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The lines on your pupils mark Jupiter's Landscapes
Your soul is a cosmic journey
Your ascension is the sun, where every being draws love and rejuvenation from your glow
Your curves are the pyramids that home Pharaohs and Goddess while they rest
Your tongue moves with gusts that toss rubies into the sky
Your skin is soft and is the colour of my imagination

And in your mind

Sculptures are moulded and music is created
Memories find refuge and old souls laugh
And there are nameless graves.
And caves and mountains and galaxies to explore.
You are Landscapes
That ground existence and home the unwanted. You tell your ancient stories of the first hour glass to be turned by the hands of what was more than man.

You are Landscapes.
She calls it "Soiree for the Somber"; where clowns dance and fools are golden. They speak often with their severed tongues and only on occasion do their hearts beat. I am there. Where she is. And soon our bodies will die of lonely deaths; funerals for coffins. Our minds are where masks go to cry, except there are no tears; only smiles. A museum, where there was once paradise, of drowning arts and melted portraits. Look at these walls and songs of diamond, here we pledge allegiance to the Play. I can feel the air is thickened, thickened with liquor; the atmosphere carries miscounted steps. Listen. Hear it. The noises in the night, the mourning of the sad. Here is where we pledge allegiance
...No beginning and no end...
What is an object in the light is a moving shadow in the night.
Stand between them
Shoot them in the head and dance with their demons.
Tessellate and heavy eyes
It's mourning
And I'm still up.
Open my eyes to the blinding light
In an ocean of darkness, I sea.
Time becomes length
Thought becomes sight
Vivid consciousness takes flight
A troublesome delight.
Slip in
Slip out
Dream in dream out
Dayless nights
Tiresome wake
A moving shadow in the night
Is but an object in the light.
So much of death's life clung to his limbs. So much thirst drowning his lungs. So much hunger filling his gut.

The man was exhausted. The man was weighed down. The man had lost his pace, and had forgotten his face. Time forgot to matter, idle clocks hung. And I watched. As he pulled on.
into the core of the night
Into the void- filled emptyness
Where darkness is beautiful
And scissor thoughts are blunted by the light
Where silence is our luxury
Our symbol of depth
Come with us
Where wolves howl at a moonless sky
Where there is no reflection; only absorption,
total takeover of the soul.
Where our eyes are flooded with ravens
And our tears are the wings that free them.
This is where we accept the death that is us.
I and I
We are alone
No man is here
For us to lean on
Perhaps it is time
For us to stand on our own

And so we've learnt
That solitude is bravery
But we are a fearful one
With a courageous soul

I and I
With our teary eyes
It is ok to cry
Yet let it not be a sign
Of our weakness for desire

And so we've discovered
Our two legs and two arms
One mind and one heart
One life and one start

I and I
We shall not be broken
By these words that are spoken
Or the party of four

And so from ignorance
We've risen
But by consciousness
We've fallen

I and I
Here, the coward cannot run
But must face crowd
Like a tiger above tame
Unrefined and without shame

And so they WILL learn
To call us by our name
With ease or with strain
But never in vain.

I and I
Be strong
Be brave
For society cannot tell you
Just how to be you.

And soon we will see
That we are destined to be free
Destined for oneness
Peace and harmony.
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