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Leaves learn first to fly
Once the test of death behind
Is last in their sight
I find it ironic that they only get the freedom to fall when they stop growing. Interesting. And if you're reading this, I hope that this colored your day in a positive way. *wave*
And when I am ill
Nothing works
No one heals

Nor do I

Let me craft
The pain
For you

To heal
Genre:  Dark Abstract
Theme: No One
Seanathon Aug 7
On quiet little corners turned
And freshly folded blackened ink
Beneath pillows raspy, hands left grasping
And above all thoughts which were recently freed

There are pages stating and there is change
As there is fire waiting for the freedom to be

Pleasnt quiet little corners turned
Though you once had held a candle to me
This one is about all of the old letters and notes from my various exs. Just one of many options. Truly at peace regardless.
Bella-Lee Aug 6
Although we've been told,
People care.
Although they extend their hand to hold,
They'll still sit with a snare.
So my silence has been sold,
And I'll sit and twist my hair.
Till all the cards you fold,
Cause No one cares.
Everyone's heart is cold,
To anyone's problems but theirs.
You could probably guess how many times I have been told by a person that, they don't care. I guess I don't matter...
Seanathon Feb 22
Space to think less
Space to be more
That is what your coffee shop means to me
And no matter how tempting the owner may be
It's is no such she who I adore
But the absence of the former self
And the discovery of what is meaning more
Just a thank you from one artist to the next. Be it a selfish one aimed mostly at me. (;
zz Feb 8
I caressed a stranger in the tube
brushed my fingers across his

For a little second desperate I became
to  feel the human´s warmth

I wonder why God gave me this body  
that no one never touches
Deanna Jan 28
why did you hurt me
give me pain i didn't want
nor pain i didn't need

why did you show me love
but never reallly receive it

why did you have to go and hurt me?
KDFr Jan 21
No-one will ever know
hiding behind a wall of lies is a weeping brother trying to sew the torn peices of his broken soul back together.
No-one will ever know
he's withering inside but still still trying to grow,
stretching his limbs for help but does anybody notice him there? No.

No-one will ever know
that screaming from behind a veil of make-up is a girl's dying soul.
Wrapped in pretty clothes
she's trying to break free of the hurt she feels inside
but they don't know.
No-one will ever know she's been tormented by her imperfections and failures
and although she tries not to let it show, it does
but does anybody pay attention? No.

No-one really cares
and they all do a good job at pretending not to see or not to know.
Instead of stopping to help
they turn a blind eye on conviction
and they just go.
Madison the Bean Dec 2018
I have decided that I am a no one
that I need no voice
no name
no face

Because I am now a no one
I don't need to look ok
I don't need to talk to anyone
That I don't need friends

And now that I am a no one
I can run away
I can sob in a corner
I can do what I want

Now I am a no one
so I can be selfish
and starved
and damaged

I am a no one
so I am alone
almost ****

So, I have decided I am a no one
Abby M Nov 2018
Threads of people winding by each other, clumping and then seamlessly slipping past.
I try to blend in but I feel like I’m too slow or too fast.
My skills at reading crowds are on the lower side.
Yet I love being in crowds, amongst so many you can hide.

People running everywhere, and I’ve nowhere to go
But that’s fine with me if these are people I don’t know
Their eyes slipping right past me, neither towards or away,
They simply disregard me, nothing warrants naught to say.

This is how I want it, yet I can’t help feeling that
It’s hard sometimes to be the one that everyone forgets
I don’t want that at all, now that I think about it more
For how could they forget me if they’d not seen me before?
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