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Why are you not working
Do you want to get fired?
Run amuck, berzerking
You shouldn't play with fire.

Are we pyromaniacs?
Yes, we arson.
They keep saying that
We're gonna get burn.
Leia Spencer Jan 30
I thought you were the fire that could warm my frozen heart
I took care of you
And tended to you
To keep you going as long as you could
I thought you would keep me warm
and take care of me too

Instead I ended up getting burnt
Charring my fingers on your carelessness
Singing my hair on your obliviousness
And In A Way, my own
Because anyone knows that when you play with fire
You're asking
to get burnt
-a former pyromaniac
Don't look at the world through rose-colored glasses. If you do, the red flags just look like normal flags
Tina Marie Feb 2017

I burn for you when we touch

I am curious
Viseract Sep 2016
Something that I try to fight
You fight it too, in dark or light
Together we can win, across the distance and time
My Nightmare that fights me, sometimes he makes me blind

Do not fall to the voices in your mind
That make you cut, leave a ****** sign
Time heals but leaves a scar
When it's over, do not forget your past

Rant, rave, spit or talk
You and I, we walk the walk
The path we dread is a path we share
The demons in the dark, the knife, the snare

Watch my step and I'll watch yours
Together we can unlock closed doors
Find a reason not to, rather than one to do so
It's working for me, why not you, y'know?

I hope you read this, but do not ignore
For me to write this was quite the chore
To have such pained effort fall when it's so near
Would be a reason to cut, ear to ear

I think you're beautiful, regardless of what you believe
For our eyes and mind can trick and deceive
When nobody trusts, compliments or gives hope,
Know that I do, though my responses are slow

Sleep well, my <3
At least, try to rest
Restlessness is eagerness
But eventually, is Death

And I do not wish to lose someone like you

An Insomniac and Pyromaniac message each other... one's mind does burn, the other wishes to burn everything in mind...
<3 you, Maddii
Viseract Jul 2016
What keeps me up all night
Is my own vivid imagination
Creating swirling embers, smothering smoke
And the bright flashes and crackle of flame

What keeps her up all night
Is she simply cannot sleep
And maybe she can't sleep
Partly because of me

Either way, we are both maniacs
And I know I'm happy to be one

So will you burn the world with me?
I shouldn't even have to name the significant other. You know who you are... My lil insomniac <3
SilentMetanoia May 2016
I'll bring the gasoline
You bring the flame
I'm a Pyromanic, baby
So set my heart ablaze.
Viseract May 2016
Puddles, puddles, everywhere
Mini rain lakes that make quagmires

How I wish you were puddles of kerosene
So I could set you all on fire
The Pyromaniac within rises.... (jk)
miya schreiner Apr 2015
I was extremely flammable
and you loved to play with fire.
You said you’d never hurt me,
but you lit a match and left me burning.
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