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Lee Aaun Mar 18
m o o n
can make you gracefully
in love with it's phases;
if you can look
up to the
s k y
look up
Go there where you wanted to be,
Where your heart is,
Where you can find your happiness,
Where your soul matters,
Where you can feel free…

Go there where the sun can make you feel good
About your existence,
When the moon plays her sorrows with the finest grace,
Where the gifted are loved and not hated,
Where all promises won’t hurt.

Go there, where you deserve,
Go there, where you can handle all thing well,
Go there, where your soul matters!
For you to decide what all this means to you...
I may only wish you well...
Enjoy your lives! _ and have a beautiful afterlife
Butch Decatoria Jun 2019
Regret will age you
As old as your “soft-shoe” moves.
Painting by numbers.
rgz May 2019
My emotions rule my mind
my brain lives between my legs
Blind devotion is my sight
if you'll stay with me in bed

My arms are winter's embrace
I always have them wrapped
The chills keep you in grace
while my fingers keep you rapt

My mouth, a serpent den
sparking silver charm galore
My tongue twists round itself
tied in efforts to adore

My worship signals ships of war
through seas of violent storms
A fairweather fleet, full and by
with you as the port of call

A simple harmonic motion
with the force to drown an ocean

One simple price to pay
to be the captain for a day
or is that disgrace?
Brent Kincaid Nov 2017
Once I disliked having birthdays
But I really don’t mind anymore.
The secret is to enjoy them
And never, ever to keep score.
Don’t bother counting them,
Just enjoy the cake and gifts.
It’s looking back at how old you are.
That is basically the ugly rift.

You’re not getting decrepit,
Not older than dirt, you see.
You have gained credit in life
For wisdom and longevity.
They who say you have aged
Like a fine wine are correct.
So, don’t harp about the years
Like you have a flaw to project.

Instead look forward in life
To what the future will say.
What will you do with it,
This new chance every day?
Will you be that aging statesperson
The world will be glad to know?
As long as you’re still breathing
Let's wait and see how it goes.

So, call all your friends up
And meet them each for a meal
And let them know fears of age
Are not something you find real.
Let them toast your birthday
And sing the traditional song.
Let this be another of many
Happy birthdays to come along.
Star BG Aug 2017
Riding the waves of life,
we sometimes feel broken.
Getting pulled by
rough tides,
not of our liking.

Until, our edges smooth,
like broken sea glass.
Until, heart-like sun
shines truth
of who we are.

Until, we pick up
the divine self
and move gracefully
in the sea of life.
Nathan Box inspired this with his poem about sea glass
Elissa Deauvall Jun 2017
stand tall like the trees
be strong like the earth
be graceful like the ocean waters
Gracefully Depart
My sweetheart I am in love please understand
You are so ignorant but so sweet don't debar
For the sake of your beauty give hand in hand
Be in love,  take my love don't be always in war

My love passion when blooms to touch to kiss
I suddenly embrace and take you in my arms
I miss you my miss and do not want to just miss
Your beauty informs me to follow all the norms

I love you, you take my love stance as awkward
You can't understand the sincerity of my heart
In your stupidity you take it a trick and a fraud
If you do not need me then please gracefully depart

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Lady Bird Jan 2017
the flight of nature under its feet
embracing and absorbing the world
floating high above in plain sight
singing its lovely song so sweet
spreading its gentle wings so light
soaring through life's wonderful sky
full of desire sailing so gracefully
through the colors of the rainbow
its destination may be unknown
yet with its determination it will fly
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