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Apr 22 · 184
Deanna Apr 22
All those late nights
talking on the phone until we fell asleep
watching movies in the dark
laughing under all those stars
adventuring to places we weren't supposed to be
you've forgotten all the little, stupid secrets that we use to share
and all the other thing's that made us who we were
you've forgotten about me
Deanna Apr 13
Your loving words
lightly touch my soul
like butterfly wings
healing all the wounds
that are hidden inside
Apr 5 · 100
Your words
Deanna Apr 5
Your words hit my heart like shards of glass
Cutting through my flesh
And leaving such large holes
That may never be fixed
Apr 1 · 564
Deanna Apr 1
So beautiful
Yet so painful to hold
Almost like a disguise
Hiding the pain
Under the beauty
Of petals
Nov 2019 · 339
~Does it make you happy?~
Deanna Nov 2019
Does it make you happy when you drink all that alcohol? Does it make you forget all the pain and stress of the world?  Does it let you hide from your real feelings? Drowning your emotions with in all the empty bottles. Does it help you sleep better at night? Knowing you’ll wake up only to repeat the process all over again.
Does it make you happy when you abuse her?
Does it make you feel powerful? Although in reality you're just as big as your actions. Does it give you relief when she falls to the ground? When she's bleeding in silence from all those strikes just to make you whole. Does it help you sleep after using her like a 10 year old girl with a doll? Is this your idea of loving her? Or are you just a killer?
Does it make you happy yelling? Yelling at those who thought you loved yet you yell and scare them. Do you use that fear as power? Does it feel good to make others feel as if they have no future or worth in this world? Does it help your self esteem to be little others.
Oct 2019 · 1.1k
Deanna Oct 2019
the tears
that I'm so use to
I don't even realize
they're there
Oct 2019 · 353
~the moon and sun~
Deanna Oct 2019
when the sun and the moon met
they created darkness
I guess you were the sun
and I
was the moon
Oct 2019 · 359
Deanna Oct 2019
a person is not born with anger
anger is a build up of pain and disappointment
caused by the people they thought loved them
Sep 2019 · 488
Broken pieces
Deanna Sep 2019
I saw your broken pieces
And i tried to put them together
But when you saw mine
You made them even smaller...
Jun 2019 · 350
Listen to your heart
Deanna Jun 2019
His words told your ears love
But your heart told you to run
Jun 2019 · 542
Deanna Jun 2019
By the next year
We will be apart
More than ever
By the next year
You wont know me
By the next year
You wont want
To see me
Bu the next year
Ill just be
Jun 2019 · 166
Deanna Jun 2019
Its killing me
Yet im not
The one
Jun 2019 · 291
Deanna Jun 2019
Its funny how i write
All these words
But when i
Talk to
you i
May 2019 · 327
Blue eyes
Deanna May 2019
Your eyes are so cold
But so warm
At the
Same time
Apr 2019 · 373
Deanna Apr 2019
Thinking about
So late
But so earily
In the day
Is deadly
To my heart
And soul
{Need sleeping pills}
Apr 2019 · 360
Wasted words
Deanna Apr 2019
Wasting my words on someone who doesn't care
Wasting my words for someone who will never hear
Wasting my words for the person that isn't ever there
Apr 2019 · 220
Deanna Apr 2019
I want to
From all
Apr 2019 · 193
Deanna Apr 2019
You broke through my wall of a heart
But also left with it still broken
Mar 2019 · 292
Deanna Mar 2019
Sometimes the most quiet people have the loudest cries.
Mar 2019 · 256
Deanna Mar 2019
You ripped my heart out
With your bare hands
And threw it on the ground
As if it was nothing
Mar 2019 · 471
Why your single
Deanna Mar 2019
Your single because
Every time you say you like me
Than turn around to someone else
When I'm not around
Jan 2019 · 242
Deanna Jan 2019
I made mistakes i cant fix
But doesnt everyone?
Jan 2019 · 363
Deanna Jan 2019
why did you hurt me
give me pain i didn't want
nor pain i didn't need

why did you show me love
but never reallly receive it

why did you have to go and hurt me?
Jan 2019 · 137
Deanna Jan 2019
I always end up losing
Losing one person or another
Losing a chance and ******* it up
EVERYTHING I DO is a **** up
Maybe its better i just end it all and hope for the best...
Deanna Jan 2019
I dont wanna lose you
Your literally everything to me
You were there the day it looked like i pist myself although it was water from a puddle i fell in
You were there the day i was trying to get over him and failed 100 times
You were there the day i tried to **** myself by jumpingout a window or as we ca it now a "winder"
You were there fod so many **** things that i cant even type them all
But im not gonna lose all that for one guy
Cause your more than one guy
And that one guy
Will never know me like you know me.
Jan 2019 · 512
Deanna Jan 2019
All her poems she writes
Pour out of her heart
As if a secret that was
kept for years
Jan 2019 · 124
Deanna Jan 2019
You saw my pain and ran
Didn't hold on and comfort me
Instead you left me in the darkness
With my own thoughts and actions...
Jan 2019 · 518
Deanna Jan 2019
Saying i love you
Was the biggest lie
Ive heard
Jan 2019 · 210
Deanna Jan 2019
I broke
I broke down
I held it in all month
All the pain
And stress
But then i broke again.
Jan 2019 · 250
Little love
Deanna Jan 2019
Little love in this heart
Thinking I liked someone that broke my heart
Think I'd heal and start again
But just break down again
The little love I have
From my wasted days in bed
Where I heal myself and heart too
Hopeing I'd find someone soon.
Jan 2019 · 336
But if i did love...
Deanna Jan 2019
If I did love
Told you I loved you
That'd I'd be there for as long
as you want me
Would you let me
Or hurt me?
Jan 2019 · 184
Why love?
Deanna Jan 2019
Why should I love
To get my heart broken again
To have more wasted days in bed
To text you and be left on read
To feel the hole in my heart
To sit in dark rooms and cut
Why should I love again
if all it brings is
Jan 2019 · 297
Its not easy
Deanna Jan 2019
It's not easy to stop drop everything and say I'm fine
It's not easy for me to let go even after all the pain I suffered
It's not easy to smile
It's not easy to laugh
It's not easy but I swear I'm trying.
~To my best friend
Jan 2019 · 145
Deanna Jan 2019
I often forget who I am because I'm around people who expect me to be
some one I'm not.
Dec 2018 · 259
Deanna Dec 2018
I just want someone to understand
Understand the pain of waking up every morning to ******* that breaks me down to nothing.
Understand the loneliness I suffer from because my mother can't see the hugs she hasn't given me since I was 6
Understand the scars on my wrists that I did to myself cause I have zero self control.
Understand that I need to be sure your not going to leave me because it's so hard to meet people due to my social anxiety.
Understand that I've gone through a lot and when some days I'm off and seem sad it's because my life doesn't seem to get any better.
Understand that I don't want to hear his name or hear anything of him because he left me I didn't leave him and if he wanted me back for a daughter he could have came back.
Understand if I say I'm dead, great, or fine that I'm slowly contemplating my life and that I don't really want to talk about my problems.
Understand that when I try and talk to you I really want to talk to you and that you may mean alot to me and alot is more than some people can get.
It's almost 5am and can't sleep hoping maybe a miracle will hit
Nov 2018 · 188
Deanna Nov 2018
Loves like a present
Its wrapped nice and neat
With kindness and care
But one day
It's ripped apart.
Nov 2018 · 186
Deanna Nov 2018
i didn't want it to end this way
i didn't want to leave you
i didn't want to hurt you
but i didn't want to hold on to be selfish
and hold on to you when i knew
you'd be better off without me
and i was right
Nov 2018 · 247
Deanna Nov 2018
i fell in love

i fell apart

i picked up the pieces

but they broke again
Nov 2018 · 111
wasted days in bed
Deanna Nov 2018
i waste my days
lying in bed
thinking of the guy
i've loved for so long
that i no longer
want to open my heart
to anyone else
Nov 2018 · 14.4k
your name
Deanna Nov 2018
when ever i hear your name
my heart instantly
to the bottom of a
Jun 2018 · 225
Deanna Jun 2018
your promises are like glass
you drop them
and they
-thanks dad.
Jun 2018 · 139
the one who cares
Deanna Jun 2018
i was lonely
sitting on the wall
a l o n e
no one liked me
thought i had no personality
but you came
accepted me
and made me feel whole
as a friend.
this is found also on Eli's account thank you.
Apr 2018 · 195
saying no
Deanna Apr 2018
I am hurt
but so are you
you ask and ask
but I just say no
you don't care
you try and try
never giving up
because you believe
we're meant to be
#love #the one #no
Apr 2018 · 70
Deanna Apr 2018
you were my sun my moon and my stars. But slowly the sun never rose, the stars never shone, and the moon never came.
Apr 2018 · 121
what are we
Deanna Apr 2018
we complain about being lonely
but yet again were to afraid of the thing that will comfort us.
so what do we do
we let ourselves say no
we let all ourselves ask what if
we push everyone away
we hurt ourselves for hurting others
then in the end we lie in bed and regret everything
-us as humans shouldn't be afraid

— The End —