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Deanna Mar 15
Your single because
Every time you say you like me
Than turn around to someone else
When I'm not around
  Mar 13 Deanna
memoona kazmi
so i guess this goes on,
people keep on hurting you ,
and act like you have hurt them........
  Feb 11 Deanna
I am just a broken girl with pain in her heart...
For I will never be able to love the way I loved you for fear of being hurt...
But I will try my best to move on and love with all my heart...
But I can't promise alot...
Coming from my broken heart
Deanna Jan 30
I made mistakes i cant fix
But doesnt everyone?
  Jan 30 Deanna
And so i edit my body with scars, my eyes are blank, i see from afar. I miss the way you used to feel the idea of losing you all to real, and now you lay dying there and i wish that you could hear me, i bleed out of fresh new wounds as i cry to you to come home soon so now i just sit in my room and edit my body with scars.
Deanna Jan 28
why did you hurt me
give me pain i didn't want
nor pain i didn't need

why did you show me love
but never reallly receive it

why did you have to go and hurt me?
  Jan 28 Deanna
memoona kazmi
i see that girl,
she changed so fast,
well maybe that's because,
she had been giving her best part,
to people who weren't good at all,
but they forgot,
even the prettiest dawns,
have scariest nightfalls,
and now its her turn,
naive she was then,
strong she is now............
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