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eli Sep 2020
she prefers to stay
at home—cuddle until
we fall asleep,
she likes to braid
her hair, soft
fingertips creating art,
she loves to smell
my shirt—hugs me
from the back, while
her arms linger
around my waist,
and she smiles everytime
our fingers lock

she was so beautiful—
it hurts,
she was a rare gem—
it kills me,
she was everything i needed—
but i was too young
too dumb,
i failed to make her stay.
eli Sep 2020
are you...really?
how about
all others
are too busy
being a duplicate
of another—
making each
one of them
the same
almost identical
while there you are
at the farthest
area of the room,
exerting no effort
at being yourself.
eli Sep 2020
kind words
make you feel
soft, for a minute—
loved and sheltered.

harsh words
slash like
a butcher knife,
pierce through your
heart, and stay
on your mind for days,
weeks or even years.

but at some point
in our lives,
kind words protect
you from the truth
while harsh words
expose you—
forcing you to wake up
and see that the world
isn't black and white,
it won't always spin
around you,
it will render you
helpless, hopeless—
but sometimes,
a slap teaches better
than a warm hug.
eli Sep 2020
by the passing season
it fell down helplessly,
the branches
it once hold onto
denied it
without remorse—
as if the months
they've been together
didn't matter
didn't happen.

wind gushed
as it reached
the end of line
'your time is up'
'you should rest now',
and as the new
born leaves
began to sprout
and grow,
it lies on the ground—
stepped on,
eli Aug 2020
a diamond
in the sky,
twinkling nonstop
looking so expensive
envied by the lowly.

but every night,
she sheds a tear
'cause it pays a price
to be on top,
it's lonely up there.
eli Aug 2020
don't tell her
how to dress,
she has her own
mind and will,
it could be a shorts,
pants or plain shirt,
her choice if she wants
it sleeveless or
with sleeves
covered or not
with lace or ribbons.

don't tell her
how to dress,
it's not her fault
if there are *******
out there
wanting to
devour women
against their will,
it's not her fault
if her dress is too short
she didn't wear it
to be the object
of attention
nor to be touched
without consent,
she dresses to express
her own identity
so don't ever tell her
how to dress.
eli Aug 2020
i don't even know
if i'm truly healed
or i'm just distracted
with a new set of scars

tho i realized
they are not just flaws
they are pieces of me
for without them
i will never be
the same person
i am today  
for without flaws
i may look perfect
but i will have
no substance
i am on my way to fully embracing my flaws.
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