Javaria Waseem Nov 2014
The world spun a bit too fast maybe
that the lipstick marks turned into cigarette scars.
Julietta Oct 2014

red lipstick. mascara.

her heels tap along
the road, car keys jumping
in her pocket.
she’s about
to drive into
a world of
drugs and
boozed up

yet she didn’t
pay attention
to the squealing

glass. blood.*

and now she
lays, wrapped
in white bandages
with red lipstick
smeared on
part of the &. collection
it's ok May 2014
I'll kiss your pillowcases to stain them
Cover them in orange lipstick
For you to remember my lips
and when you wash them,
if you manage to gracefully clean them
I'll let you forget me
and I'll forget you
R K Hodge Apr 2014
To me you are smeared bright pink lipstick
An accidental exposure of flesh
The taste of peppermint chewing gum
Cigarettes in black sky.

You are alcohol induced numbness. Not needing a coat.
That long street.
Those insults.

You are a collection of wishes and stupid things.
You might be clever.
You are arguments.

It was hard only being allowed to breathe through my nose.

I don't know what you write with
I imagine it's a black biro
Or you continuously press the undo button on your laptop

Those strangers in your kitchen were nicer than you
They let me out
I wasn't going to kiss you goodbye
I wish I hadn't.

Now there are certain shades of off limits colour.
Kataleya Feb 2015
I swallowed down
my newest shade of lipstick,
in hopes
of bringing some colour
back to my soul again.
Life just seems so gloomy nowadays.
ic Dec 2014
look at her,
red lipstick smeared on her face.

she is beautiful,
looking like this.

drunk and high,
she is too young.

she messes around,
and soon she will be gone,
just like everybody else.
no point to this,
Allania Berkey Jan 2014
The mirrior is my adversary.
My eyes variance, what others don't see.
To the word I'm adequate, crowning , spotless, and skilled

Every morning I wake up, get ready and cover my lips in red majestic mac

Red lipstick seems to illuminate confidence in the eyes of many,
but to me it is merely a pigmented shield of secrets.
Humorous isn't it?
Every unmarred life, seeks to relive its pigments
Fears, self-doubt, imperfection.

Mirror, mirror, mirror on the wall..
Who's the thinnest of them all...

The sound of battle rumbles
Conscious at wrists ends
Bawling in me


Yours tricks are foul, you tauntful mind
Vision is blurred from reality,
Oh mind how you love to frolic

Your sheer joys leave me unpieced,
The snickering of my mirror,
Damages my frame.

Sorrowing fades my red lipstick
Pigments revealed,
Marred to the bone

Quickly I learned that the mind is the enemy, filled with con

Staring in my mirror and all I see is fat.

Red lipstick always seems to fade by the end of the night.
Shawn Callahan Mar 2015
I paint my pink plum flesh
With a smooth eggplant color.
you loved the way it brought out my eyes.
Today I use seduce your way home.
You never come; just leaving me with stained lips.
I'll pucker up to coffee cups and mirrors.
Leaving you everywhere I **kiss.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Ady Feb 2015
I took a blade home and tried it on
my skin as you would to a nice new
shade of lipstick.
It suited my skin and was long lasting.
I'm addicted; so much that I reapply it
every day.
Finally I've found, the perfect shade to
compliment my skin tone.
Katie Young Feb 2013
I never thought
I could wear
Red Lipstick
Until I wore
Red Lipstick
Gabrielle F Mar 2010
you wore this shirt on the first day of red lipstick
lipstick in general
lipstick that created on your face a new dimension
fire around the mouth, metallic red smear, beckoning light and
darkness to enter at once
play in your mouth like foreign tongues.
paint that stained your stories pink.

I wear it now in your absence and there is
no colour on me
only within
the same slippery shade-
it keeps me alive.
Montana Aug 2012
So, I like lipstick
And kissing someone I know
Or someone I don't
My lipstick

My lipstick a deep shade of burgundy
Traced outline of my imprint on the inner most part of your thigh
Excites me!
Thoughts leave me lingering rolling around in your bed
Kisses like foot prints of a path to your navel
My lipstick compliments your skin tone
He grabs the delicate
Splendor the curvature
Which is ass?
Mounted upon strength
Switching places a dispiteous
Gaze of disambiguation and a subtle smile
Might be here for awhile
My lipstick
Smeared along your neck deep crimson
Leaves intricate detail of mouth on
Caramel colored skin. Sweet like a work of art
My lipstick traced outline on the inner most part
Of your thigh.

Thinking of my sweetheart while putting on my makeup!
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