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Euryale Mar 29
“the absence of light”
I prefer the dark,
Because in the dark I’m hidden away from the judgmental eyes.
In the dark I’m able to write stories without them saying it’s a waste of time,
In the dark I’m able to dance without them pushing me to my demise.
The shadowy shade brings a alluring peace that fogs my mind,
An a sinister melody blocks out there snake-ish lies.
The creatures that wander in this void are my only form of joy,
They whisper bitter stories about there life, which I found funny because it’s the way they died.
After the stories they send me to the “angels facade” an hope I don’t get buried because of they’re tranquil lies 🍮
How I describe darkness
Mahima khatun Mar 11
Sometimes the only escape is to fall asleep ,,maybe for sometimes or for a lifetime
Crummy Feb 16
My body still
My mind amok
I found myself consumed by thoughts,

Thoughts I wish I'd rather hadn't
For I can't sleep as they run rampant,

My mind hunts down and strikes my soul
It strips me of my only role,

If I find sleep; when will I wake,
Is it then I'll know what choices to make?
Anyone else just lye in their self destructive thoughts at night?
Vespa Woman Feb 2020
Hi, I'm really lonely and kinda sad...again. and I really miss you... again. Wow, jeeze I sound so desperate for attention I wish I had attention. I wish I wasn't so lonely all the time. Did you leave me? Did you finally decide the best way to get rid of me was to ignore me all together?Did you finally get out of the pit and decided to walk away and leave me all alone with no way of coming out of the pit myself? I'm all alone now. Staring at the spot you used to sit shamelessly wishing you were there. We're you ever there tho? Did you ever love me? Or was it just another game? Is that why you left? Because I became boring? Were you lying every single time? It broke me you know, tore me to shreds, do you know what the worst part is? I have hope. False hope that I gave myself.
"Remember when we carved are name in the stars, it was special. I hope you feel that way too" cute, huh? It's probably for another girl, another game, another dream. I'm dramatic, I'm in love, without you, it kinda *****. I wish more than anything that you would call me right now. Or text. Or email. Or signal. Or write. Summon? But you won't. Because your gone. You left and I have to deal with it, you got over me and I sat there helping you leave It's so funny to me how you would always try so hard to get out of love, I would help you but you never noticed that I was still there I just stayed there and would not move I still don't want to get out of love with you because once im out it's only a matter of time before I fall in love with someone else and my heart gets broken again, I can handle a little bit of pain and lonelyness and heartache and everything that comes with it but I really can't handle more hope and more love and then losing it again just like that. Being hopeless is the best way to stay okay
its still not poetry but now im brave enough to put it in the public section of hello poetry
Poetic T Aug 2020
Wasn't the one that fit in,
   table to myself, an ocean
                          of pressed wood

that I float on alone....


    You know there's always a but,

Never really wanted
       my life raft of solitude.

I just look up and know
no one to obscure
       my view of life...

My ocean is a fishery of thoughts,
                                  that are mine.

Swimming into
  uncharted life choices...

But I'm fine alone,
I'll talk to the fishes
every now
and then.

But throw them back

I've finished with them..
Katinka Aug 2020
I know you, you´re like this
I know it´s not on me
but somedays I just wish
I just wish to make you happy

Because you make me happy
and I know it´s not on me
but somedays I just wish
I just wish you didn´t

So I will try my very best
and I know it´s not on me
but somedays I just wish
I just wish we were happy
Katinka Aug 2020
My voice breaks
and tears begin to fall
and for your own sake
I will build this wall

And when the night sets in
these walls break down
I can feel it under my skin
when no ones around

I want to be high
so I don't need to think
dissolve into the sky
please hand me the drink
Katinka Aug 2020
This Girl
made of honey and glass
Her hair
like flowers in the grass

This Girl
which laugh is a delight
Her smile
like the sun so bright

This Girl
tastes like cigarettes and wine
Her eyes
believe it´s the way they shine

This Girl
scared in the dark at night
Her Heart
once broken but ready to fight
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