It with
my own
It's never taken off It will be on my finger until the day I die
There are two rings on
my finger where once there was only one, to
show the world I
love her and even though  she gone my love for her just as strong as It was when first laid eyes on
There two rings on my finger where once there was only one, for the appreciation of love
she gave to me and for the twenty years we spent as man and wife and our beautiful son she gifted
There two rings on my finger where once there was only one and that's where they shall remain for there will
be another Helen for she was truly special Irreplaceable one of a kind who never will be
Two rings on my finger Helen's and mine for there will never be another she was truly one of a kind
Talis Ren Feb 15
i wrote in rings
rings of fire and
rings for flyers
to set off
and marry the sky
Christian Jan 2
I caressed you under neon gleam,
blessed cold night, your heart mine stole;
just five days, what they may seem,
yet five rings the earth has strolled.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
When I first took Helen to my
parents house and because of now making something of life by taking Helen as my wife
Was the first time In my life they showed me real respect, at last, I was a somebody rather than a nobody to what I'd spent most of my life,as for I had taken responsibility first time ever I had plans new where I was
going to what I was
A happily married proud of my wife, to be her husband look after her like
she'd never been looked after before to treat as a woman should be with the utmost respect
Proud of being Helen husband  to wear her ring for better or worse
Alan S Bailey Nov 2018
Just in for this season, darkness and light
They cascade over the hillside, that drown in
Moonlight. The jewels that fill the sky are
Scattered remnants of a pretty dream, one
That apparently won't come true. This is the
Meaning, never use the words "I do," unless
You really know you're ready to.
drtutu watutu Nov 2018
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sunprincess Oct 2018
Where is Autumn's chill?
Heat of summer lingers,
Like rings on my fingers
Phi Kenzie Aug 2018

I bet I could be an oak
if I tried hard enough

Extend my roots
maybe branch out a little
lead with my leaves

Reach for the sky!

Let my bark ring true
through the sea of trees
Watered by rain
Fed by sun
Raised in Earth
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