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annh Feb 2021
Offer sight to a blind man and he may refuse the notion,
Preferring to view the world through the lens of his heart;
Limited only by his own goodness and intention.

Or lack of it, as the case may be. :)

‘I don't think we did go blind, I think we are blind. Blind but seeing. Blind people who can see, but do not see.’
- Jose Saramago, Blindness
Simon Jul 2020
Have you ever once thought about being thoughtless...?
I have... And it's not very pleasant!
Showing I've been thoughtless towards my own inner self in order to gain the advantage of forced self-acceptance!
You are thoughtless once you can't begin to understand the very situation in front of you!
Cattatonicat Jun 2020
There she goes, with a young heart in a ****** world. She’s so young and she could be so gullible. Love sounds like a dream but feels like trickery to her heart. To have power over her young heart, that would be the dream for the ****** in the ****** world. She’s so young, it would be so easy to lie to her. She’s so young, it would be so easy to take advantage of her. She’s so young, it would be so easy to manipulate her.

She feels every time she is lied to, taken advantage of, and manipulated, and she knows what’s happened to her. She doesn’t want to say anything about it, because she knows only the ****** would do such a thing. The ****** weren’t always the ******, and she could be one of them any day, and she knows.

At some point, however, she feels the need to say something as a preventative measure. She has a young heart and so many of the ****** want to **** it. The ****** world doesn’t feel safe to her. She wants all the ****** in the ****** world to stay away from her until they are no longer the ******. However, she is scared that everyone in the ****** world, including her, is the ******. She is scared that there will be no one left in her refuge once all the ****** are gone. She has to risk her fear because she believes her heart is young and she wants to keep it that way.
Jaxis Jun 2020
Thinking about the week after that smoke break
The beginning of continuous mistakes
First time unplanned second time was for the take
The fireplace for your lonely brisk night
Was friends of three turned to two
How it was for me, framed and blamed
For things never being the same
Temporary connections, use to false affections
It should have been different
I changed thinking it’ll be worth it
But you turned out to be so arrogant
That’s what caused the sudden split
You came back, thought we could attempt to make it work
With that hopefulness I only earned a slight smirk
Then in an instant saw nothing but flowers
Minutes that went by, for me, felt like hours
Purple daffodils printed on a white silk pillow case
And scratches from long callous hands
That feeling I could never erase
Feeling warm in the worst way
Wishing after you wouldn’t want to stay
Diving into that state of mind like quicksand
Said things would stay the same
But the distance increased, now we don’t speak
This memories for you to keep
I bet you’re still “glad you came”
i keep getting used,
and over,
and over,
and over.
i'm over-overused.
when i was still usable,
you'd take advantage of me.
i was bait for a trap,
sometimes for me.
doesn't sound like a real word anymore.
it itself is overused.
i would like to start over.
for: huxley, alistair, sigrid, frances, *******...
Sneha Oct 2019
every fruit has fallen
branches bent beneath their weight
sagging with the memories of what once was

every fruit reaches the lips of another
sweetness trickles down their chin
devouring each bite with fervor

every fruit is gone as quick as it came
sticky remnants rubbed away from skin
ridding any memory of what once was

they return to her roots
desperately waiting for her branches to dip
with evidence of her labors

only to consume and
feel refreshed
as she withers away
Nina Jul 2019
Never tell someone you love them
Don't give them the advantage of knowing.

Once they know,
they'll use it against you

they'll use you as a second option
as a fall back plan

because they know,
no matter what they do,
you'll always be there for them.
loving them
Paras Bajaj Apr 2019
He went downhill;
waited with color in his eyes.

She went uphill;
acted like she was blind.
-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
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