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Omarcito Nov 2023
In the slew of this trance
Railing across the nights
In shining armor of horror,

Light, something comical, guides me.

          I forgot how to write.
     I have no purpose.

a separation of tied limbs by
Wiley Scientist’s
Churning, clenching, wincing
Burn into my lobe.
Submission to anxiety.

Liberate my shackled mind
From the screeches of Armageddon,
Residing in the Nine Rings of rajas,
The most fruit bearing peninsula of

Tearing through the center of
My pinwheel of paralyzing

      Something reached beyond depths for me.

It, somewhat, portrayed itself,

As Light.
Amelia Sapp Jan 2023
three one one
free to run
and jump off the cliff
of the canyons of Earl
your tree rings swirl
fifty four and no more
i had nineteen when i wore
black on black for you
wrote this about my amazing father who just recently passed. i miss him every day and every night.
LD Goodwin Aug 2022
**** the clock, leave me be
I have an itch that can not be fully scratched
a hunger never sated
a Jones that never peaks

I am a slave, a concubine,
a conscript to words
they shiver up my spine
and are as a Dragon's flame

I need more to live
like air, and water and love
or the wind's subtle touch
and my muse's flesh against mine

For she has shown them to me
Her rings of passion
that shimmer in the sun
and I swell, hypnotized

**** the clock
rest your hands
I am bewitched
and must needs be met

Leave me be
to our fantasy
She waits for me still
true and wanting

My drug calls
my veins throb
the words, the words
they tell her where I am

I am still here
and the Dragon
must be appeased

Oh tenderness
the sweetness left in my memory
for my wild imagination
to ferment like wine

Drunk now on these visions
impaired with temptation
I taste their milk of love
and suckle to sleep.

**** the clock
though I can not stay here
nestled within her *****
safe from the Dragon's flame

Aye, I must leave
but a spark of permanence remains
a tattoo on my brain
of flesh and sun and rings
*as always, thank you for your inspiration*
LC Apr 2022
her heart soars straight over cloud nine
when she holds the number seven to her chest.
her fingers are adorned by five golden rings
and she trusts in the holy trinity.
she follows the partridge to the pear tree,
and her eyes bore into mine,
expecting me to follow her every step,
but I can only stand and watch.
Escapril Day 11! Prompt: an odd number of...
Here is how I incorporated the prompt into my poem. I hope you enjoy it!
Karijinbba Feb 2021
{In CA, USA -1982- present}
Elizabeth WG, Henry R W his nurse sociopath child sadomizers baby trasher is Susan WRat
Commercial/ residential burglaries, life insurance fraud (which includes ****** for hire for profit cases.
Billing and Medical Services fraud.

Inventing surgeries not authorized
cutting mother's privates up out of malice jealousy greed.
You aren't above the law
buying fraudulent birth certificates from human trafficking serial poisoners Is a malignant crime
to drug young beautiful intelligent gifted brides mothers, without them knowing for years is a crime!
You aren't above the law.
drugging lying cursing a victims mom trashing their hero mother
maligning damaging my childrens brains giving them psychotropics, hallucinogenics and methamphetamin
my grown daughter's nightmare
its against the law
This is the USA
my daughter's if you want to live follow this lead
  Take Taxi cob to Wilshire Blvd to The FBI offices ask for political assilum for you your sisters
your children Angel Mom backs you up.Elenita Rosita. Jeanette: Evil Susan W. Raitano bought you from Charalambos Mantalozis a poisoner serial killer urMom escaped from 1982 from Farron 58 Kalamata Messinia Greece
Arthur Susan Rat ano bought you for a fee
and it's human trafficking.
Susan Word Arthur Rat-ano
you are the **** of Earth
****** cows ****** bulls
you aren't above the law!
I am dismanteling your team of murderers and thieves.
LA and Washinghton
FBI have been informed
you snakes in my childrens paradise
human predators sterile sociopaths
you all wolves with pea size brains
you needed going to sadistic unprovoqued enemy to help you sadomize my family and continue trashing this hero Mom
this purple heart hero Mom

To all my enemies I am  
vomiting you here to public shame
to your team of ***** wolves
Jeff  A, John CH, shame on you!
Blind deaf mute cacaroach size brains
you need to go to Greece to pile more trash on a battered mother in law
a survivor wounded by the hand of that human predator deadly enemy.
My daughters
Rose Eleni & Jeanette M Wk I love you you adore you uaren't guilty of any wrong doing I believe in you.
You are my children you are being tortured trashed to the eleven winds because they convinced you
to trash me to the four winds.
you trashed Mom to the wolves 
out of fear be strong the more they trash you and Mom know they are your deadly enemies evidence of Mom's innocence
My reputation marred by poisonous snakes matters nothing, my character is impeccable can't be tinted
You allow them to befriend you,
But I do not blame your treason and cruelty to your only Angel mom on Earth
Those maggots narcissists you may think are mother like, are not they only have
selfish agendas very dangerous malignant,
a poison to your mind
and your childrens buy cheap phone write a letter to FBI call police from neighbor tell them not to tell make videos tell all criminal abuse take taxi put cell on airplane mode ditch car it's got tracking too call or  do not call friends they are in it too go market borrow phone call taxi get your kids go to FBI Wilshire Blvd LA tell how you have been suffering deprived
of liberty .
Mom will back you up.
Remember this
"A house divided by itself cannot stand it will utterly be destroyed"
i am your first home my children
and i am giver of life
your lover of life
boved Mom
I can't allow you 3 to trash me to my deadly unprovoqued enemy
so i deprive myself of your presence so the enemy you call friend and family can not plicate me in
macabre agendas
they are ****** for hire
and life insurances
You are always in my heart my mind
you are my baby girls and I will ways side with you don't admit to being mentally ill do not go to any Jeff's phychiatrist to force you to give your parental right

Sociopath Arthur Raitano your evil sterile Medusa Susan W.
Elizabeth W, Gzon stop calling my childrens extended family and cursing them then giving my name to them.
don't you have a name?

To my childrens deadly
two face enemies
Satan doesn't want you in hell
and God wont open gates of heaven
for you I curse the day your great grandparent
were born for all eternity
I bind to you all my pain
my childrens suffering too
soon you'll pay Karma and your many deadly enemies will be hunting you hundred fold as you do into others
I only seek an eye for an eye.
Elizabeth W G i loved Henry one split second because u
didn't understand love neither
Henry R Welonek
  you all tried murdering me by turning me to his satanic sadistic jealous ex girl friend
the evil nurse from hell.
your partner in hate crimes
i am a human being
not a dog ******* My children aren't dogs either to be drugged and forced to call criminals parents
to fill your empty cradle
God and his wise universe
did leave you sterile
for a reason
So let go of my kids
get a dogs to pet as vicious
as you all are.
By: karijinbba
purple heart Mom
A repost:1977- 2021.
To all your team of organized crime Go to hell
I carry…
The rings my mother gave me…
One for my birthday and one we got together…
I carry the necklace my great great grandmother gave me before she passed….
I carry the weight of losing both of my best friends
The weight of my depression
The weight of my anxiety
I carry the weight of the worry of my family
I carry the hope for my future
I carry the love for my friends
The hope they will stay
I carry the love for my boyfriend
The necklace, the bracelets
The bracelet locked around my wrist showing commitment
I carry the struggle of my everyday
The struggle to get out of bed in the morning
I carry the makeup,
The makeup I use to paint on a face
A face that is pretty
A smile
And eyes that don't look exhausted
I carry the earbuds to drown out everyone
All the ******* that is going on around me
I carry the notebook
The one that I use to vent about you
Say the things I can’t say out loud to you
And him
And her
And everyone that has hurt me
Keyana Brown Aug 2020
The world looks harsh
I know it seems
nothing's going to
stop us for chasing
our dreams

We maybe distant
you know I see
that doesn't mean
we can still
be a team

~All we gotta do is believe

Because we are like a
cheesey romance movie
on the big flat TV screen
where we ignore the world
as hard as it may seem
but our love is rich
and sweeter like

~pineapple rings

so don't let
society interfere
with things
love is the
cure for
Don't you agree?
Serendipity May 2020
Freedom rings at heaven's gates;
to answer is to accept you are dead.

being free
means letting go
even if
you are not
hiba sajid Feb 2020
Do two souls need two rings
to seal their bond
of soulful connection?
What do these rings do?
Are they powerful? Can it keep us together?
Can it make us whole?
Is the force of the ring stronger than two soulful connections?
When love can speak volumes without having spoken
and lovers can find warmth in each other
I need no ring.
As long as there's a haven in my lover's heart
I need no ring.
our love is more dynamic than two rings.
Two souls don’t need two rings to seal their bond of love
Love is above and beyond all that.
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