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  Dec 2015 Kataleya
raine cooper
how do you stand it?
to be not known or understood by all who surround you
i imagine it's like living in a cage, and not a single one of them realizing you are trapped
Kataleya Aug 2015
Your hands
are never too small
to carry big dreams.
Dream on.
  Aug 2015 Kataleya
raine cooper
i wanted to tell you i loved you,
but the butterflies in my stomach swarmed my throat, and all the words got caught in their wings
So happy this was picked for the daily! Thank you all so much for your kind words and support of my writing. I appreciate it, truly.
  Aug 2015 Kataleya
When I was small
I walked on fairy dust and
my dreams were as tall
as skyscrapers towering
above the universe
inside of me, was the galaxy.
I was born of the cosmos,
full of light and love
passionate in my quest to
give this to others.
But as I grew my star began to fade,
stars need love and light to survive
and deprived of both my blazing fire
transformed into weak candlelight.
At school I had learnt it was easier
to hide your light
than to stand out as different
and be extinguished in an instant.
So I kept myself to myself
at the back of the class,
knowing the answers but not
shouting them out.
I daydreamed, and doodled
stars on the corners
of my books, all the while
I could hear the universe
calling out to me to trust,
that we are all born of this
cosmic stardust.
  Aug 2015 Kataleya
Liz And Lilacs
It is my theory
that we are all connected.
From the thread around your finger
to the ribbon on her wrist
and the rope tightened on my neck.
Every action has a consequence,
because when you pull on the string;
*something unravels.
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