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She's so lucky
Because you never judge her.
She's so lucky
Because you care for her.
She's so lucky
Because you never forget her birthday.
She's so lucky
Because she's wearing your hoodie.
She's so lucky
Because she can give you flowers.
She's so lucky
Because you've kissed her.
She's so lucky
Because you love her.
Lela Dec 2020
I washed the hoodie you left at my house.
I put it in my laundry machine and pressed start. I watched it as the smell of you forever leaves it’s fabric. All of the feelings I buried deep down inside me are gone.
It no longer holds any power over me, I no longer treat it as an enemy.
Now it’s just a piece of clothing that used to be yours
It doesn’t bring memories anymore
It is just a simple hoodie that used to be yours.

I don't sleep in it anymore. I don't keep it close to me as if it is going to protect me when the bad times come. Right now I see it only as a piece of clothing and nothing else. I am at peace with an object that never even knew I had so many feeling towards it.
It is just
a stupid

I let go of my claim on you
I am free.

It was itchy anyways.
J Dec 2020
salty lava snaking down my ashy skin
meeting at the curves of my lips,
bouncing off the flesh when I speak.
Your laugh on the other end
vibrations that leave me deaf
and yet I stay eager for more,
slumping against the sound.
the weighed down wriggling piece of nothing,
the chipped little porcelain teacup
the veiny vessel
releases and rises,
no longer drowned by thoughts.
I missed the sound of your voice saying you loved me, I miss how I feel when I hear you. Missing someone is bad enough, but to miss their voice on top of it? Their voice, their touch. I've touched you only a few times in a span of mere hours, and yet I think about it every day. This hoodie is very nice, but it doesn't compare in the slightest to your arms around me. I love your chain, but it pales in comparison to you as well. you. I love you. and I am so so sorry that I ever let you doubt that, I'm so sorry that you ever wonder, I'm so sorry for the times that I make you sad. I don't mean to be. I'm going to start working on it, I promise I will. I love you.
my mind sucls
Jan Sep 2020
Let me sit on your lap,
my legs around your

Your hands tracing
my back, tugging
at my hoodie.
Reaching my neck,
fingers tangled in my hair.

One palm cupping my
Your thumb leaving caresses,
on my lips, jaw,

Your eyes hold mine,
and my breaths come
in sharp bursts

Move in to kiss my lips
Adorn my neck instead.
Pepper me with kisses
Pamper me, into becoming
a spoilt brat

Hear me sigh into
your ears.
Hear me whisper,
"Can we do this
all the time?"
little fantasies
Janice Mar 2020
Your hoodie still hangs in the back of my closet...

It's been there for months

But i cant bring myself to throw it out
It's the only thing that still smells
Of your sweet cologne and shampoo,
The cigarette smoke and green smoke too

It holds the memories of your hand

And when i see it I'm looking into your face again,  as you say "I love you"
Something so often done that
I'll never again see you do
Wearing my shirt
Under your sweatshirt...
That pretty shade of teal
I don't know how I feel

You look good,
And great,
And even with your hood,
You're not second rate

You look beautiful
My beautiful
You look amazing,
For: Huxley Densen
SophiaAtlas Nov 2019
We're going to stick together,
Even if it's the last thing we do.
We're going to stick together,
Even if I have to die for you.
We were just the shy kids at school,
But then taken away.
Now we're proxies,
And we're here to stay.
Anastasia Jul 2019
Sometimes I run out of words
And I wanna walk somewhere
So I put on my hoodie
And smell my perfume
It smells like you
A sleepy musk
I walk to your place
And words flow through my head
And I can't help but smile
A real smile
Unlike the ones I've had for a while
And I tell myself
It won't hurt
If you only love him for a while
Just enough to get through
I messed up
And I loved you too much
When I get to your house
I hesitate
Should I go home?
But then I see you smile at me
At my fears fly away
But the butterflies in my stomach
And I hope you will too
I don't know. Just my thoughts ❤
Philomena Mar 2019
First time I wore it
Crying on the way home violated and confused
I suppose you can't rush a good time

It was soft, and it help me better than anything else
Helped my hide my body
And my scars

Kept me warm in the cold
And sheltered me in the night
Kept my alive

It was with me though breakups
And sneak-outs
Not to mention every long night in-between

It brought me to college
Helped me escape the pain
But it's gone now

It gets to help someone else though their pain
It gets to help a new life
Find a new home
Lord knows why I write anything at all. I used to have a grey hoodie so yea.
Bus Poet Stop Apr 2015
eye sometimes go to bed wearing an old hoody. It has a metal zipper  to close the front and the zipper is always cold, unpleasantly so, on my bare skin.  After awhile though, my body temperature warms the metal just enough, that it is no longer a cause of discomfort though the metal still remains inherently cool to the touch

While science can easily explain this I guess, I felt this to be a major miracle.  That flesh pliable and heart-heated to 98 degrees could conquer the molecules of metal that were made in China struck me as extra ordinary (always two words, please!) and nothing short of a personal intervention by a personal deity

When I put the hoodie on at first I would think
******* (that's cold)
When I awoke, cosy and warm, I would think
******* (that's so cool)

having studied philosophy in Cleveland,
I knew that the logic of the situation,
what I had experienced was not an
interregnum, but the invisible intervening handiwork of god, who, also knocked my glasses from the nightable to the floor,
just cause she/ he was in a bad mood, on account of having to come such a long way, just,
to reheat me
one more time.
In terre gnum - freedom from the terror of chewing gum discard actions and a phobia of gnus
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