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Think of a fish with no water to breathe
That's the state of my heart
Where love is oxygen

Now think of a man who's tired
Of the cycles his emotions live in,
Nomadic from happy to sad and over again
That's the state of my well-being

Now think of all the pills
And capsules and liquids
And tablets and vials
In your medicine cabinet right now
A feast to hungry eyes

And I'm here, with all this desire
To live, and the desire lives in my optimism
Will the next cycle break, as the big bang
To start life again from the top?
Am I patient enough for that?

So I write
To distract from these unhealthy thoughts
At least long enough to
Realize they're unhealthy
Dimitris Sarris Sep 2018
Our voices covered the silence of the night.
Just me and a beautiful woman talking
about our vivid lives. The road is getting
darker, the moonlight could shed little light.
She tightly grabbs my arm and kisses me with
her soft red lips. No words could be spoken as
i lose myself to the pleasures of her kiss.
I responded "I am not a man who mistreats
a lady for a night's satisfaction."
She replied "I know, i can feel it. But what would you
do for a woman in need. In need of your love,
of your caress, of your kiss?"
We drove our way back to my house.
Her beautiful green eyes could see within my heart
and her passionate kisses fill my lips and tongue.
I lose the sense of time as our warm breaths become
a cool breeze to our throbbing bodies.
She holds me tight as i lay her upon the soft sheets,
gently she kisses my neck and lets me slide down to fountains
of pumping milking beats, ******* her healing liquids like honey drops.  
Slowly i enter the altar of her lustful ventricles
becoming one as we press into silken gist
and break open as her skin brushes like silk.
She holds me tight with her angelic body as i permeate
deeper when oceans of liquid lava burst at the white sheets
of our bed and her breast ignites in slow movement
as we gasp and sigh the air around us.
She holds me tight to take in a river that will
quench her thirst, licking heavens milk that covered the secret
spaces that our kisses marked.    
She holds me till the sun rises to put an end to this salacious sin.
She holds my hand and crowls her way back to me. Back to my craving heart, back to our prurient desires.
A bold release of trapped emotions. We had to break up cause of our age
difference (she was older) and i just wanted to prevent her from getting hurt in the future.
Breaking up for something usual hurts but when you have to break up
cause the circumstances of life itself block us
is a different quality of pain. I know that is happy now...
Wishing happiness and joy to the troubled hearts
out there.
Jules Feb 2
The sun goes out some days:
And with it the fallacy of light,
Which gleamed the ice and snow for us
And made it beautiful
Slow liquids, sentient as streams
We make our way
backs bent like old men
In battle against the invisible

I eye the ground warily, as if gravity had turned enemy
Memory attacks
In night-time, a demon
That possesses the feet
Nature isn't always friendly. Walking home in hail.
Emmky Aug 2018
It's dark and cold here, frozen hand is creeping up my spine
My lips are trembling as I recognize your scent and smell
Of all the numb cadavers you left long untouched
Piercing canines reflecting an end of my joy and pride
And my fear of your claws getting near my crippled body, making more cuts

And it hurts, it hurts so much
But I won't scream tonight
I'll cover myself with blood that's flowing from my wounds
Making an art piece worth the gallery
Of my own collapsing skeleton that's falling to pieces
So you can take it
Make me your trophy

Cut off my limbs and make me believe
That I'm an animal, a ****** omnivore who refuses to eat a soul
***** me out of my skin, I can't stand it anymore and make sheets out of it
And eat me alive, chew my brain and break my heart in a habit
In routine that's going in circles, 'cause you can't think of anything else to make me suffer

Spitting my parts out, what a terrible taste of flesh that was once yours
What a disappointment am I
No good for mouth nor father's pride
So why do you keep on me an eye?

Hoping I'll be like you, so you
Don't have to paint kitchen with my blood
And keep my eyes under your pillow
Or stitch with my hair another cut
Making teeth and gut necklaces for those who follow
Your cannibalistic rules, making their kids hollow

If only you had the decency to bury my bones in a piece of silky cloth
Instead of putting me back together like a jigsaw puzzle
So you can make fun of me and say comments that make me weaker
In an unfortunate attempt to make me a hunter

But I won't be like you, I won't
Eat another living being's soul or flesh
I won't cut their veins open to swim in their liquids
Because I'm not a cannibal
For the man who doesn't get my intentions

A/N: For some reason I've got a feeling this one is too much drastic
known for ERA
throws the baseballs from the mound          
pours liquids, pitcher
Crown Shyness Jan 14
Two cities in burning stone,
the heat finite,
the beat in 4 bars,
two of the same,
two of the same,
in an ark clam - building pearls,
firing liquids enveloping skins of drowning desire,
hoping for love
in leaving god's cam behind
to finally settle in the moment.
betterdays Aug 2018
tea leaves sit soggy, sad
forgotten  at the bottom

of the cup

leaching, bitter tannins
now, forgetting the life they led

no one willing to read their fortune
no spilling of the secrets
they never truly had

just detrius now
from dust to dustbin
the cycle of a tea leaf
long or brief,
happy or sad
a parable, in hot water

once green and lush in colour
in essence, verdent's liquid fame
once used and now just *******
every life has limit, every limit claimed
as we sup, we suffer the race of time
running through our fingers

clamouring at our mind

one day we too,
will be *******
waiting for the dust,
one day we too
shall leach our liquids
in the unforgiving  dust
Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018
While watching,

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Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018
Finally, this is for you.              Remember to SKI, it is simply a part of it.
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The reverse is true as far as the world leader and the 500 Wounded.
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******? Nice amino bridge.
A black playing the game with the holy water.                Star.
The first day at home after an agony. In USA.
A girl with a beautiful song African song.
Heard over the HAM Radio, she and her and music
are signed. And after three days outside the site, ||
can not know what will happen. Greenpeace terrorism of America,
New York. 1, here we talk about water, pillow fights with Armenia,
with the Catalan || Each light Greek to me. Right.
You have to look at it. Saturday, New York, New York 1: Eire!
The spring moisture. The king, in one night,
what do you want to ruin all
of their own hands. In the eyes of many cell phone.
1g 100: What is it? - It will not be easy in Russia now.
According to to the fables
they shall be turned back to the computer, | |
This is good for you. Is it anyway? Considering that SKI
is a festival.                          One, after the war, where 500 Native Natives
"stand in the glory and honor of God."                   Well, right?
Human blood is the opposite of life. Director, Mr. Up-to-now,
if it's 500 for The guard.          "What do you do with couples,
do you always smoke so much?" Red or black flowers;
The amino acid language is *****. Murd? Amino at,
a brilliant bridge. Black shoe; Music producer:                  As the water says.
A star.     This is the first seat of the next phase
of the day of death.
In the USA.
A girl plays a beautiful Armenian song of love.
Radio and music imported.
After 3 days outside the site, I do not know what's going on in the future.
New York is a violence house of Greenpeace
America.                                            1, this article is about boiling water
for kiss kissing Catalonian Armenians ||
Greece reminds
     me electronically. On the right side.
You have to check it out.
Saturday at New York, New York 1:     Honor!
Dusk and liquids.
What you want the king to leave at night
and all those who were first handed on his right hand.
The birds **** on Most public phones.                
                                          1g 100: What's this?
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is now standing.  According to computer stories,
I will find your way to find this place.
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Under the law, New York,
1. New York. Patience
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It's a punishment but
derail equipment. in spring
People. 1 D100
For example, you are AD.
It's not a logo.
Russia is also called Cable.
According to this story,
I have to think about it now. |||         ||| In other words,
The Car is Clean. ||||
1, here we talk about water, pillows
Armenia, with the Catalan || Each light Greek to me.
Right. You have to look at it.
Saturday, New York, New York 1: Eire!
The spring moisture.     Why do you want to ruin all
of the kings of the night, the first of their own hands.
In the eyes of many cell phone. 1g 100: What is it?
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According to the the fables they
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Germany. Legal, New York 1. New York.
The fear  Today, however is endurance Product Phone:
1: Return However, the penalty Ironing tools.
And the spring Nations. For example, D100
1 to the art. There is a logo. Russia is also called 'rope'.
According to this story, so I have to think about it. |||
In other words, | The car and he are clean. |||
Christy Lei Oct 2018
at the hot dense center of
the cosmic *****,
the cloud spins
as it collapses, contracting,
teasing the hidden
****** of the universe —
a frenzy ****** of the solar nebula
discharges random
proto-planets, among them is
our embryonic Earth.

let all the amniotic fluids, the metallic
and silicate liquids, the red spicy
volcanic magma, the sweet
water vapor, the rainfall,
lukewarm saltwater
*** that makes up
the oceans
and lakes,
let them spill over
the continental crust,
cover its thick skin, rocky veins,
let the long river split into two ever-
flowing streams; watch the double-helix spin:

  X    X                X    Y
   xylophonic,               xenophobic,
    why me,               why you,
why us?               why —
the world               divides.
     two hemispheres,               four cerebral lobes:
             left  &  right,               america, australia,
                    joined by one               antarctica, afro-eurasia,
    equator, the corpus callosum.              all found in one human skull.

but what if
science is a conspiracy and geology a
faux pas like phrenology? —
and the world is flat:

we are all
test-tube babies
bred in a Petri dish, cells
cultured in a round celestial disc.
Faerie Plague Oct 2018
Her friends made an accord
To bring her cariad
They met
They embraced
with blissful laughter
The day carried on
They went to the portal's entrance
He was preoccupied
By the device he held
She met another compatriots
Who played their mischiefs
With slippery liquids
They caused chaos
And an accident happened
With a child
Who fell
The girl came to rescue
And held the kid until
The pain was gone
She looked at her cariad
Waiting for something
Something or someone
She looked at her
And they urged her
To enter the amphitheater
With her platonic frater
So she went
And waited outside
She faced the fragile glass
Facing her own reflection
Tucked her hair
Behind her ear
And called her cariad to go with her
In a place she felt home
And then
Through the looking glass
Waiting for him
She saw
The way he waved
An urgent
So she went outside
And saw
Her cariad
With a fair woman
She knew
She was the Eros
While she, the frater
Platonic, should be Platonic
But what's with that look?
A look of regret
A look of pity
A look of apology
On her cariad's face
As she approached and saw them
Her heart heavy
Falling in the pitch blackness
Of Oblivion
Where self deprecating
Self loathing
Self pitying
So she closed the distance
Greeted the fair woman
Who bothered only with a side glance
At her
And so they went
And she
With them
In a brief walk
Before they went away
They parted ways
With her
well this is made because of a sad dream
Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018
Ladies eve Einstein brings stars Chinese angel
waves Temple Message Hidden hairy witches
who live on a computer to understand
Read tongue cool Christian celebrated the daughters of *****,
the gypsy museum about Bob back teen ears,
started the radio called the corporate food
sees snow happy Member Jack has deteriorated less
and blonde hair that the creation of the skin,
kissed him, and referring to the desire of death,
the number of the captured Wolf was nailed said
to be simply rolled up, the **** voice,
not to the wilderness of clothes, and in the morning,
drinking, and in the middle of knowing
of the six he walked the six hid himself
amid the shadows of what was important and wide,
the power of it not to suffer the mountains of the hot east
is a lover of sweaty games, received the goddess
enough to the standard of the mute, demon-possessed
against the liquids he appeared almost at the same time
of night the slender girl appeared on the shores of Asia
to the Jews, that in the manner of the golden earrings,
and early in the morning until the morning,
when it was yet, ****** immorality, seen that the probability
of it in the book of the problems of the plural number
of the mountains out of the fields of human knowledge;
there came wise men and 1 remember that year,
11 such as a stomach, which is innately pell-mell,
properly speaking, in order to signify the desire
that is broken down and begun amazed at the same lady of the night,
the image of the movement of fate

— The End —