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Nina Jul 19
Never tell someone you love them
Don't give them the advantage of knowing.

Once they know,
they'll use it against you

they'll use you as a second option
as a fall back plan

because they know,
no matter what they do,
you'll always be there for them.
loving them
Planejane2 May 19
You dropped the ball,
yet somehow I picked it up
& handed it to you to shoot your shot again.
You slammed dunked.
How you scored.... but I won the championship & left you.
Paras Bajaj Apr 23
He went downhill;
waited with color in his eyes.

She went uphill;
acted like she was blind.
-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
Herselfher Mar 19
Took him for granted
Maybe he was not that bad
I didn’t realize what i had
Until someone else
gave him a chance
For her,
he is the best
She has ever had
For me he is my sad
advantage of
talking to yourself
is that
you know at least
somebody's listening.
:)  Yes, I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice!  :)
Contoured Dec 2018
I want to be wanted, not used.
But I won't be and that's all I'll ever be.
V liv Nov 2018
Waste of time, tears, and companionship
Creator of my joy
Destroyer of the same
Everything isn't enough
Nothing ever is
Speak of others
Using me to their advantage.
You became worse than them.
Speak of others
Being distant.
You became further than them

No more speak of others
It was you
Your intention
A plan of your own invention
To manipulate
To play
To leave
amber Oct 2018
you crush him
beneath your feet
you turn him
into nothing more
than broken glass
I see your toes
gushing blood
fs yousaf Jun 2018
I wonder if you ever look back
and see what you created.
You tore me down,
made to barely have any life,
and expected me
to follow your every command.
You knew I was developing,
and made it a mission
for me to develop to your liking.

Since our splitting,
I have sprung into all four seasons,
not even a feather weighing
against me.
I have been smiling larger,
and thinking of ways
I can extend my life,
instead of ending it prematurely.

You're still out there,
and I hope you are well,
but I carry no sympathy
for a person who once
attempted to take advantage of me.
For a person who once took full advantage of a vulnerable mind.
Cana Jun 2018
Spoilt little *****
Demanding this and demanding that.
Take advantage of a situation.
Make the unexpected the norm.
Care the alms, care the hand,
for arms and hands are what you'll lose.
Benevolence and generosity
are treated as weaknesses, flawed characters being nice.
Smiles are kind, faces glowing, eyes, testing.
Be clear of your intent of kindness.
Once off, no expectations.
I'm ******* angry at this horse ****!
Note to self
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