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JonahAlonso Jun 2018
You were a story
of loneliness and woe
guilting me into loving you
or something close to it

Striking me down
with your own tempestuous explosion
Bruising me black and blue
bending me at your will
Tearing me apart

You stitched me up loving and tender
and worshiped my putrid words
You carried me worn and weary
from the weight of your passion

Blinding light
that burns the flesh
warms my soul

You have become my one and only truth
trf May 2018
your "friends" that we meet,
i forget their names,
my calloused palms are greased,
by their  squeezing hands

i remember one's a banker,
or he could have said a thief,
his ******* words were flanked,
by my disbelief

i was held hostage,
you were a smiling drone,
i remember when i lost ya,
to Stockholm Syndrome

their Heirloom Suffix changes,
on tuxedos and trust funds,
my rental wears just fine,
i'm not a "chosen" one

   sparing breath from gettin' angry,
   i excused myself for a smoke,
   these times they are a changin',
   what's gonna cease this joke

   shorting stocks on tuesday,
   while playing ball in hand,
   honey, how could you lose me,
   busted seams this man

I am not a banker,
I am not a saint,
I'm not to be trusted either,
And won't place the blame.
I am not a proxy,
I am an astronaut,
But this distant world you live on,
Might not be your fault.
Terry Collett Apr 2018
Stockholm early evening.
She was with him
walking the City's streets.

A fight broke out
between two men nearby.

She screamed and hid
behind him.

He took note
and felt a poem
coming on.

The two men
circled each other
shouting out
in foreign tongue.

Benny moved
as the men moved
and she walked behind him
calling out "Stop fighting."

One had a knife
he had produced
from a pocket.

She screamed.
Benny took note
of the knife type
and how the man
held it and passed it
from hand to hand
like a conjuror's trick.

A crowd gathered
and voices called out.

The men circled
each other more.

A police car siren
droned in
and the men
dispersed in the crowd
and out of sight.

The police came
and the crowd spread out
revealing nothing.

Benny had his poem in mind
and she clutched his arm
with a sense of alarm.
DarbyCorliss Dec 2017
The boy smiled
The girl flinches
As if the smile would disappear
She crossed
Fearing the bridge would collapse
She hesitated

...Took a breathe

Then looked again...

He disappeared
She lingered
Am I doing this right? First timer here~
Vyiirt'aan Nov 2017
''As I saw you standing there
      Eyes teary amongst the mass
I took you in,,

                                                           ­             ''As I saw you standing there
                                                           ­                       My legs were shaking
                                                         ­                 You held me dear,,

''As I took you in
      You never saw the daylight again,,

                                                        ­                     ''As you took me in
                                                              ­                      I knew I was at home,,
Nicole Bataclan Jul 2017
Empty streets
Two souls
Filled with memories
Of the past
Our past ;
We have walked these streets before
Young and in love
Our entire lives ahead of us.
We knew everything back then
Until time taught us
Doubt everything.
I see these words for the first time
Though they have always been here
Long before my love of words,
I found.

Empty streets
A poetry reading
We have been here before
Why are we here once more ?
Phoenix Bekkedal Jun 2017
I realize things aren't getting better
We aren't getting better and freeze
Glaciers wrestling the rocks
Believing that somehow we can make this work
Even when you don't even want to
Even when you want to die
Even though we all want to give up all the luggage we carry
And give our tight shoulders a rest
And give in to the feelings of insecurities in our chest
We want to rot
But the truth is
Every day on the calendar isn't a number, it's your name
And I'm living for you

I'm sweating bullets at the sound of your gun
Maybe this wasn't love maybe it was all fun
But it's not funny anymore looking down your Barrel
Wondering if I'll ever know how to feel
And if my feelings were real
And if you'll be missing me while you hide my corpse
J Mei May 2017
My love was the brutal and bitter kind,
frayed at the edges.
I gave it to giants and gods,
as giants and gods demanded.
Righteous was a fiction,
and I was only small.
My love had changed,
as I had changed,
and neither for the better.
Structural damage is done,
wear and tear on our souls,
worn and torn by far too much cruelty.
I have no indignation left,
and I hate the creature they have made of me.
jdotingham Apr 2017
the Stockholm Syndrome Sunk into her life witha.Solid.Stance.
      So much So, when She began to drown,
      his life flashed before her eyes.
                (jesus walked on water/She Splashed in an underwater dance)
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