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R K Hodge Nov 2019
Come back to the stars my love
My chest is iced over
I can see your faded edges
You are seated and still
Sometimes the lines darken
A body part pierces the screen
An entire hand coming into view
Then it is snatched away
Retracting through space
More silent than ever before
Even the cells in your body are quieter
A supple fingertip presses into the greyed
It is like testing the firmness of steak
The gristle wrapped around my bones is injured
It is not yet repaired
R K Hodge Aug 2017
Violet fire crinkling the golden skinned surface
Lip gloss slumbered upon your open mouth
Pinked and pinned
Pinned and pink
Lace softened into the edges
Bridging skinny emotions
Plasticised eyelashes shape organic eyes
Breathless ripples evacuate
R K Hodge Sep 2016
Violent and truculent you found it chaotic and frantic
There were shed emotions
Emotions that are now stitched into the earth
They melted into it under the hottest setting sun
Sticky and wet are your clammy hands
The clothing attaches to your back with water
The pressure is now released from your eyelids
Your delicate eyelashes levitate without effort
There is a sincere beauty amongst your collection of tissues and bones
Bring me to the sea I yearned
So I could connect your beauty with the beauty of the whole world
I want to see you lie in the shallow water on top of the bed of sand
I want to see the pieces of sand smeared across your fingertips underneath the deep blue light
The deep blue light is the colour of sheer delight
It is the colour that I perceive to be happiness. It is the colour of unmatched infinity.
My smile is the taste of yellow lemon rind.
R K Hodge Apr 2016
A glowing ember I once was
Now all I feel as if I all I do is sit upon the colour blue, wetted by dissipating champagne fizz whilst being kept afloat by curved cold glass
The bottom of the bath is scaled with confusion and differently shaped stresses
An unquenchable vanity lies within
The clumps of gold leaf I dust my cereal with has blocked up my veins
When I think about kissing you my brain floods with the taste of the reddest, sweetest cherries, only within this act the most vivid aspect of my mind is lit up as if it were a neon light display
Only within the flow of this electric current I am gloriously and contently happy
R K Hodge Feb 2016
Salute me I say
Solution me I say
R K Hodge Feb 2016
Your voice was compelling
those words were beautiful
you are kind
kind as a damp kittens paw print pressing into your chest, uncomfortable and welcomed.
R K Hodge Feb 2016
Being under that pier is gorgeous
It is excellent
I haven't been there enough recently
The sweeping water stays and remains on the shiny surface for seconds and hours and days
I want to come back to it
I need it
My stomach yearns for the embracing prettiness
It yearns for the sea gull marked sand
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