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"And We're Burning All the Bridges."

she listens to the lyrics and thinks of what her mother had told her:

"You are their bridge"

*they must be burning me now
First Quote from the song Bridges by The Broods
  Mar 2015 Ember Evanescent
Why did you eat that?
Don't you know
You're already fat?

Everyone is staring,
At the way your skin
Is swelled and sagging.

No one wants you,
With all that extra cargo
You look 200 pounds.

Put the food down
And go for a run --
You look disgusting.

Why did you eat that?
Don't you know
You're already fat?
Ember Evanescent Mar 2015
Whispers and tangled limbs have never felt this electric.
You pull me in, and I feel your lips brushing my earlobe
I tell you I know what you're going to say,
expecting the same joke you usually make
You ask me if I'm positive I know what you're going to say
I assure you I am, and feel your arm wrap around my shoulder,
letting your warmth envelope me
Then I feel the unexpected words
Slip from your lips and collide with my emotions
Brushing against my ear in harmony with your lips
"I'm not sure you realize how beautiful you really are."
well, this is working out well.
You lull me into security
And offer to be my friend
You tare away what little
Pieces of love are left and
Feed them to my brother
Untill I can't take it
And accept our transformation
I thought it was for the better
To be treated like an adult
But I didn't realize
That your tiny share of like
I can't even call it love
Came with strings attached

You would treat me like a friend
Talk with words not melodies if..

You could remind me you were my mother any time we fought

If you could blackmail me with things I want to do

And order me around like a king when you are mad

To talk about me behind doors in hushed voices
And discuss my stupidity,
Uglyness and horridity

If you could spread rumors and tell people you think I'm anorexic and fat at the same time

But all the while tell me to my face that none of that is true, that we are friends and that I could tell you anything

While now the shrade is up
I've scratched the cards
And removed the grime
And I don't like what I see
But at least it's not a lie to me.
The truth and honesty being pain
But not as much
As the realization that we will never be the same
You took your love and gave me something fake
But now I've broken down the crude cardboard sign and I won't fall for it again. Because now I know
What paper hearts look like.
I thought we were so similar but now I see the difference
You want peace and friendship
While I want nothing
You constantly make attempts
To rebuild a scrap of friendship from the fragile bond I set a flame
To re kindle a candle but hide it from inferno
To delete the awkwardness and hit undo to before
But I don't care
And that's what scares me
I thought I almost loved you
But like that I'm ready to go
I want to move on
To hop in a car and drive away from the dust that's choking me
Despite our bond the fire is done and I don't need to clean the ashes because the bond was severed and the scraps of love burned too.

I thought we could be sisters
The others called you that
To me you were still a friend
But perhaps you were more than that
But with your double edged sword you stabbed our strings
And cut out our hearts
The others will still talk to you
Worry and cry
Still save you from danger
Because you are thise sister
But to me you are gone
An empty shell
And any love I felt dissipated into the air
To see you killed and walk away
Would no longer phase me
All I think of you is hate
No r eminence of emotion

I thought you were a friend
We were never sisters
But you were always there for me
Someone to talk to about the light things
I couldnt discuss the pain but at least your voice could lift my hidden sorrow
But then I was ripped away
Pulled from you and my sisters
But somehow I forgot
To miss you too much
I lived my life
Forgot to call
Simply acted as though
You didn't exist at all
What ever love I felt for you
I learned to live without
And simply forgot
About the emotion I used to feel
When our times were more real.
Each verse is about a different time and a different person by the way.
Ember Evanescent Feb 2015
I need to start using my head...
  Feb 2015 Ember Evanescent
Dôńt thē dėçøråtïõńš måkē įt härdęr tø rêãd
Sometimes your simplest form is your most beautiful
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