Dec 2018 r
I keep seeing the snow
on its sideways swing
pelting, impervious, against the ground

to escape human conclusion,

without fail
it's all the same to me
I pluck the fourth leaf, before it can wither

to be a willing participant to love
I don't know

I watch it thicken from the window
a wayward swarm of whiteflies
that building, bloodless blanket outside
I don't know
it never sticks
in the stomach of the solstice
likened to things
that have been likened to other things
r Dec 2018
I followed a cloud
for five long years
of my life, until I fell
into a pond thinking
it was a beautiful woman
letting  her gown fall down
from around her shoulders,
and the words for her
******* were so strange,
I had to learn to pronounce
them with lips shaped like, oh,
I don’t know, maybe an O,
and teach my tongue new tricks.
; O
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