He’s an evil despot, tall and stout.
Call him a liar, watch him pout.
We want an impeachment to throw him out
Then we can line up and punch his snout.

He’s a changing despot, not much brains
He’d look better all trussed in chains
Then we could put Hillary in what remains
As she pulls all of us out of the drain.

Lying despot told us that he would make
Changes to drain the political lake.
Like most of his promises, it was fake
All he does is cheat and lie and take.

Lying pudgy despot claims he’s slim.
Not the last of the lies from him.
Feels he’s entitled to every greedy whim.
Every day in office it gets more grim.

Dizzy dippy teapot, lives for applause,
Just like a fat cat, he licks his paws.
Gobbling McDonalds bloats his jaws.
Millions of his minions support his cause.

Dumping Donnie Teapot a good solution
For a dangerous hater of the Constitution.
Let’s all get make a mid-year resolution
To run him off before there’s revolution.
We learned that freedom of speech is
Is a privilege granted by some
For seeing the abasement of millions
And remaining politically mum.
The violations of human rights today
Are too numerous to record
And the rich perpetrators of the crimes
Grant each other the rewards.

We learned that rich people only care
About the money they make
And the rest of us can congregate
And please go jump in a lake.
If the forests are all sawed down and gone
They don’t give a stinking damn.
If they bees are all dead and we all die
They lie and say ecology is a sham.

We saw that fossil fuels are the biggest game
And they’ll kill to win and get rich
And anyone that gets in their billion dollar way
Will be a sad and sorry son of a bitch.
We know that our country is run into a ruin
By the greedy whims of a stinking few
And they care not all that much among them
For the outcome for me or you.
What happened to the land of the free?
What ever became of American equality?
When was The Great Take-back begun?
What became of “with malice toward none”?
What happened to rich people’s responsibilities?
When did we decide our peers were enemies?
Why didn’t we learn from the Great Depression?
Why are we letting them set up another session?

Eenie meanie mighty mo, when is it fine to hire a ho?
Hickory slicker zippity zopp, when is this b.s. going to stop?

Why have we let ourselves think like adolescents?
Why do we keep liars and cheaters in our presence?
It’s up to us each who what lies we should tolerate,
So when does being a mountebank go out of date?
When do we start fighting and hitting bullies back
When they make it known they’re on the wrong track.
How many times will they have to lie and steal
For the rest of us to know their villainy is real?

Fluster and bluster and flippity flopping, confidence is dropping
We can no longer trust our leaders to protect, so let’s reject.

When did all of our statesman turn into real estate’s men?
When did the human in humanity cease to matter at all?
What makes half the country vote for a scoundrel horde?
What did our country accomplish by dropping the ball?
Why have we become the people we used to dislike so
And now we are the ones who arm and kill each other?
And why do we still have many lifetimes or more to go
To finish paying for murdering and pillaging our brothers?

Questions, suggestions, all are loudly ignored by them,
Our leaders whose sense of decency has grown dim.
It’s a time payment concept
With compounding interest
That gets harder every year
And puts faith to the test.
It’s brokered by agents with
PhDs in fancy double-talk
That everything is God's will
And you’re not allowed to balk.

It’s sort of like the tax people
Only the rules are not so fixed;
No good calling attorneys up
That’s action’s definitely nixed.
The deal is that you can’t win
And must suffer with piety;
Give your money and thanks
To a fat cat you cannot see!

In exchange you get to go to
Play dress-up every Sunday
And pray for the senselessness
God is supposed to take away,
Or maybe remove diseases
That kill the good and innocent.
But you’re allowed to pray that
Your Lotto ticket wins you a mint!

Either way, you’re blameless
When it gets to be holiday time
And nothing changes as politics
Becomes the scene of the crime.
So drop another couple of coins in
Some sd homeless person’s hat,
Because God will take care of them,
And that’s where religion is at.
I know I am going to hear from "pious people" all about how wrong I am, but I don't care. If the shoe fits, wear it.
I was doing the dishes
And I was thinking of you,
Of back when our love
Was so shiny and new.
I was thinking of how we
Found fun in simple things
Like scrubbing and cleaning
The stubborn bathtub ring.

I was take the trash out
And I was thinking of you
And the looks you’d get
With the things that you’d do;
That beautiful smile when
The meal turns out right
And the bewitching smile
When you’d turn out the light.

I was folding the laundry
And I was thinking of you
Separating the whites from
Red, green, yellow and blue.
I remember you laughing
When I did them all at once,
And that you worked so hard
Not to call me a big dunce.

I was bringing home groceries
And I was thinking of you.
And missing you terribly
And that is so sadly new.
You were always here for us
And now you are gone.
Now I don’t have your love
That I can lean upon.
Give us back the peace and the people you killed.
Give back the young military who sadly believed
That they were fighting for freedom and liberty.
Give back their lives, not the medals they received.

Give us back the taxes that you took from us all.
You didn’t deserve it, nor did you work for it.
You squandered our money and our time
And you all laughed at us while you did it.

Give us back the pensions that you stole from us all.
You lied to us about it as you went about it!
You sneaked and you cheated and whined,
And though you failed, tried to keep it secret

Give us back the money that you swindled away
You hid in a room when you did it, for sure
But you knew it when you did it, for sure
Now few of us have enough to insure.

Give us back the integrity you sold for gold.
You did it to enrich you and your friends
You all brayed loudly about America First!
It’s time this collusive thievery should end.

Give us back the honesty you stole from us all
It was never meant to go into your pocket
So you could strut and brag about yourselves
And wear your criminality like a golden locket.

Give us back the forests you mowed down and sold.
They didn’t grow just for your bank book balance.
They won’t grow back in a hundred years.
It is not patriotism, it’s greed and malice.
My life is such that
Had I heard the voice
From a burning bush,
I am sure I would not
Have liked what it said.
I would have been ready
With lengthy arguments
Of science and history
And philosophy instead.

If some white stuff fell
From the sky above me
I would accept the reality
That it was global warming
A miraculous warning
Even the evangelicals
Would not find equivocal
As it fit both categories;
Both scientific and glory.

The parting of the sea?
Maybe a big conglomerate
One more time yet that
They made a decision
To make an incision
In the scenery and jam
Into place a lucrative dam.
Not such a big miracle to
Render atheists miserable.

I understand the loaves
And the miracle of fishes
But, I have seen some
Of McDonald’s dishes
And sacks full of food
Brewed and cooked
From nothing much
And they don't much look
Like the animaLs they are
Supposed to be from.
I’m not that dumb.
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