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We have a thief
on our porch.
A black bird stealing
cat food.

Following the
A copycat bird game
on repeat.
Rubba dub dub, i love muh tub
Its funny, its sunny, its wet, its loved
Quack quack quack, i love my duck
Rubbery, flubbery, beside me, wack....
This that, bubble bath
In out, 5 hours flat
Whats up with that
Its where my peace is at
And thats all there is to it, keep it clean
Even though, i'am just a silly ol' tom cat...

April 26 2019
Yes. i love showers, and bath tubs.
and especially my bubbles, and bubble baths.
bubbles is weird though
exist Apr 15
without you i haven’t been the same
but really who is to blame

you tried to impersonate me
i’m honored honestly

but it was worrying
how ****** your life must be

to try to live it in my shoes
where is my mind
Xaela San Feb 13
In the quitest corner of her bedroom
A woman stares back at the mirror
Wearing the latest dark lipstick on trend
With her near perfection sharp arced eyebrows
And her three inched high heels,

She stood there amazed yet unsatisfied
Not only on her outer being but also for her soul,
Even with all the planned efforts she made;
Regardless the sleepless nights of pure thinking;
Imagining possible outcomes for her definition of beauty

Unsatisfied she started to flip from pages to pages
Of magazines of models and celebrities in their best glamour
She imagined herself in those shoes and glamorous dresses
Gradually she added jewelry unto her bare skin
And painted her pale face with pink blush and mascara

She became a silent imitator, a copycat in other people's dictionary;
An imitation derived from the motivation for beauty
She saw upon the perfect photograph of a photoshopped model on the front page;
She have become so focus to others à la mode fashion
She failed to remember her own creative manners of beauty

This goes on and on and on, it felt like forever;
Then the once creative young lady became just like everyone else
Up to date with the latest beauty trends;
Just like everyone, it inevitably sugar coats her insecurities aside
And progressively concealing her own uniqueness.
Copycat, copycat.
Mimic all that I do,
Even though
you know
it's not good for you.

Copycat, copycat.
Do not be a fool.
You can fool
So many people.
But not me;
I will not drool
All over you.

Copycat, copycat.
Giveback my life.
No, I do not care if copying me is how you survive.
No, I hate you a lot... so goodbye.

Copycat, copycat.
I shouldn't call you so:
You're a *****, and I hope that you know.
I appoint you head ***** from now on.
Bam! Scram!
It's about time that you've gone.
Ahaha this is a phat mood
lucine Dec 2018
you took my words
when you wrote my poetry
but with prettier words
and painted my art
with more vibrant colours.

you took my friends
because they were sick
of the vulnerable me
and they found your fake smile
was much better than truth.

you took my trust
the night i had to cry alone
because although you heard
my voice break when i called
you still chose to yell over me.

just how much more
do you need to steal
from an already broken girl?
are you scared that if i am whole,
my stars will shine brighter than yours?
We grab our blades,
and go to war.
You cut me up,
and I cut you more.
I beat your arms,
while you flood my head.
**** out your words,
and I drown instead.
Yet you've no bruises,
mine are as dim as night.
They say it's just darkness,
but they can't see your eyes.
You mutate reality,
and I only help.
"Can I get better?"
I say; and, farewell--
It's like my demon and I fighting, you know?
Idk, I'm weird.
All feedback is welcome and appreciated
Cautiously, we're tied together, but that doesn't mean I'll be scared forever. With blotted thoughts you smeared my logic, blurred my memories and mixed them toxic. And honestly, I'm dying out, you smothered me with my own doubt. And as I drown, remember me, for all the things I couldn't be. Copycat, I'm losing here, and all you've done is uncover fear, you made me evil; illogical, and now I know you don't care at all. Do you make the desperate cries, logical to my demise? Involuntary refracts this soul, can you place back what you stole
from me?
All feedback is welcome and appreciated!!
Elizabeth Zenk Jun 2018
No matter what I say you are bound to repeat it
only louder
taking away the only thing I have left,
my words.
I begin to wonder
What will you say when nobody else talks?
Will they still think you're funny?
Will they still think you're cool?
What will they think when they find out all your words were mine?
I hope one of us falls down a flight of stairs.
Preferably me.
Amber Crystal Jun 2018
Why are you copying me?
Doing everything I do.
I've seen the way you act,
And this will be nothing new.

Why are you copying me?
Doing everything I do.
What about my opinions and thoughts
Are you after those too?

Why are you copying me?
Doing everything I do.
I don't think you realize,
The **** I've gone through?

Why are you copying me?
Doing everything I do.
Even if you try as hard as you may,
What you portray will not be true.

Why are you copying me?
Doing everything I do.
I'm hurting and broken inside,
but I cannot pass that on to you.
I wrote this many years ago while at school. Someone was ruining everything by pretending to be me. Instead of intervening, I did this to get out the feeling of frustration. All is okay now and I couldn't be happier.
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