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Eloquent silence in a noisy room, soon settles with a simple smile
The Conscience mind rattles and riddled with thoughts of impending  
failure looms. Could this be my end game or is there one left?
Just thinking !  Always reminded of my blessing and to never quit!
Glancing at the sun settling for the evening
sienna was the color of the sky
See blood has been shed this day
I've walked this once holy land which man has constantly fought over
for the freedom to pray openly
This woman she spoke of going home one day and I too missed the freedom we take for granted
sadly she's a prisoner of the organization fighting for her rights, her freedom
there were pressures to perform and be obedient, men have had their way with her, and bound by silence
She's alone and left to suffer
Praying and begging for a way out of this life searching for an answer
but the bottle is empty and the needle is bent, her nose bleeds
Nothing left to do but to drop to her knees and pray to her creator
for forgiveness
She's changing and finding new love, it's power is overwhelming
he gives her a reason to get up in the morning
Excited about smiling slowly the pain suddenly disappears
attached to a fantasy baby girl holds on tight
this is the first time she's been in love
And it felt so **** good, even if it wasn't returned
Her heart broke in two, depressed was her soul and isolation
was a good friend, diagnosed & confined for confusion of the mind
The gun shot still echoes
in the sienna sky as feet are worn and bodies battered and scattered
in this blood soaked sand
The soul is worn and glass slipper is shattered
No Cinderella
Take care of our women and protect their beautiful hearts
Pain seems like a beautiful concept, as I sit contemplating your demise. I gazed into eyes constantly deceitful in nature, I guess that would explain you ignorant behavior.

Love seem like it would last forever, but thoughts of selfishness and boredom took precedence over true intentions. You failed to mention we weren’t forever, however passions veil of lies grew darker you spoke of my stupidity I should have been smarter?

I imagined your smile and how it sparkled and lit up my conducent mood. How could I have been misunderstood? Love with me was honest and true, never cheated, lied, or mislead you!
Forever, Forever, Forever….

Set in this mature age, clarity of transformation between love &lost without reconciliation, avoiding conversation that would result in humiliation he grew tired of our situation.
I loved you with every fiber of my being, neglecting how ****** up our love was silly me accepted the love I thought or believed I deserved. Forever  I was told humbling  this heart for the void in your soul can only be filled by your selfish pride why lie?
Being strong enough to move on!
I’m in love and it’s serious!
Your falling in love and I told you don’t take this too serious’
I love you and it’s serious!
It’s over are you serious!
I can’t believe your acting like this, it ain’t that serious!
You’re taking this situation way too serious.
Seriously, I think you’re crazy.
Emotions are so serious.
Life, as well as love, is to be taken seriously.
Just thinking of a past relationship,  I so nonchalantly embraced 'childish meaning!
Never Changing
Back in the day you would think twice before you say my name
Considered hungry and thirsty so I chased the fame
Burning flames fairly new to the game so the **** didn’t change
So I’m smiling kinda funny cause chicks is tossing out rent money
There’s no lavish to my style No habits
Never Changing something to think about, I’m tired stressing full of doubts
At times I get in my car & ride the gas out just thinking
My ancestors would be tossing and turning in their graves to find out I was considered the epitome of a slave
Pant too small sitting with my *** out with a nasty disposition ****** no clout
Never Changing
Bills piling up gotta work it out phone keeps ringing & I’m spazzing God what’s good just asking?
Seems like never needs to change, the longer the purpose it starts to look like a three ringed circus.
Trust and believe there’s no magic hocus poke us
Never changing
**** gotta believe you can brush your teeth with how cold this game gets
Honestly, no time to hesitate because my pockets empty, so I’m running to the dollar store no Colgate.
Never Changing
Messing with this industry could be costly eager desiring to please mouths frothy Cudjo
Frantic and alone holding on to a pre-paid cell phone, losing grip tripping crazy
Lazy must put that work in, Never changing!
Due to reasons I can't explain or understand , it's such confusion the thought of men.
As women, we're blind to the real deal trying so **** hard to conceal the facts
Just too relaxed
chasing things beyond our grasp, afraid to let go
the reality is we just don't want to know the truth
emotions hurt us deeply, there's no sign of conceptional relief just the constant grief, can't eat , sleep , think or blink without crying
wondering why I can't be , what happen to us where did we go wrong or was it me ?
Did I say something, do something , what if we tried again?
I can't lose my friend , I don't want this to be the end, can we talk , just listen
lets take time to spend together, I just want to be next to you.
Hold you, did you get my letter, why haven't you answered my call , I checked my messages, I went past your job.
We obsession over unanswered questions , being ghosted by the idea of you perhaps one day returning we leave the window cracked to our heart in the hopes that you'll return to open it..
Honestly it leaves us obsessing over what could have been or why it's so hard to let go.
Don't leave your heart half open to a person not willing to give you his or her all.
I Use To Love Him
To remember love the way it had been, in the beginning of it all.
Our first kiss, holding hands, our first-morning breakfast together
And the memories we created, the pictures imprinted
In our minds of happiness, the sheer wonder of new love & how good
It felt to love somebody.
To argue & makeup, cry and suddenly feel the temporary sting
Of disappointment & heartbreak just to get back together again
Unconditional  love.
I use to love him
Leaving clothes around the house & watching the T.V way too loud
As annoying & distracting his presence was felt, a smile crosses my ******* face
As he manages to make me laugh
I use to love him
The way he held me close as we cuddled on the couch, I’d fall asleep in his lap or the
Private moments of loves embrace, his caresses soothes my childlike mood and my
eager enthusiasm to remove his clothes he reminds me, patients was essential
In reaching my goals, I fell in love with him
The one I let get away!
I use to love him!
Written by Monica C. Hines
Sometimes we remember our old loves ,but this doesn't mean were meant to be just that their presence may have taught us something!
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