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Emma Jan 31
I wish, I wish, I
But it’s dumb. I should stop.
Maybe once more, for you.
Äŧül Jun 2015
Too *****,
Not too funny,
But actually thorny.
Call one your bunny,
But run after money.
******* is yummy,
Only for the dummy.
My HP Poem #874
©Atul Kaushal
Isabella Soledad Aug 2017
A few things I like
About that old green truck

A new chrome coat with a few rusty parts
That makes the truck look tough, when in reality, it requires a gentle, caring touch.

the way it struggles to start, but eventually prevails with a successful roar, even with a few mishaps to begin with.

the unique growl it makes, when the car shifts, and moves forward.
A noise which is so recognizable, it causes a grin whenever It is heard.

The mighty roar it gives which is thundering and distinct, but brings genuine joy to the soul.

The way it makes you feel like you're home, even when you're not.

The way it can't take you everywhere, but can make you happy anywhere.

a few things I like
about that old green truck.
Robyn Feb 2016
If my blood stayed blue
I'd be prettier for you
I'd sacrifice myself
To keep the fighting few

Yet my blood stays red
So I'll lay here in my bed
Writing poetry for us
Because I'll love you till I'm dead
Have you ever had the urge to
**** someone. Perhaps that awkward ex-wife or the bullying supervisor
or maybe you just want to speed up a long awaited inheritance. If you
have any of the before mentioned reasons or one of many more, then this
book is for you. Some of the things you will read may sound a bit on the
obvious side but this publication is designed at the total beginner so
please work with us on this.

Chapter one.... Who to **** and how to Prepare.

Chapter two.... Choosing a method that is right for you.

Chapter three... Tools needed for the job and how to acquire them.

Chapter four.... How to build a great and believable aliby.

Chapter five.... Building a portfolio: for those who would like to make the step up to mass ******.

these and many other brilliantly described chapters you will get in
depth and easy to understand instructions. All from a varied range of
killers from all over the globe. Here is a little taster as to what you
can expect.

After you have chosen your first victim the first
thing you will need to do is develop a pattern. You will need to watch
them for this but please do note that you will need to consider some

1. You do not want to advertise the fact that you
are stalking your potential candidate, so keeping at a safe distance is
to be advised. Do not be obvious in your choice of dress and always mark
any area with CCTV, not forgetting that a lot of stores these days have

2. The location is important, you need to be somewhere
where you will not be interrupted, you don't want Joe public stepping in
and ruining your first project.

3. When you have completed
your first ****** these tips will instruct you on the practical side of:
Dismemberring, Disposal and Concealing the body.

4. Making the perfect escape from the scene.

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— The End —