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Apporva Arya Jun 2
Some days like today I know it very clearly,
I won't be able to go much far
Being broken like this.
On those days I am full of doubt,
I wonder about the painful time coming ahead.
But still I manage to keep moving because I am relaxed knowing atleast today isn't that day.
Anyone reading it, please give me your blessings. I am not so bad to not deserve blessings.
I finally get realized how manage words for own price.
Madhumita Apr 24
Certain sounds used to bother me.

Human noises like people breathing drove me crazy – it didn’t have to be a wheeze, a rasp or a rattle. It remained a battle to ignore the everyday sound of normal breathing, indecipherable, barely a decibel.

Another peeve, of course, was people eating, the cacophony of masticating – I flinched as I heard them chomp, crunch, chew, and munch. I recoiled in distaste as they audibly swallowed their lunch.

I didn’t understand why I found the innocent sound of a faucet dripping so irritating. I felt like a monster because I couldn’t control the flash of anger when I heard someone drumming their fingers, tapping their feet.

One word saved me from the lunacy of self-loathing – misophonia – a name for my malady.

I don’t know what it is about labels that turns your torments into traits. Labels are the leash you use to control your troubles. Ever since I discovered I am misophonic, mundane sounds, while still annoying, no longer overwhelm me.
NaPoWriMo Day 24
Poetry form: Prose
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
She may stand before you with a smiling face
                                        and light in her eyes

But in truth it is all a front, she's really
                                      screaming inside

But give her the credit of taming her mind,
                                 and caging her thoughts
Sijo #2 for the day!
Give people the credit of handling their anxieties.
It's a useful survival skill! One that can be honed with time and experience.
Personally speaking, I'm WAYYYYY out of practise lool.
Lyn ***
Doctor from hell
that a tongue applicator can tell  
his manner is there only to her again
that he surely knows before she goes **
to register her with a tireless gaff
that he examines her throat and let it only in the bay
Mazen Edlibi Nov 2016
I want to breath the "Missing" of you out of me!
I want to see the shape of that outside my body!
I want to feel its texture...
I want to talk to it...
                   I am wondering!
Would I manage to do so!
Would I hear its voice to break that silence of words!
                   Am I sane!
Am I living for loving, loving for living!
I know one thing!
I am the Love that is still Undiscovered/unknown!
George Krokos Aug 2016
At the furthest reaches of knowledge
all things are really simple to manage.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writing since the early '90's
timeless May 2016
Money is a  driving
the    real   world
bring physical happiness
money garland those
are great  administrators
who knows  how it can
they are known as "rich"
people,money,happiness,real world,garland,administrator,force,drive
Everyday is but time managed by the sun and the moon,
and their clocking-in cards
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