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Allania Berkey Nov 2019
I loath the 9 am small talk
“Good morning, how are you?”
“ oh, fine—you”
As if much has changed from the last 24 hour hours
Polite causalities are anything, but—polite
In fact, they are rather artificial just like those bags of chips on the table
Nonetheless, I indulged and patiently walk away
Quickly before the irritation is to strike me again, I patiently wait for the *** to stop brewing
Coast is clear no coworker in sight—I think to myself
I calmly pour the coffee into my mug and just as I’m ready to walk out
The pedestal of politeness makes his grand entrance
Small talk is now forced into a long and careless conversation—my eyes are rolling into the back of my head
Pretending to a sight of patience I, yet again indulge
Luckily before a lengthy conversation could go it’s way, someone walks in—finally, an escape
I quickly walk away as if I have pressing tasks that need attending i dont —we are all really pretending here
Regardless, it’s 9:10 and I’m finally made it to my desk.
Allania Berkey Mar 2017
The wind started to settle
An it was no longer cold.
Although it was still raining
The coffee now, was sweet and bold.
I'm so far inside myself
Starting to feel like someone else
Getting lost in the dreams
Of the girl in mirror
That I can no longer see
She's beginning to scare me
And it seems like my mind
Is her favorite flavor of coffee
She drinks up my thoughts
And gets a rush of energy
All I can feel for her is envy
Yet, she's supposed to be inspiring
And me? I'm practically dying
Just waiting for the mood to strike
Finding the right music to surround me
It's tiring and
I've been living life so patiently
Feeling like
It's starting to get to me
Breaking the mirror inside my eyes
Does nothing
Neither does smoking out my mind
She just seems to soak it all in
Breathing in the fumes of my coffee
Giving me nothing but an empty space
And my face
Is just her face, minus the evil grin
I can't even begin
My muse is addicted
Trying to get her on the mend
Find the fix she needs
So this beginning
Doesn't start with the end
  Jul 2016 Allania Berkey
You kissed me Good Morning
            And go on your day
                     I lay and wonder
         Do you think about me all day?

                         Do you have moments
            Or sailing away scenes
          Thinking about our lasting moments
               **When you think about me?
I stare out into a Bob Ross painted sky, drifting in and out of a black and white dream
Watching colors fade away and appear as I open my eyes, the scenes played out in front of me challenge my beliefs
I get lost in the shadows of an evil that seems to dwell, it's trapped too deep inside me to hope for anything
Like a movie playing, I can't seem to tell, which character is the most related to me
I'm an on and off switch trapped in a tornado warning of emotions I can't begin to understand
Stuck between two paralleling lines I can no longer command
I couldn't tell you how fast I'm going or if I'm even really here
And as the paint drys on my life, an unfinished product is my only fear
"The Three Kisses

The Kiss Of Hello
The Kiss That Is Never Just A Kiss

The Kiss That Spikes Vein With Precision Orchestra
The Kiss That Heals In Entirety

The Kiss That Hides The Relent Of Vex
The Kiss That Suffocates Rusting Man

The Kiss Without Detail/Ed System)
The Kiss That Pounds Each Pore To State Of ******

The Kiss That Hiroshimates Euphoria
The Kiss That Approximates/Parallels Living

The Kiss Only
The Kiss, The Kiss

The Kiss Of Neither Hello Nor Goodbye
The Kiss For The Sake

The Kiss To Save Face
The Distracted Kiss For/Of Domestic Bliss

The Kiss To Bathe Mania In Generic ******, The Kiss Of The Motions
The Kiss Of Searing Content, Hindering Suffocation And Blasé Defection

The Default Kiss, The Efficient Kiss, The Alteria (Motive) Kiss
The Kiss That Makes Sense

The New Language Of Kiss
Le Kiss, Le Kiss

The Kiss Of Goodbye

The Kiss That Is Never Just A Kiss
The Kiss That Spikes Vein With Precision Orchestra

The Kiss That Deals In Hypocrisy
The Kiss That Begins And Ends Each Second

Job, Health, Kiss, Marriage, Car, Security, Kiss,
Yearn, Enjoyment, Loss, Holiday, Kiss, Loss Holiday Kiss

The Kiss That Hiroshimates Plague
The Kiss That Parallels Living/Approximates Rage

The Memory Of Kiss Acidifies Brain
The Kiss, The Kiss, The End.
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