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Zack Ripley Oct 11
NO ONE can help or please EVERYONE
But ANYONE can help or please SOMEONE.
Shadow Apr 27
Laying in sweaty stained sheets
With the ground below
Covered in empty tin and glass

A shallowness
Starts to grow inside
But is pushed to the darkness
Faster than it is able to grow

"No one can see that." He thinks

Positivity sparkles the outside shell
That inside
Holds putrid and lorn feelings
Hidden deep down
Not able to be seen by anyone

Everyday it gets harder
But the "smile" never retreats
Because if it ever were to
He'll feel complete defeat
not even, your doubting Jill-from-the-hill voice,
asking, are you sure? really confident?

you desire me
to seize up,
cease the finger pointing
and begin the fingernails
scratching glass, agonizing

what I propose,
why I came here,
to defend and protect


demands I, we,
answer to no one.

the little voices implanted

to erode our con-fidence.

indeed, they are the con.
Zack Ripley May 31
don't let yourself be swept away
By the promise of another day.
And if you have something to say,
say it.
Because no one knows
Exactly how long we get to stay
Zoë May 18
Here I am sitting in the dark
feelings overwhelming me
listening to the noise of the night
slowly falling apart

No one can hear
No one cares to listen
to the things I'm afraid to say

So much pain
tears falling down my face
told myself to hold on
it will get better they say

No one can feel
No one cares to touch
all the scars that are hurting

So here I am struggeling
World weighting on my shoulders
listening to my silent cry
words caught up in my throat

No one can see
No one cares to open their eyes
to all the sadness behind my smile

So much pain
tears falling down my face
told myself to hold on
it will get better they say

But will it really??
Zack Ripley Aug 2019
The music man is the master of disguise.
He sings about his pain but no one hears his cries
Molly Eli Apr 15
To be freed
Is to feed
Lies to everyone
That walks this earth
And smiles when it rains
To be freed,
****, I'd rather feel pain
Freedom is a thing
Sure it is.
But as long as your living on this Earth
You might as well be in prison

To be freed
Yeah, right
We all have this greed
That will keep us from freedom
And this greed keeps us from the night
Where when we wake
Things will rejuvenate
But do any of us
Really believe in true revival,
When we have lost so many
To survival?
All I'm saying,
Is that the point of living
Is to survive
And not to live
This freedom isn't freedom
This "freedom" is jail
Molly Eli Mar 13
If I couldn't feel
Would you call me strong?
If my eyes never started to well,
Would I be good enough?
If I was dependent
If I was putting out
Would I ever be liked
By someone that I loved?
Or would there still be no one

If I was less of myself
More of everyone else
Would you think that I was nice?
If I blended into the crowd,
Would that surprise you?
Would it make me
Just another victim
To your sightless eyes?
Or would I just be no one?

If I was a girl that could be loved
Just as easily as it spilled from my blood
Would you love me then?
Maybe if I was pretty enough,
Perhaps I had a smile,
If my defense wasn't to be rough
And live in constant denial,
Would you see me then?
Or would I still be no one

I am tired of living under a guise
Of words that cut like a knife
And being unseen
To the nakedest of eyes
They wonder why I am so tough,
Why I have never shed a single tear
They must think that my life is fine,
That it's better to hurt than be hurt
But they don't no how much hurt
Goes into being no one
I am unseen to everyone I have ever loved
I am gone
To all of those that I will ever want
But maybe I can just continue
To be no one
Molly Eli Mar 5
Broken words
Sharper than glass
Break the girl's heart
As the blade breaks her skin
What you had done
Has broken her apart
She wanted your love
She wanted to know that you cared
But when she found out the truth
And how many miles away it was
She started breaking apart

She wanted your love
She wanted you heart
But she never wanted you
To break her apart
Harsh break ups all around me right now! Figured I write about some of them
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