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it's ok Apr 28
you take me to a place I’ve never been before
And when you take my hand,
You guide me through everything I thought I couldn’t do before.
And if you fall, I hope you know it’s safe to land.

It’s not been easy for us
But we can grow and heal our wounds
and recover from all the hurt
But I know it takes time, so there is no rush

We’ve got all the time in the world
To build up everything we need.
It’s going to be okay
it's ok Apr 6
he withdraws himself from me
because his actions hurt me in the first place
I’ve angered him with my own sadness
but he tells me he could’ve just set me free
I’m lucky he’s stuck by my side.

He says things to other girls
That he refuses to say to me
My thoughts are in a blur
And my mind soaks in jealousy

But it’s my fault I feel this way
I have to take claim for my actions and pay
And hope he’ll want to touch me again.
And hope he’ll forgive me again

I hope he forgives me for making him angry.
I hope he forgives me for acting so crazy
I just love him so much
And I would give any part of myself to make him happy.
it's ok Mar 2019
There’s a golden glow that seeps into my house as the sun is setting, but it reveals all the grime that was muddled in on the floor. I try to clean, sweep and mop, to make the hardwood floors reflect the beaming light better, but now the rooms too bright and my eyes are having a hard time adjusting. I push myself into a shadow so I don’t have to deal with the discomfort of adjusting right away, but by the time the light is tolerable, the sky is already dark.
it's ok Jan 2019
what if everyone leaves you?
no one loves you,
wait why do you care?
you're you're own person.
but what if you end up all alone,
you love these people,
and they make the emptiness go away.
your life is a series of different addictions.
to people. to foods. that one song.
drugs. edge off the pain. the ******* stress,
you're not controlling anything,
everyone thinks you're a **** up,
be louder. no that's annoying.
calm down, now you're too aloof,
how do i make him notice me?
he's all i think about now
but it's onto the next one
and now im kinda empty
it's ok Jan 2019
my feeling of control,
feeling like i was moving towards my goals
only lasted a year.
i think this is the reason i can't believe
i have a grasp
it's ok Dec 2018
it’s too easy to blank my state of mind
Instead of dealing with everything.
it's ok Nov 2018
i really want to be free
i wonder what i'm really working towards
would it be easier to get on medication?
to feel so out of touch with myself?

i really don't want to be me
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