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Raven Feels Aug 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, the faint of the heart is the vision of blood on a love's dart:-/

mine to love
like a broken bottle of wine trickling from above
mine to lose
the death of leaves with an odor to choose

nerve visions times of sadness
like books left unread and ghosts of madness
the radio silences the alone
the heart of blood grew a heart of bone

speaks in gazes
like a reach of hands before a car crash embraces
stares in orange roses
the lost up space the past dream exposes

all too well prefer rivers not seas
like when the window winds shuffled with car keys
green grass shades and shields
the depressing autumn can be the golorious of all fields

bestest trees of lights in luminaire
like the colors of stolen Augusts and the Jupiter
before the shot of a wounded summer
the listen of violens and the heard bird hummer

now empty lines on empty pages
like a no remember of the highlights of the faces
with the drawn pencil a smoking scent evoked
expressions painted in coffee and lost letters in the cold  

                                                        ­    -------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, happy endings do not exist seems such':"

living am I ?
dreaming am I ?

those eternal flowers I sang for
not sure that once they became a past before

gave me the numb
but that's a feel try the empty sum

ride the winds surf the waves
survive a disbelief a miracle save

edge of persuasion for the night scene
selling a mirror some cheap steam

when did lasts come with no strive ???
like marine revolting on a tepid dive

a million burdens in hindsight say
yet awoken useless hells of away

is bliss the calm pre sin ???
a keep or a prize to pass by a temporary win

harder evasions into moments of surreal
now bribe me some moon to sign a deaf deal

Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, some words turn to dust--no one to understand no one to value on land:\

hold the words save the rush

throw away turn to dust

in a hint an unwarned gush

leave to decay surrender to rust

upon a flash

upon a sleep

in a thousand nights and one they tear

on a heart of gold to dash

on breast to bare

no more they burn they fast

they swear

Mothsome Dec 2020
Me ??
I am no one.
So you can’t tell anyone who hurts you.
Because...Baby!!! No one hurts you.
Zack Ripley Oct 2020
NO ONE can help or please EVERYONE
But ANYONE can help or please SOMEONE.
Shadow Apr 2020
Laying in sweaty stained sheets
With the ground below
Covered in empty tin and glass

A shallowness
Starts to grow inside
But is pushed to the darkness
Faster than it is able to grow

"No one can see that." He thinks

Positivity sparkles the outside shell
That inside
Holds putrid and lorn feelings
Hidden deep down
Not able to be seen by anyone

Everyday it gets harder
But the "smile" never retreats
Because if it ever were to
He'll feel complete defeat
brandychanning Jul 2020
not even, your doubting Jill-from-the-hill voice,
asking, are you sure? really confident?

you desire me
to seize up,
cease the finger pointing
and begin the fingernails
scratching glass, agonizing

what I propose,
why I came here,
to defend and protect


demands I, we,
answer to no one.

the little voices implanted

to erode our con-fidence.

indeed, they are the con.
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